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Panthers' Weber wins Garden City title
138- Erick Dominguez (GACI) over Wyatt Weber (GRBE) (MD 13-5) .jpg
Great Bend's Wyatt Weber wrestles Erick Dominguez from Garden City. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

Panthers;' Weber wins Garden City title

GARDEN CITY — No. 1 ranked defending state champion Wyatt Weber captured the gold medal at the Rocky Welton Wrestling Tournament. Weber won four matches and defeated Canon City's (Colo.) Ezavian Ortega, Canon City (2:31) in the championship finals.

No. 4 ranked Kaden Spragis, last year's state runner-up, earned third place with a 6-1 victory over Julian Espinoza of Pueblo East, Colo.

Brody Schnoebelen (195) placed fifth with a pin over Dodge City's Roman Loya (1:36).




113—Emanuel Prieto, GB, 16TH; Prieto pinned Dismang, OS, 3:04; Goodman, Kearney pinned Prieto, 2:34; Prieto pinned Holler, Liberal, 1:46; Pufpaff, Falcon pinned Prieto, 2:01; Augustine, Hays def. Prieto, 3-2; 15TH—Herbst, Andale def. Prieto, 5-0

120—No. 4 Kaden Spragis, GB, 3RD; Spragis def. Tardiff, Lewis-Palmer, 16-0; Spragis pinned Manore, Vista Ridge, 3:20; Spragis def. Espinoza, Pueblo East, 12-1; Stokes, Newton def. Spragis, 5-1; Spragis def. Miller, Andale, 5-0; 3RD—Spragis def. Espinoza, Pueblo East, 6-1

126—No. 4 Avery Wolf, GB, 7TH; Wolf pinned Eck, Andalem 1:39; Wolf pinned Garcia, Pueblo, 3:19; Heiman, GC def. Wolf, 2-0; Wolf def. Banks, Pine Creek, 11-2; Faczak, Bennett pinned Wolf, 3:52; 7TH—Wolf pinned Lavene, Kearney, 0:12;  Lavene pinned John Szot, GB; Martinez, Holcomb def. Szot, 13-0

132—Robby Gutierrez, GB, 12TH; Williams, Vista Ridge pinned Gutierrez, 1:42; Gutierrez def. Cooper Liles, GB, injury; Gutierrez pinned Koehn, Leoti, 4:09; Mendez, Liberal pinned Gutierrez, 4:22; Williams, Vista Ridge def. Gutierrez, DQ; 11TH—Corales, GC def. Gutierrez, DQ

138—No. 1 Wyatt Weber, GB, 1ST; Weber pinned Vieyra, Goddard, 1:03; Weber pinned Neumann, Lewis, 0:50; Weber pinned Sargent, Pueblo, 0:41; Weber def. Bybee, Newton, 6-3; 1ST—Weber pinned Ezavian Ortega, Canon City, 2:31

145—Jace Schartz, GB, 9TH; Briggs, ED pinned Schartz, 1:47; Schartz def. Ferguson, Canyon, 18-3; Schartz def. Harris, Holcomb, 17-2; Allen, GC pinned Schartz, 4:51; Schartz def. Unpingco, Canon City, 17-2; 9TH—Jace Schartz pinned Meyers, Hays, 2:26

152—Skyler McMullen, GB, 14TH; Thomas, Olathe South pinned McMullen, 0:51; McMullen pinned Ransdell, Kearney, 2:39; Eck, Andale def. McMullen, 6-0; McMullen pinned Ardery, Holcomb, 0:42; 13TH—Fuentes, Carlsbad pinned McMullen, 1:48

160—Vaiden Wenrich, GB, 12TH; Johnson, Holcomb def. Wenrich, 12-3;Wenrich pinned Jaquez, Ulysses, 2:14; Wenrich pinned Marquez, La Junta, 1:45; Wenrich pinned Dale, Hays, 2:23; Barintas, GC def. Wenrich, 10-4; Johnson, Holcomb pinned Wenrich, 4:03; 11TH—Herrera, Pueblo def. Wenrich, 5-2

182—Matthew Johnson, GB, 12TH; Mobley, Scottsbluff pinned Johnson, 0:49; Johnson pinned Velador, La Junta, 0:41;Johnson def. Siemsen, Belleville, 4-2;Knisley, Lewis pinned Johnson, 2:45; Delgado, Ulysses def. Johnson, 9-2; 11TH—Flores, VC pinned Johnson, 1:41

195—Brody Schnoebelen, GB, 5TH; Schnoebelen pinned Benavidez, Pueblo East, 2:47; Schnoebelen def. Romo, GC, 17-0; Glass, Goddard pinned Schnoebelen, 1:10; Schnoebelen pinned Orosco, Ulysses, 2:30; Schnoebelen def. Jones, Pine Creek, 10-3; Boyle, Scottsbluff pinned Schnoebelen, 2:45; 5TH--Schnoebelen pinned Roman Loya, DC, 1:36

220—Keyven Schroeder, GB, 10TH; Schroeder def. Hill, GC, 3-0; Buchanan, Newton pinned Schroeder, 0:44; Gould, VC pinned Schroeder, 3:32; Schroeder pinned Harris, Scott City, 2:32; 9TH—Marx, Andale pinned Schroeder, 2:41