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Miller sparks St. John Tigers to first place
st. john team
St. John’s first-place champion at Pratt joins the school’s other cross country runners. - photo by Courtesy Photo by Dick Smith

PRATT – St. John’s A.J. Miller captured medalist honors (17:17.0) and Uriel Calleros earned fifth medalist honors (17:58.0) to spark the Tigers to first place at Thursday’s Pratt Invitational cross country meet. St. John scored 34 points to outdistance Chaparral (51) at Sixth Street Park. Cool and cloudy conditions made for great running conditions.

Also counting were seventh-place Trey Fisher (18:23), 15th-place Dalton Nemec (18:58) and 16th-place Dylan Reed (18:58.5). Larned’s Brayden Lothman was third medalist (17:51.0).

“It was great running weather. It’s nice to see times come down,” said St. John coach Joel Delp. “ Five runners in the top 20 is very good.  We are certainly not where we need to be. We need to narrow the gap between our third and fourth runners.  Hopefully, we can do that over the next four weeks.”

Macksville’s Madison Butler was third medalist (20:38.0) and Larned’s Cierra Nord placed sixth (21:23.0).

St. John’s Nicholas Huston won the junior varsity race (19:49).  Other Tiger runners were Toby Woolf 7th place medal (21:06), Austin Kuhn 8th place medal (21:07), Austin Woolf 13th (21:30) and Karim Herrera 35th (26:47).

In the seventh-grade boys’ race, Quade Smith captured first place (5:32). 

“Our junior high group has been working hard and they continue to bring their times down.  They have their final meet next Thursday,” said coach Delp


St. John travels to Sterling Oct. 10.


BOYS TEAM SCORES--1—St. John 34; 2—Chaparral 51; 3—Cimarron 74; 4—Pratt 80; 5—Macksville 115.

BOYS 5K TOP 10 MEDALISTS—1—A.J. Miller, SJ, 17:17.0; 2—Burman, Cimarron, 17:31.0; 3—Brayden Lothman, Larned, 17:51.0; 4—Orozco, Pratt, 17:56.0; 5—Uriel Calleros, SJ, 17:58.0; 6—Gates, Chaparral, 18:19.0; 7—Trey Fisher, SJ, 18:23.0; 8—Meecham, Chaparral,18:23.5; 9—Curtiss, Cimarron, 18:28.0; 10—Swingle, Kingman, 18:28.5.

ST. JOHN—15—Dalton Nemec, 18:58.0; 16—Dylan Reed, 18:58.5; 31—Dominic Miller, 19:36.0; 34—Marshall Woolf, 19:47.0.

LARNED—17—Ethan Haas, 18:58.7; 46—Chance Sanger, 21:15.0.

STAFFORD—18—Jovani Valadez, 18:59.0; 44—Kenny Sanders, 20:56.0.

MACKSVILLE—22—James Lee, 19:08.0; 29—Alexis Barron, 19:32.0; 33—Gabe Woolf, 19:45.0; 45—Jesse Nava, 21:01.0; 48—Alex Mendez, 22:00.0.

GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Pratt 29; 2—Cimarron 57; 3—Macksville 71; 4—Kiowa County 76.

GIRLS 5K TOP 10 MEDALISTS—1—Hoeme, Pratt, 20:17.0; 2—Bartlett, Cimarron, 20:27.0; 3— Madison Butler, Macksville, 20:38.0; 4—Helfrich, Pratt, 20:56.0; 5—Hackney, South Central, 21:120; 6—Cierra Nord, Larned, 21:23.0; 7—Millershaski, Cimarron, 21:40.0; 8—Yost, Kiowa Co. 21:57.0;9—Tarn, South Gray, 22:00.0;10—Macina, South Central, 22:06.0.

LARNED—18—Makayla Leiker, 23:40.5

MACKSVILLE—19—Abigail Ibarra, 24:05.0; 24—Joselin Garcia, 25:27.0; 26—Karen Hall, 25:41.0; 27—Melanie Vargas, 26:05.0; 30—Anna Suiter, 28:16.0.

STAFFORD—21—Jaeli Deel, 24:17.0.

BOYS 8TH GRADE—1—Martin, South Gray, 12:22.0; LARNED—2—Dylan Roberts, 12:23.0; 9—Jameson Smith, 14:32.0; 11—Gabriel Thomson, 14:46.0; 13—Blake Crandall, 15:09.0; 18—Mark Hambrick, 19:59.0; HOISINGTON—5—Eli Lewis, 13:17.0; 7—Alex Mater, 14:02.0; ST. JOHN—12—Carter Haney, 14:46.5.

GIRLS 8TH GRADE—1—Petty, Ashland, 14:01.0; HOISINGTON—4—Vada Kaiser, 14:30.0; 6—Kassy Petersilie, 15:01.0; 7—Kendall Mason, 15:13.0; 10—Daijah Jones, 15:30.0.

GIRLS 7TH GRADE—1—Stapleton, South Gray, 5:48.0; LARNED—3—Ivy Hope, 6:26.0; 11—Kayna Jordan, 7:14.0.; HOISINGTON—9—Josephine Doan, 6:47.0; 19—Alexiah Neal, 8:29.0.

BOYS 7TH GRADE—ST.JOHN—1—Quade Smith, 5:32.0; 16—Keldon Bunker, 6:29; 17—Braxton Alpers, 6:29.5; 22—Jace Reyes, 6:52; 35—Josh Chapman, 7:28; 41—Chris Fernandez,  8:11; 42—Julio Lozano, 8:16.

LARNED—4—Donovan Wilder, Larned, 5:47.0

HOISINGTON--5—Kamden Tarlton, Hoisington, 5:57.0; 11—Parker Lewis, 6:17.0; 46—Nathan Norbell, 9:12.0. 

STAFFORD—14—Sam Lowther, Stafford, 6:18.0; 27—Landon Baird, 7:12.0

St. John team2
St. John Tigers A.J. Miller, Trey Fisher and Dylan Reed compete at Pratt’s Sixth Street Park. - photo by Courtesy Photo by Dick Smith