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Panthers' Post runner-up at Topeka Washburn
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Panther golf places seventh at Hays.

TOPEKA — Great Bend's No. 6 ranked Camdyn Post (24-7, 105) placed runner-up with a championship match loss to Washburn Rural's No. 1 ranked Molly Spader (4:31) at Saturday's Washburn Rural Wrestling Tournament. 

Panther Kayle Baldwin (15-13, 100) placed third with a victory over Washburn Rural's Kamiryn Clark (3:25). No. 2 ranked Daizy Gomez (28-2, 130) lost her final two matches against Topeka Seaman's No. 1 ranked Koti Best and Washburn Rural's Madison Blanco due to sickness.

The Panthers return home Thursday for a Western Athletic Conference dual against Liberal.


TEAM RESULTS—1—Washburn Rural 426.5; 2—Olathe North 294; 3—Spring Hill 280; 4—Fort Scott 277.5; 5—Manhattan 263; 6—Gardner 240.5; 7—Columbus 238.5; 8—Great Bend 234.5; 9—Tonganoxie 214; 10—Bonner Springs 204


100—Kayle Baldwin, GB (15-13), 3RD; Baldwin pinned Legler, ONW, 0:43; Baldwin def. Ayres, Seaman, 6-3; Wescoat, Fort Scott pinned Baldwin, 2:46; 3RD—Baldwin pinned Kamiryn Clark, WR, 3:25

105—No. 6 Camdyn Post, GB (24-7), 2ND;  Post pinned Moore, FS, 0:22; Post pinned Chaver, KC Sumner, 5:34; Post def. Noel, Columbus, 5-3 (OT); Post pinned West, ONW, 1:06; 1ST—No. 1 Molly Spader, WR pinned Post, 4:31

110—Keira Leyva, GB (16-12), 9TH; Leyva pinned Saylor, SH, 0:22; Smith, Seaman def. Leyva, 6-0; Leyva pinned Hovestat, WR, 0:39; Leyva pinned Yoakum , SL, 3:00; 9TH—Leyva pinned Frantz, MV, 4:32

120—Braelyn Turner, GB (16-14), 10TH; Turner pinned Christy, ONorth, 2:50; Middleton, WR pinned Turner, 2:47; Turner pinned Zupon, ONorth, 1:00; Turner pinned Mulhall, SH, 0:55; 9TH—Dearing, SMNW def. Turner, 9-7 (OT)

130—No.  2 Daizy Gomez, GB (28-2), 4TH; Gomez pinned Burke, Park Hill, 0:34; Gomez pinned Workman, WR, 0:35; Gomez pinned Oppeau, SH, 5:06; No. 1 Koti Best, Seaman def. Gomez, illness; 3RD—Madison Blanco, WR def. Gomez, illness

135—Kaydence Demel, GB (12-23), 14TH; Young, Manhattan pinned Demel, 1:58; Demel pinned Irwin, SMNW, 2:13; Collingsworth, Columbus pinned Demel, 1:53;  Demel pinned Kennett, ONW, 2:19; 13TH—Pearson, GE pinned Demel, 3:17

140—Shatarah Newton, GB (9-14); Ross, BV pinned Newton, 1:43; Roth, RC pinned Newton, 0:54

145—Josephine Blevins, GB (11-15); Hoeme, Manhattan pinned Blevins, 1:04; Taylor, ONW pinned Blevins, 0:29

155—Danica Cline, GB (13-16), 10TH; Hernandez, Manhattan pinned Cline, 3:46; Cline pinned Christensen, Park Hill, 3:39; Cline pinned Smart , Tonganoxie, 2:33; Cline pinned Banks, OEast, 2:55; 9TH—Brown, Chapman pinned Cline, 3:00

170—Kirra Stevens, GB (29-6); 10TH; Stevens pinned  Davis, WR, 1:05; No. 4 Rhoten, WR pinned Stevens, 1:43; Stevens pinned Farkes, SMNW, 2:31; Stevens pinned Perez, ONorth, 0:47; 9TH—Brown KC Turner def. Stevens, 4-3

190—No. 2 Natalee Daniels, GB (21-4), 5TH; Daniels pinned Hu, SMW, 0:56; Daniels pinned Long, Seaman, 2:32; No. 5 Simhiser, FS pinned Daniels, 4:27; Daniels pinned Smith, WR, 1:41; 5TH—Daniels pinned Abagail Soppe, Seaman, 1:24