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USTA tennis tournament serves as warm up for Great Bend Junior Open
spt kp McVay serves
Jami McVay serves the ball in the 16-and-under girls doubles final match on Friday. McVay won the double competition with teammate Brianna Schartz. - photo by Kevin Price Great Bend Tribune

Nick Moyers of Great Bend won the 16-and-under boys division singles competition at the USTA Jr. Novice Tennis Tournament in Great Bend on Friday morning, beating fellow Great Bend player Austin Jacobs 8-5.
“It was pretty tough competition I’d say,” Nick Moyers said of the singles competition. “That first match, he was pretty good, but I had my strokes going good and my serves were on target.
“I played Austin in the final match and that was a really tough match. That was one of the hardest I’ve ever played.”
In the afternoon, Nick Moyers joined with Jacobs to win the doubles competition, shutting down Alexander Meek & Eric Gessler, 8-0.
“The weather was really nice first off and I felt pretty confident about my strokes,” Austin Jacobs said. “So I had a solid and strong day. We are trying to get ranked so we can get into the USTA ranked players for Kansas.
“You have to win two junior opens and there is one on Friday.”
Brianna Schartz and Jami McVay combined to win the 16-and-under girls division doubles competition, beating Macy Moyer and Stephanie Langer 8-6.
“I thought I got better as the tournament went on,” McVay said. “At first, it was kind of a warm up, but then I thought I did pretty good.”
Schartz also defeated Langer in the singles final, 8-3, to take first place.
“It was really tough,” Brianna Schartz said. “We could do a lot better, but we played pretty good. I double-faulted like 10 million times, and I just didn’t play as good as I can. I definitely need to improve on returning serves and serving.”
The 14-and-under divisions only played singles with Rachel Herzog defeating Breanna Schartz, 8-3, in the girls division and Nolan Schnader beating Enoch Razafindrabe, 8-1, to win the boys division.
Most of the competitors saw this weekend’s tournament as a warm-up round to prepare for this Friday’s tournament.
“I’m hoping for more people at the competition next week,” Nick Moyers said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to play more matches.”
The Great Bend Junior Open will be held on Friday. The Great Bend Recreation Commission will be hosting the tournament. Registrations for the tournament are still being accepted.
Jr. Novice Tournament
in Great Bend

14-and-under singles

1. Rachel Herzog def. Breanna Schartz, 8-3.
3. Macy Moyers def. MacKenzie Thasher, 8-0.
5. Emma Chandler def. Taylor Bruce, 8-4.
Rachel Herzog def. Emma Chandler, 8-2.
MacKenzie Thasher def. Taylor Bruce, 8-5.
Rachel Herzog def. Macy Moyers, 8-6.
Breanna Schartz def. MacKenzie Thasher, 8-1.
16-and-under singles
1. Brianna Schartz def. Stephanie Langer, 8-6.
Brianna Schartz def. Kalee Maneth, 8-2.
Stephanie Langer def. Kalee Maneth, 8-0.
16-and-under doubles
1. Brianna Schartz & Jami McVay def. Macy Moyers & Stephanie Langer, 8-6.
Brianna Schartz & Jami McVay def. MacKenzie Thasher & Maddie Thasher, 8-4.
Macy Moyers & Stephanie Langer def. MacKenzie Thasher & Maddie Thasher, 8-3.
14-and-under singles

1. Nolan Schnader def. Enoch Razafindrabe, 8-1.
3. Jace Kinnamon def. Price Kramer, 8-4.
Enoch Razafindrabe def. Price Kramer, 8-2.
Nolan Schader def. Jace Kinnamon, 8-1.
16-and-under singles
1. Nick Moyers def. Austin Jacobs, 8-5.
3. Isaac Herzog def. Ryan Clark, 8-6.
Isaac Herzog def. Daniel Marshall, 8-2.
Austin Jacobs def. Ryan Clark, 8-0.
Nick Moyers def. Isaac Herzog, 8-0.
Ryan Clark def. Daniel Marshall, 8-6.
16-and-under doubles
1. Nick Moyers & Austin Jacobs def. Alexander Meek & Eric Gessler, 8-0.
Nick Moyers & Austin Jacbos def. Ryan Clark & Daniel Marshall, 8-0.
Alexander Meek & Eric Gessler def. Ryan Clark & Daniel Marshall, 8-4.