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Oiler tennis sweeps to Pratt championship

PRATT – Central Plains has discovered two quality doubles teams.

No. 1 doubles Brett Liebl-Devin Ryan (4-0) and No. 2 doubles Paxton Hammeke-Lawson Oeser (4-0) cruised to first-place finishes at the Pratt Tennis Invitational.

Liebl-Ryan defeated Larned’s Andrew Bright-Logan DeMond 8-1 for first place.

The Oilers scored 65 points to beat Colby (58) for first place.

Oiler No. 1 singles J.J. Heredia (3-1) finished runner-up after beating Colby’s Drew Starbuck 8-5 in pool play, Starbuck scored a 8-3 victory in the championship match.

Colby’s No. 2 singles Seth Hutfles defeated Central Plains’ Karter Beck 8-4 for first place.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Central Plains 65; 2—Colby 58; 3—Pratt 44; 4—Larned 43; 5—Chaparral 10

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Drew Starbuck, Colby def. J.J. Heredia, CP, 8-3; 3—Dalton Penka, L def. Caden Donnerwerth, P, 8-4

Heredia, CP def. Donnenwerth, P, 8-4; Heredia, CP def. Starbuck, Colby, 8-5; Heredia, CP def. Caden Rathberger, SB, 8-1; Penka, L def. Donnenwerth, P, 8-7 (7-3); Penka, L def. Ely Eslinger, Chap, 8-1  

NO. 2 SINGLES—Seth Hutfles, Colby def. Karter Beck, CP, 8-4; 3—Garrison Ummel, Chap def. Micah Tatro, P, 8-4

Beck, CP def. Ummel, Chap, 8-5; Beck, CP def. Ian Orth, L, 8-6; Ummel, Chap def. Orth, L, 8-5; Orth, L def. Tony Vasquez, SB, 10-1

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Brett Liebl-Devin Ryan, CP def. Andrew Bright-Logan DeMond, L, 8-1; 3—Nathan Lee-Brysen Barton, Colby def. Rafe Donnenwerth-Chase Folkers, P, 8-1

Liebl-Ryan, CP def. Lee-Barton Colby, 8-0; Bright-DeMond, L def. Donnenwerth, P, 8-4; Liebl-Ryan, CP def. Nic Leone-Brandon Webster, SB, 8-0; Liebl-Ryan, CP def. Donnenwerth-Folkers, P, 8-1; Bright-DeMond, L def. Jefferson Cubias-Alex Zavala, Chap, 8-2; Bright-DeMond, L def. Lee-Barton, Colby, 8-5

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Paxton Hammeke-Lawson Oeser, CP def. Hogan Thompson-Luis Garcia-Jimenez, P, 8-0; Hammeke-Oeser, CP def. Britton Herrman-Joe Theis, L, 8-0; Hammeke-Oeser, CP def. Riley Kraft-Clyde Honnek, Colby, 8-0; Hammeke-Oeser, CP def. Dalton Hurt-Quinton Pfaff, Chap, 8-0; Thompson-Garcia Jimenez, P def. Herrman-Theis, L, 8-5; Herrman-Theis, L def. Kraft-Honnek, Colby, 8-2; Herrman-Theis, L def. Hurt-Pfaff, Chap, 8-3