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Oilers' Oeser finishes runner-up at Hesston
central plains tennis

HESSTON – Central Plains Oiler No. 1 singles Lauren Oeser placed runner-up at the Hesston Tournament Sept. 12 with an 8-0 loss to Wichita Collegiate’s Lara DeCarvalho in the championship match.

Central Plains’ No. 1 doubles Graca Lamatsch/Ryann Metro finished 2-2, No. 2 doubles Kylie Kempke/MacKenzie Foulger ended 1-2 and No. 2 singles Charlee Schlessiger finished 1-2.

At Lindsborg, the Oilers faced stiff competition. Lamatsch/Metro and Kempke/Foulger finished 0-2 in doubles and Schlessiger lost two singles matches Sept. 14.


NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Lara DeCarvalho, Collegiate def. Oeser, CP, 8-0; Oeser def. Leis, SV, 8-1; Oeser def. Martin, Hesston, 8-6; Oeser def. Wiens, Goddard, 8-1

NO. 2 SINGLES—Schlessiger def. Weiner, Hillsboro, 8-2; Knight, Collegiate def. Schlessiger, 8-3; Tolle, Hesston def. Schlessiger, 8-3

NO. 1 DOUBLES—Lamatsch/Metro def. Morey/Jorgenson, Hillsboro, 8-5; Lamatsch/Metro def. Skelton/Estep, Hillsboro, 8-0;  Alpers/Elliott, Goddard Eisenhower def. Lamatsch/Metro, 8-2; Norberg/Heline, SV def. Lamatsch/Metro, 8-7 (7-3)

NO. 2 DOUBLES—Kempke/Foulger def. Flemming/Reddy, Wichita Independent, 8-2; Yoder/Callahan, Hesston def. Kempke/Foulger, 8-2; Klein/Bernhardt, Hillsboro def. Kempke/Foulger, 8-1


NO. 2 SINGLES—Koehn, Hesston def. Schlessiger, 8-5; Meyer, Conway Springs def. Schlessiger, 8-3

NO. 1 DOUBLES—Kramer/Griffin, Hesston def. Lamastch/Metro, 8-3; Koester/Koester, Conway Springs def. Lamastch/Metro, 8-6

NO. 2 DOUBLES—Yoder/Callahan, Hesston def. Kempke/Foulger, 8-2; Meyer/Bender, Conway Springs def. Kempke/Foulger, 8-1