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Central Plains singles, doubles win titles
Central Plains Oilers

WAKEENEY — The Central Plains tandem of singles player Emily Ryan and the doubles team of Keeley Hipp and Janae Ryan captured first place in Saturday's Trego Invitational Tennis Tournament.
Ryan (20-4) handed Victoria’s Hannah Radke (21-1) her first loss with a dynamic 8-7 (9-7) tiebreaker victory. Ryan won a hard fought 8-4 semifinal victory over Osborne’s Madisyn Gerhardt (22-2).

Defending Class 3-1A state doubles champion Hipp and Ryan (24-0) beat Osborne’s Bretton Wolters and Savannah Noel 8-1 in the finals. The Oilers’ victories secured the top singles and doubles seeds in the upcoming WaKeeney Regional Oct. 7-8.
Victoria finished first with 35 points and Central Plains placed second (30) and Osborne (22) third. All three teams will compete at the Class 3-1A WaKeeney Regional Oct. 7-8. The top six singles and doubles finishers qualify for the Class 3-1A state tournament in Wichita.
Hoisington’s Katherine Warnken (13-13) placed seventh with a 8-2 over Trego’s Adrian Dietz. Oiler Mikayla Menges (9-4) placed ninth with a 9-2 win over Greeley County’s Brittany Luebbers.
Hoisington’s Emma Harmon and Tyann Schremmer (19-7) placed third in doubles with a 8-1 victory over Greeley County’s Morgan Woelk-Caela Ibarra. Central Plains’ Kristen Gunder-Hannah Beran defeated Hoisington’s MyKayla Burgess-Rian Mooney, 8-2 for 11th place.
TEAM TOTALS—1. Victoria 35; 2. Central Plains 30; 3. Osborne 22; 4. Tribune-Greeley County 19; 5. Phillipsburg 18; 6. Hoisington 17; 7. Wakeeney-Trego 14
1st—Emily Ryan, CP def. Hannah Radke, Victoria, 8-7 (9-7)
3rd—Madisyn Gerhardt, Victoria def. Erin LeiVan, Osborne, 8-1
5th—Mayce Witmer, Phill def. Daniela Veleta, GC, 8-2
7th— Katherine Warnken, Hois def. Adrian Dietz, WT, 8-2
9th— Mikayla Menges, CP def. Brittany Luebbers, GC, 9-2
11th—Olivia Engler, Osborne def. Madison Schoenthaler, WT, 8-0
Ryan def. Engler, 8-0; Ryan def. Veleta, 8-0; Ryan def. Gerhardt, 8-4; Warnken def. Luebbers, 8-1; Radke def. Warnken, 8-0; Witmer def. Warnken, 8-6; Warnken def. Dietz, 8-2; Gerhardt def. Menges, 8-1; Menges def. Samanatha Prewitt, Phillipsburg, 8-1; Menges def. Engler, 8-2; LeiVan def. Aurora Ingram, Hois, 8-1; Schoenthaler def. Ingram, 8-3
1st—Keeley Hipp-Janae Ryan, CP def. Bretton Wolters-Savannah Noel, Osborne, 8-1
3rd—Emma Harmon-Tyann Schremmer, Hois def. Morgan Woelk-Caela Ibarra, GC, 8-1
5th—Ashlynn Hammersmith-Sienna Hockersmith, Victoria def. Morgan Leiker-Morgan Karst, Victoria, 8-4
7th—Maggie Malmberg-Madi Mathes, Phil def. Kacie Dunn-Lexus Haxton, WT, 8-2
9th—Logan Solida-Kristina Sisson, Phil def. Molly Moden-Julian Scott, WT, 8-4
11th—Kristen Gunder-Hannah Beran, CP def. MyKayla Burgess-Rian Mooney, Hois, 8-2
Hipp-Ryan def. Ainsley Kier-Erin Davis, Norton, 8-0; Hipp-Ryan def. Leiker-Karst, 8-1; Hipp-Ryan def. Woelk-Ibarra, 8-0; Harmon-Schremmer def. Taylor Hahn-Brandy Roenne, Osborne, 8-0; Harmon-=Schremmer def. Dunn-haxton, Trego, 8-4; Wolters-Noel def. Harmon-Schremmer, 8-5; Leiker-Karst def. Mooney-Burgess, Hois, 8-2; Mooney-Burgess def. Kier-Davis, 8-1; Moden-Scott def. Mooney-Burgess, 8-2; Dunn-Haxton def. Gunder-Beran, 8-6; Gunder-Beran def. Hahn-Roenne, 8-0; Solida-Sisson def. Gunder-Beran, 8-4