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Panthers' Ridgeway, Ferguson earn titles

LARNED —Great Bend Panther No. 1 ranked Breanna Ridgeway (25-1, 132) recorded a school record 105th pin while winning the Larned Wrestling Tournament. Great Bend’s No. 3 ranked Sierra Ferguson (30-5, 143) also captured a first-place gold medal.

Ridgway pinned Wichita North’s Sandra Arellano (1:23) in the championship match. Ferguson pinned Wichita North’s No. 6 ranked Jaycee Tyler (3:48) in the finals.

Placing runner-up were No. 5 ranked Daizy Gomez (26-7, 126); Katie Kuhlman (12-16, 138); Jaslayn Vanaman (7-1, 170) and No. 5 ranked Haylee Holinde (17-7, 191). In championship matches, Colby’s Amanda Jaeger pinned Gomez (3:20); Scott City’s Ashlyn Pazernik pinned Kuhlman (0:32); Wichita North’s Edna Flores pinned Vanaman 5-1; and Liberal’s No. 6 ranked Leilani Torres defeated Holinde, 5-2.

Placing third were Great Bend’s Rosa Campos (24-10, 115) and Ellinwood’s Gracyn Dombroski (3-4, 143).


109—McKayla Smith, GB (1-20); Garcia. WN def. Smith, 18-1; Gutierrez, Liberal pinned Smith, 1:52; Velardes, Phillipsburg pinned Smith, 1:06; Garcia, Hutchinson pinned Smith, 1:33; 5TH—Garcia, SC pinned Smith, 0:18

115—Rosa Campos, GB (24-10), 3RD; Campos pinned Hannah Crathorne, GB, 0:44;Campos pinned Dombroski, E, 3:05; Campos pinned Tarango, Liberal, 0:37; Chavez, Colby def. Campos, 16-1; 3RD—Campos pinned Brown, Hays, 0:56; Crathorne, GB (4-15); Dombroski pinned Crathorne, 0:24; Chavez pinned Crathorne, 0:42; Tarango pinned Crathorne, 4:48

126—No. 5 Daizy Gomez, GB (26-7), 2ND; Gomez pinned Jimenez, Hutchinson, 1:33; Gomez def. Watkins, Larned, forfeit; Gomez pinned Raegan Ketch, GB, 0:31; Gomez pinned Schwartz, SC, 0:21; 1ST—Jaeger, Colby pinned Gomez, 3:20; Ketch, GB (10-16), 5TH; Jaeger pinned Ketch, 2:41; Jimenez pinned Ketch, 1:15; Schwartz pinned Ketch, 1:51; 5TH—Ketch def. Watkins, forfeit 

132—No. 1 Breanna Ridgeway, GB (25-1), 1ST; Ridgeway pinned Seirer, Hays, 0:36; Ridgeway pinned Hernandez, Hutchinson, 0:50; 1ST—Ridgeway pinned Arellano, WN, 1:23

138—Katie Kuhlman, GB (12-16), 2ND; Kuhlman pinned Quezada, Liberal, 2:19; Kuhlman pinned Paige Sanders, GB, 1:51;Kuhlman pinned Flores, 5:00; Sath, WN pinned Kuhlman, 5:32; 1ST—Pazdernik, SC pinned Kuhlman, 0:32; Sanders (6-10); Pazdernik pinned Sanders, 1:03; Flores pinned Sanders, 3:14; Sath def. Sanders, 2-1, OT; 5TH—Quezada pinned Sanders, 5:26 

143—No. 3 Sierra Ferguson (30-5), 1ST; Ferguson pinned Valenzuela, Liberal, 0:45; Ferguson pinned Gracyn Dombroski, E, 0:38; Ferguson pinned Taylour Yoder, GB, 0:36; 1ST—Ferguson pinned Tyler, WN, 3:48; Tyler pinned Yoder, 0:52; Valenzuela pinned Yoder, 2:55; Dombroski pinned Yoder, 0:48

155—Danica Cline, GB (11-15), 5TH; Katelyn McCloskey, Stafford pinned Cline, 1:28; Mattheyer, Trego def. Cline, 4-3; Cline pinned Galindo, Hutchinson, 3:53; Cline pinned Pablo, Liberal, 2:55; 5TH—Cline pinned Farnum, Hugoton, 0:58

170—Jasalyn Vanaman, GB (7-1), 2ND; Vanaman pinned Rangel, Liberal, 5;59; Vanaman pinned Kynslee White, GB, 4:44; 1ST—Flores, WN def. Vanaman, 5-1; Kynslee White, GB (11-11), 4TH; White pinned Flores, 2:39; 3RD—Rangel pinned White, 3:41

191—No. 5 Haylee Holinde, GB (17-7), 2ND; Holinde pinned Hernandez-Martinez, WN, 1:13; No. 6 1ST—Torres, Liberal def. Holinde, 5-2


115—Keighyn Dombroski, E (4-5), 5TH; Chavez, Colby pinned Dombroski, 0:50; Campos, GB pinned Dombroski, 3:05; Dombroski pinned Crathorne, GB, 0:24; Dombroski pinned Tarango, Liberal, 3:49; 5TH—Dombroski pinned Roberts, SC, 1:09

143—Gracyn Dombroski, E (3-4), 3RD; Tyler, WN pinned Dombroski, 2:47; Ferguson pinned Dombroski, 0:38; Dombroski pinned Yoder, GB, 0:48; 3RD—Dombroski pinned Valenzuela, Liberal, 3:01 


101— Liliana McKenna, L (2-3), 4TH; Thacher, Oskaloosa def. McKenna, 19-3; Chanthasone, Liberal pinned McKenna, 0:47; McKenna pinned Vogler, Colby, 1:15; McKenna pinned Holler, Liberal, 1:01; 3RD—Carlile, Liberal def. McKenna, 4-3 

126—Reese Watkins, L (0-5); Schwartz, SC pinned Watkins, 2:39


106-113—Ambrose Kramer, GB (9-12), 4TH; Kramer def. Ernan Rodriguez, GB, 7-2; Meza, Hugoton def. Kramer, 5-4; Kramer pinned Soukup, Hutchinson, 1:48; 3RD—Orantia, Liberal def. Kramer, 4-2; Ernan Rodrigez, GB (1-3), 6TH; Rodriguez pinned Soukup, 0:17; Meza pinned Rodriguez, 2:01; 5TH—Atkerson, Hays pinned Rodriguez, 4:30

120—Jonathan Lira, GB (6-13), 5TH; Poulsen, Hugoton pinned Lira, 3:06; Johnson, Hutchinson pinned Lira, 3:22; Lira pinned Lisenby, SC, 4:38; 5TH—Lira pinned Gresham, Hutchinson, 2:49

126—Maddex Harmon, GB (9-10), 3RD; Harmon def. Beckman, Phillipsburg, 11-7; Montoya, Hugoton pinned Harmon, 3:27; Harmon pinned Salina, Liberal, 3:57; Moreno, Hoxie def. Harmon, 7-2; Harmon pinned Stoppel, SC, 1:39

138—Cadin Spore, GB (6-6), 4TH; Spore pinned Quezada, DC, 5;47; Spore pinned Herald, Hays, 2:59; Gomez, Hoxie pinned Spore, 4:59; 3RD—Luck, Hays def. Spore, 1-0


132—Brayden Williams, E (3-16), 6TH; Dominquez, Liberal pinned Williams, 0:53; Peregrino, SC pinned Williams, 2:35 Williams pinned McCord, Hays, 2:40; 5TH—Beltran, Hoxie pinned Williams, 3:24

145—Cason Merritt, E (2-16); Hugunin, Phillipsburg pinned Merritt, 3:59; Soto, Ulysses pinned Merritt, 4:11; 9TH—Copper, Hays pinned Merritt, 3:32

152—Cooper Gunn, E (2-17), 7TH; Schwindt, Liberal pinned Gunn, 1:46; Cupples, Pratt pinned Gunn, 2:34; Rosales, DC pinned Gunn, 3:45;

7TH—Gunn pinned Hernandez, Hays, 2:30

160—Nathan Hammeke, E (5-21) 6TH; Frank, SC pinned Hammeke, 1:57; Hammeke pinned Villa, DC, 0:53;Gomez, Liberal pinned Hammeke, 3:40; Hammeke pinned Barker, Pratt, 3:19; 5TH—Nguyen, Liberal def. Hammeke, 5-0

285—Jonathon Mason, E (8-12), 7TH; Nichols, Hays def. Mason, 3-2, OT; Vasquez, SC pinned Mason, 3:14; Dinkins, Liberal pinned Mason, 1:25; 7TH—Mason pinned Axex Ortiz, Stafford, 3:52


170—Landon Haney, L; Arcos, Liberal pinned Haney, 4:25