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Oilers earn All-Central Prairie League football honors

Oilers earn Central Prairie League honors

CLAFLIN – Playoff qualifier Central Plains placed utility/punt return Cole Lamatsch, C/DL Tyler Holmes, OL/LB William Laymon and kicker Dawson McNeal on the Central Prairie League’s first team football team.

Others named on the first team are Otis-Bison DB Kaden Foust, DB Nathan Roth; Ellinwood punter Devan Komarek and Macksville WR Cleven Huggins.

Victoria placed QB-DB Grant Schroenrock, TB-LB Jayvon Pruitt, TE-DL Drayden Karlin, OL-DL Trenton Engel and kick returner Carson Werth on the first team.



VICTORIA—Grant Schoenrock, QB/DB, 11; Jayvon Pruitt, RB/LB, 12; Drayden Karlin, TE/DL, 12; Trenton Engel, OL/DL, 12; Carson Werth, kick return, 10

CENTRAL PLAINS—*Cole Lamatsch, utility, punt return, 11; Tyler Holmes, C/DL, 12; William Laymon, OL/LB, 12; Dawson McNeal, PK, 11

KINSLEY—*Cole Gleason, WR/DB, 12; Isaac Bowman, QB, 12; Alan Newsom, OL, 12

LACROSSE—*Lucas Webster, OL/DL, 12; Colby Stull, RB/DB, 11; Deagan Andrews, TE, 11

NESS CITY—*Edwin Rodriguez, RB/DB, 12; Matt Delaney, OL/LB, 12; Taylor Cable, DL, 11

OTIS-BISON—Kaden Foust, DB, 11; Nathan Roth, DB, 12

ELLINWOOD—Devan Komarek, punter, 11

MACKSVILLE—Cleven Huggins, WR/DB, 12


CENTRAL PLAINS—Michael Menges, RB, 11; Karter Beck, TE, 12; Matthew Donecker, OL/DL, 12; Cole Lamatsch, DB, 11; Michael Menges, DB, 12; Jacob Oberle, DB, 12

ELLINWOOD—Cole Petz, OL, 11; Aiden Ricker, LB, 12; Matthew Cook, punt return, 10; Cameron Stevenson, DL, 12

LACROSSE—Haden Sherman, WR, 11; C.J. Patterson, C, 12; Cooper Barriger, LB, 12; C.J. Patterson, DL, 12

NESS CITY—Taylor Cable, TE, 11; Gavin Schreiber, WR, 11; Casen Marshall, OL, 11; Edwin Rodriguez, punter, 12

VICTORIA—Carson Werth, RB/LB, 10; Nate Windholz, OL, 11; Lucas Kline, DS, 12; Carson Werth, LB, 10

OTIS-BISON—Christian Roth, utility/kick return, 11; Dalton Regan, WR/DB, 11; Kaden Foust, punter, 11

MACKSVILLE—Ryan Kuckelman, QB, 10; Alex Rodriguez, OL, 12; Rogelio Ibarra, kicker, 10

KINSLEY—Alex Garcia, RB, 11; Tyson Schmitt, C, 11; Alan Newsom, DL, 12

ST. JOHN—Adrian Adame, OL, 11


KINSLEY—Dylan Haselhorst, utility, 9; Peyton Schmidt, kickoff return, 9; Konner Habiger, DL, 12

ELLINWOOD—Michael Dimitt, LB, 12; Devan Komarek, PK, 11

CENTRAL PLAINS—Michael Laymon, LB, 10

LACROSSE—Cooper Barriger, OL, 11

MACKSVILLE—Ryan Kuckelman, LB, 10

NESS CITY—Ethan Schlegel, C, 12

OTIS-BISON—Kaden Foust, QB, 11

ST. JOHN—Caden McCandless, LB, 10

VICTORIA—Lucas Klein, WR, 12