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Oiler tennis splits dual matches
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Central Plains Oilers.

NEWTON — The Central Plains No. 1 doubles Brynna Hammeke/Kyla Metro and No. 2 doubles Jennah Jeffrey/Lauren Oeser swept matches against Hesston and Conway Springs in a double dual match Sept. 17. The Oilers edged Hesston 5-4 and Conway Springs downed the Oilers 7-2. Conway Springs defeated Hesston, 7-2.

Hammeke/Metro downed Hesston's Maggie Carlson/Cassie Albin, 8-2; and Conway Springs' Lucy Boyles/Haylee Osner, 8-0. Jeffrey/Oeser defeated Hesston's Amala John/Emily Friesen 8-3 and Conway Springs' Allyson Lange/Adrienne May 8-3. 

Against Hesston, No. 2 singles Hammeke downed Gracie Dawes 8-2; No. 3 singles Jeffrey beat Maggie Carlson 8-1; and No. 4 singles Lauren Oeser downed Cassie Albin, 8-6.



NO. 1—Michaela Martin, H def. Kyla Metro, CP, 8-7 (10-8)

NO. 2—Brynna Hammeke, CP def. Gracie Dawes, H,  8-2        

NO. 3—Jennah Jeffrey, CP def. Maggie Carlson, H, 8-1       

NO. 4—Lauren Oeser, CP def. Cassie Albin, H, 8-6        ‘

NO. 5—Amala John, H def. Ashland Armstrong, CP, 8-2        

NO. 6— Emily Friesen, H def. Brooke Armstrong, CP, 8-1        

NO. 1–Brynna Hammeke/Kyla Metro, CP def. Maggie Carlson/Cassie Albin,  H, 8-2

NO. 2–Jennah Jeffrey/Lauren Oeser, CP def. Amala John/Emily Friesen, H, 8-3  

NO. 3–Michaela Martin/Gracie Dawes, H def. Ashland Armstrong/Brooke Armstrong, CP, 8-0 


NO. 1—Loren May, CS def. Metro, CP, 8-5        

NO. 2—Hammeke, CP def. Lucy Boyles, CS, 8-0 

NO. 3—Molly Bender, CS def. Jeffrey, CP, 8-5

NO. 4—Haylee Osner, CS def. Oeser, CP, 8-4

NO. 5—Allyson Lange, CS def. A. Armstrong, CP, 8-0

NO. 6–Adrienne May, CS def. B. Armstrong, CP, 8-2

NO. 1–Hammeke/Metro CP def. Lucy Boyles/Haylee Osner, CS, 8-0

NO. 2—Jeffrey/Oeser, CP def. Allyson Lange/ Adrienne May, CS, 8-3    

NO. 3— Loren May/Molly Bender, CS def. A. Armstrong/B. Armstrong, CP, 8-1


NO. 1—L. May, CS def. Martin, H, 8-5

NO. 2—Dawes, H def. Boyles, CS, 8-5        

NO. 3—Bender, CS def. Carlson, H, 8-1        

NO. 4—Osner, CS def. Albin, H, 8-7 (7-5)

NO. 5–Lange, CS def. John, H, 8-2        

NO. 6—Friesen, H def. A. May, CS, 8-4 

NO. 1—Boyles/Osner, CS def. Carlson/Albin, H, 8-4 

NO. 2—Lange/A. May, CS def. John/Friesen, H, 8-5 

NO. 3—L. May/Bender, CS def. A. Armstrong/B. Armstrong, H, 8-3