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Class 4A state wrestling
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Class 4A state wrestling


1st Place--Darryl Rylant of Clearwater

2nd Place--Payton Sadowski of El Dorado

3rd Place--Jake Patch of Andover Central

4th Place--Christian Davis of Santa Fe Trail

5th Place--Tanner McGivney of Abilene

6th Place--Blake Leiszler of Concordia

1st Place—Darryl Rylant (Clearwater) 35-1, Fr. over Payton Sadowski (El Dorado) 25-7, So. (Dec 3-1).

3rd Place—Jake Patch (Andover Central) 36-8, So. over Christian Davis (Santa Fe Trail) 40-6, Jr. (Dec 8-4).

5th Place—Tanner McGivney (Abilene) 35-7, Jr. over Blake Leiszler (Concordia) 33-15, So. (Fall 1:39).



1st Place--Dylan Pelland of Pratt

2nd Place--Noah Nemer of Spring Hill

3rd Place--Zach Strait of Concordia

4th Place--Adian McClellan of Tonganoxie

5th Place--Ethan Totty of Burlington

6th Place--John George of Augusta

1st Place—Dylan Pelland (Pratt) 33-3, Jr. over Noah Nemer (Spring Hill) 35-4, So. (Fall 2:25).

3rd Place—Zach Strait (Concordia) 37-4, So. over Adian McClellan (Tonganoxie) 15-10, So. (Dec 8-2).

5th Place—Ethan Totty (Burlington) 38-8, Fr. over John George (Augusta) 26-15, So. (Dec 8-4).



1st Place--Tate Withington of Goodland

2nd Place--Tate Carney of Colby

3rd Place--Brayan Balderrama of Pratt

4th Place--Brett Bober of Burlington

5th Place--Korbin Riedel of Tonganoxie

6th Place--Nathan Keegan of Louisburg

1st Place—Tate Withington (Goodland) 39-0, Jr. over Tate Carney (Colby) 40-8, Jr. (Dec 3-0).

3rd Place—Brayan Balderrama (Pratt) 37-8, Jr. over Brett Bober (Burlington) 39-6, Fr. (Dec 10-3).

5th Place—Korbin Riedel (Tonganoxie) 43-9, Fr. over Nathan Keegan (Louisburg) 30-13, Jr. (Dec 7-1).



1st Place--Emmanuel Browne of KC-Sumner Academy

2nd Place--Nick Ornelas of Chanute

3rd Place--Austin Lustfield of Lindsborg-Smoky Valley

4th Place--Bryant Page of Andover Central

5th Place--Tristan Cooper of Goodland

6th Place--Gad Huseman of Tonganoxie

1st Place—Emmanuel Browne (KC-Sumner Academy) 41-2, Sr. over Nick Ornelas (Chanute) 30-8, Sr. (Dec 5-2).

3rd Place—Austin Lustfield (Lindsborg-Smoky Valley) 35-4, Jr. over Bryant Page (Andover Central) 30-15, So. (Dec 4-1).

5th Place—Tristan Cooper (Goodland) 41-8, Sr. over Gad Huseman (Tonganoxie) 36-13, So. (Dec 4-3).



1st Place--Zach Eck of Andale

2nd Place--Corbin Nirschl of Basehor-Linwood

3rd Place--Bryce Erickson of Santa Fe Trail

4th Place--Case Pemberton of LaCygne-Prairie View

5th Place--Payton Smith of Winfield

6th Place--Josh Moore of Augusta

1st Place—Zach Eck (Andale) 30-7, Jr. over Corbin Nirschl (Basehor-Linwood) 38-3, Jr. (Dec 4-3).

3rd Place—Bryce Erickson (Santa Fe Trail) 45-4, Jr. over Case Pemberton (LaCygne-Prairie View) 46-7, Sr. (Dec 5-4).

5th Place—Payton Smith (Winfield) 15-8, Sr. over Josh Moore (Augusta) 33-13, Sr. (Dec 3-1).



1st Place--Colby Johnson of Burlington

2nd Place--Derek Bollinger of Fort Scott

3rd Place--Pedro Ordonez of Hugoton

4th Place--Austin Hernandez of Goodland

5th Place--Justin Pool of Holton

6th Place--Alec Pierson of Wamego

1st Place—Colby Johnson (Burlington) 45-0, Jr. over Derek Bollinger (Fort Scott) 40-7, So. (Dec 5-0).

3rd Place—Pedro Ordonez (Hugoton) 42-6, Jr. over Austin Hernandez (Goodland) 40-6, Sr. (Dec 8-1).

5th Place—Justin Pool (Holton) 26-6, Sr. over Alec Pierson (Wamego) 32-10, Sr. (Dec 7-6).



1st Place--Anthony Scantlin of Mulvane

2nd Place--Justin Rieschick of Holton

3rd Place--Dacota Motter of El Dorado

4th Place--Jonny Trowbridge of Basehor-Linwood

5th Place--Nick Lucas of Pratt

6th Place--Zarek Fewell of Fort Scott

1st Place—Anthony Scantlin (Mulvane) 38-4, Jr. over Justin Rieschick (Holton) 40-5, Sr. (Dec 4-2).

3rd Place—Dacota Motter (El Dorado) 36-4, Jr. over Jonny Trowbridge (Basehor-Linwood) 37-5, So. (Fall 1:16).

5th Place—Nick Lucas (Pratt) 35-8, Jr. over Zarek Fewell (Fort Scott) 39-10, So. (Dec 8-1).



1st Place--Hunter Mullin of Clay Center Community

2nd Place--Tyler Price of Holton

3rd Place--Reno Hughey of El Dorado

4th Place--Brandon Mlekus of Frontenac

5th Place--Zach Porter of Columbus

6th Place--Rob Winzer of Augusta

1st Place—Hunter Mullin (Clay Center Community) 45-2, Jr. over Tyler Price (Holton) 39-6, Jr. (SV-1 7-5).

3rd Place—Reno Hughey (El Dorado) 21-3, Sr. over Brandon Mlekus (Frontenac) 40-4, Jr. (Fall 2:36).

5th Place—Zach Porter (Columbus) 29-10, So. over Rob Winzer (Augusta) 34-11, Sr. (Dec 4-3).



1st Place--Brady Vogel of Chanute

2nd Place--Tanner Gastineau of Goodland

3rd Place--Dakota Rodd of Andover Central

4th Place--Joey Ewalt of LaCygne-Prairie View

5th Place--Clayton Peterson of Buhler

6th Place--Alex Young of Colby

1st Place—Brady Vogel (Chanute) 41-3, Sr. over Tanner Gastineau (Goodland) 26-3, Sr. (Dec 3-1).

3rd Place—Dakota Rodd (Andover Central) 32-5, Sr. over Joey Ewalt (LaCygne-Prairie View) 41-12, So. (Dec 2-1).

5th Place—Clayton Peterson (Buhler) 37-13, Jr. over Alex Young (Colby) 31-16, Sr. (Dec 6-2).



1st Place--Bryce Arnberger of Colby

2nd Place--Logan Baird of Pratt

3rd Place--Logan Eliott of Mulvane

4th Place--Chance Rodriguez of Holcomb

5th Place--Matt Triboletti of El Dorado

6th Place--Beck Elliott of Lindsborg-Smoky Valley

1st Place—Bryce Arnberger (Colby) 47-4, Sr. over Logan Baird (Pratt) 40-6, Jr. (Dec 7-4).

3rd Place—Logan Eliott (Mulvane) 42-4, Sr. over Chance Rodriguez (Holcomb) 37-9, So. (Dec 3-1).

5th Place--Matt Triboletti (El Dorado) 35-7, Sr. over Beck Elliott (Lindsborg-Smoky Valley) 35-15, Jr. (Dec 4-0).



1st Place--Curtis Rylant of Clearwater

2nd Place--Davon Spexarth of Andale

3rd Place--Joel Katzer of Baldwin

4th Place--Blaine Ray of Ottawa

5th Place--Kaleb Jost of McPherson

6th Place--Grant Schoonover of Andover Central

1st Place—Curtis Rylant (Clearwater) 38-1, Sr. over Davon Spexarth (Andale) 36-8, Jr. (Dec 10-8).

3rd Place—Joel Katzer (Baldwin) 35-9, Sr. over Blaine Ray (Ottawa) 38-9, Jr. (SV-1 3-1).

5th Place--Kaleb Jost (McPherson) 35-13, Sr. over Grant Schoonover (Andover Central) 34-16, Sr. (Fall 3:53).



1st Place--Anthony Capul of Andale

2nd Place--Dunkan Watrous of Paola

3rd Place--Diego Maravilla of Ulysses

4th Place--Ethan Dean of Santa Fe Trail

5th Place--Jake Stoneberger of Chapman

6th Place--Gavin Ware of Clay Center Community

1st Place—Anthony Capul (Andale) 43-2, Jr. over Dunkan Watrous (Paola) 25-2, Sr. (Dec 5-1).

3rd Place—Diego Maravilla (Ulysses) 31-8, Sr. over Ethan Dean (Santa Fe Trail) 38-7, Sr. (Fall 4:47).

5th Place--Jake Stoneberger (Chapman) 34-5, Sr. over Gavin Ware (Clay Center Community) 38-9, So. (MD 12-4).



1st Place--Austin Hart of Colby

2nd Place--Cameron Hunt of El Dorado

3rd Place--Mason Koechner of Louisburg

4th Place--Sam Burt of Abilene

5th Place--Daylon Jorns of Mulvane

6th Place--Jake Miller of Paola

1st Place—Austin Hart (Colby) 46-3, Sr. over Cameron Hunt (El Dorado) 35-8, So. (Fall 4:00).

3rd Place—Mason Koechner (Louisburg) 44-6, Jr. over Sam Burt (Abilene) 33-13, Jr. (Fall 3:26).

5th Place—Daylon Jorns (Mulvane) 38-7, Jr. over Jake Miller (Paola) 33-8, So. (Dec 5-2).



1st Place--Jason Zook of Chapman

2nd Place--Ethan Jay of Colby

3rd Place--Keenan Dodd of Parsons

4th Place--Seth Stroble of Independence

5th Place--Sam Christy of Spring Hill

6th Place--Jake Hastings of Santa Fe Trail

1st Place—Jason Zook (Chapman) 40-1, Sr. over Ethan Jay (Colby) 36-6, Jr. (Dec 6-2).

3rd Place—Keenan Dodd (Parsons) 35-2, Sr. over Seth Stroble (Independence) 29-5, Jr. (Dec 10-4).

5th Place—Sam Christy (Spring Hill) 39-9, Jr. over Jake Hastings (Santa Fe Trail) 38-8, Jr. (Dec 3-1).