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Panther Wahlmeier, coach Bartel earn top WAC honors
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Great Bend head tennis coach Zachary Bartel and assistant Randy Moyers join Kaylin Wahlmeier, Paige Stacy, Taylor Lashley, Samantha Mayers, Mac Lindberg and Darcy Feist as WAC runners-up.

Panthers earn top WAC honors

GARDEN CITY – Great Bend girls tennis coach Zachary Bartel liked the momentum the Panthers built for the Western Athletic Conference Tournament.

"Second place at WAC is worthy of praise because that's the best finish we've had," Bartel said. "We had several unexpected wins."

Bartel’s confidence was upheld when No. 1 singles Kaylin Wahlmeier shocked Garden City’s No. 1 seed Danica Galia 8-4 to earn WAC Player of the Year honors. Galia had beaten Wahlmeier 8-3 on Sept. 23 in Garden City. But Wahlmeier (22-11) cruised through four matches to capture the No. 1 singles title.

"I knew Garden would be my competition. I knew It'd be a challenge," Wahlmeier said. "The wind was on my side that day."

Great Bend’s No. 2 doubles Mac Lindberg/Darcy Feist (14-7) pulled a similar surprise by upsetting Garden City’s Kournet Kneeland/Sofia Madilo 8-4. Dodge City’s pesky Nila Alvarado/Charlotte Wagner (3-1) forced a 3-way tie by beating Lindberg/Feist 8-2.

Perennial WAC champion Garden City (14) won the title, but Great Bend coach Bartel earned WAC Coach of the Year honors when the Panthers (11) finished runner-up.

Great Bend’s No. 2 singles Paige Stacey (13-8) finished runner-up with a 8-3 setback to Garden City’s Quincy Nanninga.

Panthers’ No. 1 doubles Taylor Lashley/Samantha Mayers (17-17) finished fourth with a 1-3 record.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Garden City 14; 2—Great Bend 11; 3—Dodge City 7; 4—Hays High 5; 5—Liberal 3

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Kaylin Wahlmeier, GB def. Danica Galia, GC, 8-4; Wahlmeier def. Ellie Dunkall, DC, 8-3; Wahlmeier def. Kellyn Phan, L, 8-3; Wahlmeier def. Maycia Holderman, Hays, 8-1

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Quincy Nanninga, GC def. Paige Stacey, GB, 8-3; Stacey def. Anahi Velasquez, DC, 8-5; Stacey def. Isabelle Jones, Hays, 8-6; Stacey def. Kaylee Velazuez, L, 8-2

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1— Jocelyn Kennedy/Chloe Ptacek, GC def. Kaelin Maier/Alyse Zimmerman, Hays, 8-2; 3—Nathalie DonJuan/Kylee Hammel, L def. Taylor Lashley/Samantha Mayers, GB, 8-6; Kennedy/Ptacek, GC def. Lashley/Mayers, 8-5; Maier/Zimmerman, Hays def. Lashley/Mayers, 8-3; Lashley/Mayers def. Jana Calderon/Stephany Hernandez, DC, 8-2

NO. 2 DOUBLES—Mac Lindberg/Darcy Feist, GB def. Kourtney Kneeland/Sofia Madilo, GC, 8-4; Lindberg/Feist def. Jaiden Pfannenstiel/Kinlee May, Hays, 8-3; Lindberg/Feist def. Karime Ojeda/Natalie Zuniga, L, 8-1; Nila Alvarado/Charlotte Wagner, DC def. Lindberg/Feist, 8-2