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Panther JV wrestlers compete at Salina
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106A—Natalie Garza, GB, 4th; Spragis, GB over Garza, 16-1; Garza over Goldbach Salina-Central, 2:35; Leiszler, Concordia over Garza, 13-0; Pflaster, Abilene over Garza, 8-2

106A—Kaden Spragis, GB, 1st; Spragis over Garza, GB, 16-1; Spragis over Pflaster, Abilene, 0:54; Spragis over Goldbach, Salina-Central, 1:00; Spragis over Leiszler, Concordia, 12-2

106B—Ali Pierce GB, 5th; Adams Beloit over Pierce, 0:42; Ensz Wichita- Carroll over Pierce, 2:47; Leiszler Concordia over Pierce, 1:19; Welsh Abilene over Pierce, 3:27

113A--Jesse Jackson, GB, 5th; McMurray Salina-Central def. Jackson, 1:37; Cosand, Beloit over Jackson, 4:09; Wuthnow Abilene over Jackson, 6-0; Jackson GB over Canzano Junction City, 0:37

Szot GB over Jackson GB Fall 0:28

113A—John Szot, GB, 2nd; Szot over Wuthnow Abilene, 1:36; Szot over Canzano Junction City, 0:07; Szot def. Cosand, Beloit, 0:14;  McMurray, Salina-Central def. Szot,  4:22; Szot def. Jackson. 0:28

113B—Jazmin Castellanos, GB; Castellano def. Reyes GB MD 12-2; Richie, Minneapolis def. Castellanos, 0:13; Lipinski, Wichita- Carroll def. Castellanos, 1:42; Kindel, Concordia def. Castellanos, 0:30; Stauffer Beloit def. Castellanos, 9-0

113B--Natasha Reyes, GB; Castellanos, GB def. Reyes, 12-2; Stauffer, Beloit def. Reyes, 0:52; Richie, Minneapolis def. Reyes, 0:18; Lipinski, Wichita Carroll def. Reyes, 2:06; Kindel, Concordia def. Reyes, 0:24

120A—Austin Moore GB, 2nd; Danford Junction City over Austin Moore GB Dec 6-0; Moore def. Sponsel Wichita- Carroll. 7-1; Moore def. Hajny Beloit, 0:30; Moore def. Wiedeman Salina-Central, 2:38;Moore def. Unruh, Abilene, 0:51

132A—Breanna Ridgeway, GB, 1st;Wolff, Minneapolis over Ridgeway, 7-4; Ridgeway def. Castro Salina-Central, 8-7; Ridgeway def. Skubitz Wichita- Carroll, 2:59

132B—Marissa Hanrahan, GB, 5th; Bergman, Carroll over Hanrahan, 1:38; Tyler, Salina-Central def. Hanrahan, 2:14; Gorges, Carroll def. Hanrahan, 1:00; Burr Salina-South def. Hanrahan, 1:56

138B—Ryan Nicholson, GB, 4th; Blochlinger Salina-South def. Nicholson, 0:16; Smith, Beloit def. Nicholson, 1:24; Nicholson def. Curry Wichita- Carroll,  3:27

Miller, Salina-South def. Nicholson, 2:21

145A—Owen Ridgeway, GB, 1st; Ridgeway def. Huerta, Carroll, 1:40; Ridgeway def. Schoby Chapman, 0:40; Ridgeway def. Willson, Carroll, 0:31; Ridgeway def. Beasley Junction City,13-4

152A—Quinn Hoffman, GB, 1st; Hoffman def. Pound, Chapman, 0:39; Hoffman def. Smith, Chapman, 0:29; Hoffman def. Pfannenstiel, Carroll, 9-4; Hoffman def. Breitmeyer Salina-Central. 0:34

170—Julian Love GB; Konkel, Beloit pinned Love GB, 0:15; Love GB pinned Donatus,JC, 1:27; Burt, Abilene pinned Love, 1:47

195A—Larry Dupree GB; Fletcher, Salina-South def. Dupree, 2:58; Kindel, Concordia def. Dupree, 0:28; Loader, Abilene def. Dupree, 1:44; Andrews Minneapolis def. Dupree, injury

220—Jacob Roach, GB, 4th; Williams, Abilene over Roach, 0:45; Schwarz, Abilene def. Roach, 0:48; Snider, Minneapolis def. Roach,  0:24