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Panther tennis competes at Salina South
spt_hg_Remi Ingram Great Bend 1 singles.jpg
Pictured is Remi Ingram from Great Bend High School. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

SALINA — Great Bend's No. 1 doubles Alexis Folkerts-Abbie Moyers placed seventh to headline the Panthers' sixth-place finish at the Salina South Tennis Invitational. Folkerts-Moyers defeated Maize High's Elyce Pfeifer-Ella Strobel, 8-3 for seventh place.

All four Panther entries won their final matches. No. 2 doubles Madison Huslig-Mya Ward defeated Maize High's Joscelyne Espinoza-Olivia Elmore, 8-6 for 11th-place.

Great Bend's No. 1 singles Remi Ingram downed Buhler's Tana Warner, 8-3 for ninth place. No. 2 singles Anna Popp downed Abilene's Abbey Brooks, 8-1 for 11th-place.



1—Salina Central 63

2—Salina South 52

3—Buhler 46

4—Salina Sacred Heart 37

5—Abilene 36

6—Great Bend 32

7—Maize 29

8—Junction City 11


1—Lily Perrin, SSH def. Callie Sanborn, SC, 8-4

3—Emery Newton, SC def. Shiann Olberding, Abilene, 8-6

5— Isabella Matteucci, SSH def. Katen Putnam, SS, 8-2

7— Alex Hutton, B def. Brooke Teter, Maize, 8-4

9— Remi Ingram, GB def. Tana Warner, B, 8-3

11—Anna Popp, GB def. Abbey Brooks, A, 8-1

13—Ryan Bender, Maize def. Elyse Nguyen, JC, 8-4

15—Laura Brucker, SS def. Erilinne Thornton, JC, 8-2

Matteucci def. Ingram, 8-3; Ingram def. Bender, 8-5; Ingram def. Brooks, 8-0; Olberding def. Popp, 8-0; Popp def. Nguyen, 8-0; Warner def. Popp, 8-6;


1—Robyn Logan-Alexxa Nunemaker, SS def. Iliana Ambrust-Tess Daily, SS, 8-3

3—Alliyah Frederick-Payton DeMeyer, B def. Sydney Sorell-Molly Michaelis, SC, 8-7 (7-4)

5—Camryn Phelps-Reagan Geihsler, SC def. Grace Hickert-Jessi Ferneau, B, 8-4

7—Alexis Folkerts-Abbie Moyers, GB def. Elyce Pfeifer-Ella Strobel, Maize, 8-3

9—Allison Cross-Isabella Sims, A def. Madeline Beswick-Abi Lillard, A, 8-4

11—Madison Huslig-Mya Ward, GB def. Joscelyne Espinoza-Olivia Elmore, Maize, 8-6

13— Anna Torres-Sierra Stage, JC def. Krysta Talley-Avery Jacobsen, JC, 8-6

15—Citlaly Campa-Rachel Weis, SSH def. Adeline Easter-Gisselle Flores, SSH, 8-5

Folkerts-Moyers def. Espinoza-Elmore, 8-1; Sorell-Michaelis def. Folkerts-Moyers, 8-2; Hickert-Ferneau def. Folkerts-Moyers, 8-6;

Armbrust-Daily def. Huslig-Ward, 8-0; Huslig-Ward def. Campa-Weis, 8-2; Beswick-Lillard def. Huslig-Ward, 8-4