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Mooney's victory keys Cardinals' first-place finish
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ELLSWORTH — Hoisington's No. 2 singles Braden Mooney earned first place and No. 1 doubles Mason Haxton/Chris Maier placed runner-up to spark the Cardinals to first place at the Ellsworth Tennis Invitational. The Cardinals (45) edged 5A Salina South (42) for the team title with south winds gusting past 30 mph.

Mooney def. Sterling's Carson Shimer, 8-6 for first place. Ellsworth's Brendan Anderson/Adam Vehring defeated Haxton/Maier, 8-0 for the No. 1 doubles championship. Hoisington's No. 2 doubles Hunter Morris/Ryan Woydziak defeated Sterling's Ty Fulbright/Charlie Simpson, 8-6 for third place.

Central Plains freshman Peyton Ryan won No. 1 singles by beating Sterling's Rhain Isaac, 8-4 in the championship match. Salina South's No. 2 doubles Braxton Morrical/Jackson Sprecker defeated Salina Sacred Heart's Ben Chaney/Sean Riordan, 8-6 for first place.

Ellinwood's No. 1 singles Caleb Robl defeated Salina South's Miles Hammond, 8-6 for third place. Ellsworth's No. 2 singles Chase Bourbon downed Central Plains' Hunter Green, 8-6 for third place.


1—Hoisington 45

2—Salina South 42

3—Central Plains 38

3—Sterling 38

5—Ellsworth 37

6—Salina Sacred Heart 36

7—Ellinwood 28

8—Larned 16


1—Peyton Ryan, CP def. Rhain Isaac, Sterling, 8-4

3—Caleb Robl, Ellinwood def. Miles Hammond, SS, 8-6

5—Casey Perrin, SSH def. Nick Ratzlaff, Larned, 8-2

7—Evan Foltz, Hoisington def. Daegan Johnson, Ellinwood, 8-1

SEMIFINALS—Ryan def. Robl, 8-0; Isaac def. Hammond, 8-4; Perrin def. Foltz, 8-3; Ratzlaff def. Johnson, 8-1; FIRST ROUND—Ryan def. Perrin, 8-1; Robl def. Foltz, 8-5; Isaac def. Johnson, 8-0; Hammond def. Ratzlaff, 8-1


1—Braden Mooney, Hoisington def. Carson Shimer, Sterling, 8-6

3—Chase Bourbon, Ellsworth def. Hunter Green, CP, 8-6

5—Evan Ringwald, Ellinwood def. Carson Crow, SS,  8-6

7—Matthew Figger, Larned def. Ricker Rutherford, SSH, 8-6

SEMIFINALS—Mooney def. Green, 8-2; Shimer def. Bourbon, 8-7 (7-3); Ringwald def. Rutherford, 8-0; Crow def. Figger, 8-4; FIRST ROUND—Mooney def. Ringwald, 8-1; Green def. Rutherford, 8-3; Shimer def. Figger, 8-0; Bourbon def. Crow, 8-4


1—Brendan Anderson/Adam Vehring, Ellsworth def. Mason Haxton/Chris Maier, Hoisington, 8-0

3—Jace Douglas/Kobe Douglas, SSH def. Keegan Exline/Isaac Harper, SS, 8-4

5—Karter Beck/Michael Menges, CP def. Philip Applequist/Joseph Theis, Larned, 8-6

7—Nathan Ringwald/Giovanni Battistoni, Ellinwood def. Colton Sant/Josiah Watney, Sterling, 8-5

SEMIFINALS—Anderson/Vehring def. Douglas/Douglas, 8-0; Haxton/Maier def.; Exline/Harper, 8-6; Beck/Menges def. Sant/Watney, 8-5; Applequist/Theis def. Ringwald/Battistoni, 8-3; FIRST ROUND—Anderson/Vehring def. Ringwald/Battistoni, 8-0; Douglas/Douglas def. Applequist/Theis, 8-3; Haxton/Maier def. Sant/Watney, 8-6; Exline/Harper def. Beck/Menges, 8-3


1—Braxton Morrical/Jackson Sprecker, SS def. Ben Chaney/Sean Riordan, SSH, 8-6

3—Hunter Morris/Ryan Woydziak, Hoisington def. Ty Fulbright/Charlie Simpson, Sterling, 8-6

5—Colton Bettenbrock/Gray Mueller, Ellsworth def. Devyn Johnson/Cole Ringwald, Ellinwood, 8-6

7—Clayton Kelty/Mason Mead, Larned def. Isiah Jensen/Jacob Togerson, CP, 8-6

SEMIFINALS—Morrical/Sprecker def. Morris/Woydziak, 8-1; Chaney/Riordan def. Fulbright/Simpson, 8-3; Bettenbrock/Mueller def. Jensen/Torgerson, 8-1; Johnson/Ringwald def. Kelty/Mead 8-2; FIRST ROUND—Morrical/Sprecker def. Kelty/Mead, 8-3; Morris/Woydziak def. Johnson/Ringwald, 8-5; Chaney/Riordan def. Bettenbrock/Mueller, 8-4; Fulbright/Simpson def. Jensen/Togerson, 8-3