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Oiler, Macksville Mustang earn state medals
madison butler1
Macksville Mustang Madison Butler (371) charges to the finish line in the 1A state cross country championship at Wamego Country Club.


WAMEGO – Central Plains junior Hannah Redetzke earned 10th medalist honor (21:26.45) and Macksville’s freshman Madison Butler placed 12th (21:32.34) in the 1A state cross country championship.

Lincoln’s Jaycee Vath (19:11.33) captured the state championship with Meade’s Madison Sutterfield placing runner-up (19:48.14) over the 5-kilometer course.

Macksville’s Butler slipped just past the 200-yard barrier that cost her a top 10 finish.

“I was stuck in the middle of everybody, tried to pass some runners, tripped and fell,” Butler said. “It cost me maybe 30 seconds time. I was disappointed because I hoped to get a good start. I was shooting for a top 20 finish.”

She showed her running heart with a strong finish.

“It went pretty good. The hills were hard today,” she said. “The downhill parts of the course helped me a lot. It’s a tough course. The uphill parts were hard and there’s a lot of runners.”

Macksville placed sixth in the team standings (110) with Doniphan West (62) beating Berean Academy (63) and Lincoln (66) in a tight team race.

Macksville also competed with 49th Abigail Ibarra, 23:50.13; 54th Joselin Garcia, 24:32.57; 60th Karen Hall, 24:55.66; 66th Melanie Vargas, 25:59.05; 79th Anna Suiter, 28:06.93; and 81st

Kaylee Hottovy, 28:52.42.

“The girls really ran well today,” said Macksville coach Mike Hullman. “We ran the hills better than we’ve run them in the past. We’ve been training on them more this year. The girls attacked the hills with shorter strides. Downhill, you want to keep your momentum rolling. You want to carry that down the hill.”  


TOP 20 MEDALISTS—1—Vath, Lincoln, 19;11.33; 2—Sutterfield, Meade, 19:48.14; 3—Smith, Olpe, 20:10.5; 4—Williams, Doniphan West, 20:32.79; 5—Wiebe, Berean, 20:37.1; 6—Roepke, Washington, 21:04.35; 7—Kuckelman, Centralia, 21:20.45; 8—Letourneau, Beloit St. John’s, 21:24.43; 9—Boden, Goessel, 21:25.1; 10—Hannah Redetzke, Central Plains, 21:26.45; 11—Clevenger, Doniphan West, 21:29.56; 12—Madison Butler, Macksville, 21:32.34; 13—Hackney, South Central, 21:34.9; 14—Billings, Crest, 21:36.03; 15—Stewart, Lincoln, 21:38.41; 16—Cole, Doniphan West, 21:41.44; 17—Lund, Natoma, 21:42.27; 18—Bailey, Ingalls, 21:45.28; 19—Punches, Burlingame, 21:49.36; 20—Tarn, South Gray, 22:02.16.

TEAM SCORES—1—Doniphan West 62; 2—Berean Academy 63; 3—Lincoln 66; 4—Pretty Prairie 79; 5—Centralia 106; 6—Macksville 110; 7—Pike Valley 110; 8—Meade 111; 9—Kiowa County 125; 10—Wallace County 130; 11—Crest 132; 12—Ingalls 151

MACKSVILLE—49—Abigail Ibarra, 23:50.13; 54—Joselin Garcia, 24:32.57; 60—Karen Hall, 24:55.66; 66—Melanie Vargas, 25:59.05; 79—Anna Suiter, 28:06.93; 81—Kaylee Hottovy, 28:52.42.