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Oilers' Kyla Metro places first
kyla metro

WAKEENEY — Central Plains Oiler Kyla Metro (5-0) captured the Trego Invitational tennis championship with an 8-3 victory over Trego’s Caroline Brungardt.

Hoisington’s Ashlynn George placed seventh with an 8-2 victory over Victoria’s Autumn VonLintel. Oiler Ashlyn Armstrong finished 10th.

In doubles, Hoisington’s Tessa Fry/Mallory Reif placed fourth with a hard-fought 8-7 (7-4) loss to Greeley County’s Karlyn Woelk/Payton Walk. Hoisington’s Emilee Baze/Cheyenne Martinz placed ninth with an 8-6 victory over Trego’s Skyler Witt,an/Alyssa Schneider.

Phillipsburg (31) won the team title. Norton’s Dylan Hawks/Dahn Hanlon beat Greeley County’s Kyra Nolan/Kalli Knobbe, 8-4 for first place. 


TEAM SCORES—1—Phillipsburg 31; 2—Tribune Greeley County 22; 3—Hoisington 19; 4—Osborne 18; 5—WaKeeney Trego 16; 6—Central Plains 15; 7—Victoria 14; Norton 14


1—Kyla Metro, CP def. Caroline Brungardt, WK, 8-3

3—Makenna Russom, Phillipsburg def. Gracie Riner, Osborne, 8-1

5—Blair Wolters, Osborne def. Alivia Solida, Phillipsburg, 8-3

7—Ashlynn George, Hoisington def. Autumn Vonlintel, Victoria, 8-2

9—Kenzie Sweat, Victoria def. Ashlyn Armstrong, CP,  8-1

11—Kya O’Banion, WT def. Reagan Crotinger, GC, 8-4

Metro def. George, 8-0; Metro def. Russom, 8-5; George def. O’Banion, 8-0; Solida def. George, 8-6; Solida def. Armstrong, 8-0; Armstrong def. Emma Willesden, Hoisington, 8-5; Armstrong def. O’Banion, 8-5; Russom def. Willesden, 8-0 


1—Dylan Hawks/Dahn Hanlon, Norton def. Kyra Nolan/Kalli Knobbe, GC, 8-4

3—Peyton Walk/Karlyn Woelk, GC def. Tessa Fry/Mallory Reif-Hoisington, 8-7 (7-4)

5—Corinne Cole/Emilee Cole, Phillipsburg def. Bailey Campbell/Liz Sauer, Phillipsburg, 8-2

7—Jocelyn Billings/Bella Keesee, Phillipsburg def. Macy Hammerschmidt/MaKenna Wellbrock, Victoria, 8-4

9— Emilee Baze/Cheyenne Martinz, Hoisington def. Skyler Wittman/Alyssa Schneider, WT, 8-6 

11—Taylor Mapes/Abi Davis, Norton def. Alli Brummer/Gracie William, Osborne, forfeit

Fry/Reif def. Grace Lamatsch/Ryann Metro, CP, 8-1; Fry/Reif def. Billings/Keesee, 8-4; Nolan/Knobbe def. Fry/Reif, 8-6; Hammerschmidt/Wellbrock def. Baze/Martinz, 8-4; Baze/Martinz def. Darcy Draper/Averi Daubert, WT, 8-1; Baze/Martinz def. Brummer/William, 8-7 (7-4); Wittman/Schneider def. Lamatsch/Metro, 8-5