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Denham, Rolfs win at BCC meet
JUCO Track & Field
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Wilson’s Marcus Denham won the boys’ shot put event with a 44’ 8” throw at the Barton County Community College High School track meet Friday in Great Bend.
Central Plains’ Taylor Rolfs won the 200-meter dash with a time of 27.42 as both USD 112 schools competed at the eight-team meet on the BCCC campus. The Central Plains girls placed fifth with 58 points and the Lady Dragons placed eighth with 22. The St. John-Hudson girls’ team won the meet with 110 points.
On the boys’ side, Wilson placed sixth with 33 points and Central Plains placed seventh with 28. Powerful Phillipsburg ran away with the meet, scoring 168 points to get the win.
It was almost perfect weather for a track meet, with mild temperatures and a slight breeze from the west, a far contrast to last season’s event which was more akin to duck hunting weather. The BCCC track meet replaced the Claflin Invitational, which was one of the last meets in north central Kansas to be held on a cinder track. The Oilers hosted the meet, with a lot of familiar faces working the events and concession stands.
“The track and field team is showing improvement in several areas,” said head Dragon track coach tony Brokes. “As the season progresses, one would expect increased production from the entire team, consistency in performance and the desire to prepare for the NPL meet and the upcoming KSHSAA regional meet.”
“I’m proud of all of the kids that competed. It was a great day to compete and several of our kids set personal bests,” said head Oilers track coach Dustin Robison. “We’re getting closer to seeing where each of the kids are setting, with the quickly approaching regional track meet. At this point in the season, we can see the hard work paying off.”
The Dragons and Oilers competed at the Tescott Invitational Tuesday in Tescott. Results were not available at press time. Wilson will compete at the Thompson Relays at 3 p.m. Friday, in Lincoln.
Central Plains will compete at 4 p.m. Friday in Ellinwood.

BCCC HIgh School Invitational
At Great Bend

100-meter dash — (C) Trustin Kreft, 11.56, fifth; (W) Jordyn Steinike, 12.05; (W) Marcus Denham, 12.12; (W) Brady Ulrey, 12.86; (C) Cody Price, 12.92; (C) Anthony Smith, 13.15.  
200-meter dash — (W) Trey Fink, 24.69; (W) Denham, 24.82; (C) Brian Miller, 25.57; (C) Bryce Likes, 27.26.
400-meter dash — (W) Fink, 56.53, sixth; (W) Kyle Goldwater, 1:00.24; (W) Jonathan Steinike, 1:03.50; (W) Ulrey, 1:03.5.
800-meter run — (W) Gage Dietz, 2:20.19, fourth; (W) Uriah Steinike, 2:43.74; (W) Tanner Roannie, 2:49.68.
1600-meter run — (W) Aaron Dlabal, 5:25.85, fifth; (W) Tanner Reeves, NT; (W) Uriah Steinike, NT. 3200-meter run: (W) Dlabal, 12:07.86, fifth; (W) Reeves, 13.44.47. 310-meter hurdles: (C) Smith, 53.83, fourth.
4X100-meter relay — (C) Price, Trey Schulte, Miller and Kreft, 47.49, fifth; (W) Fink, Denham, Johnathan Steinike and Jordyn Steinike, 48.62.
4X400 relay — (W) Goldwater, Ulrey, Dietz and Jordyn Steinike, 4:21.04, fifth.
4X800 relay — (W) Dlabal, Reeves, Johnathan Steinike and Jordyn Steinike, 10:36.68, fourth.
High jump — (W) Goldwater, 5’ 6”, second; (C) Miller, 5’ 3”, third.
Long jump — (C) Kreft, 18’ 5”, fifth; (W) Jordyn Steinike, 16’ 4”; (C) Smith, 14’ 9.5”; (W) Ulrey, 13’ 11”.
Triple jump — (W) Johnathan Steinike, 36’ 2.5”; (W) Fink, 36’ 2”; (C) Wyatt Disque, 30’4”.
Shot — (C) Schulte, 39’ 9”, fifth; (W) Jarod Shelton, 34’ 0.25”; (C) James Radenberg, 32’ 5.5”; (C) Jacob Woodmansee, 30’ 7”; (W) Austin Ortiz, 25’ 5”.
Discus — (C) Price, 111’ 9”, fourth; (C) Schulte, 106’ 9”; (W) Shelton, 106’ 6”; (W) Dietz, 83’; (W) Ortiz, 63’ 9”.
Javelin — (W) Shelton, 117’ 7”; (C) Woodmansee, 107’ 3”; (C) Matt Demel, 83’ 4”; Radenberg, 76’ 9”; (W) Ortiz, 66’ 2”.

100-meter dash — (C) Vanessa Watson, 14.23; (C) Keeley Hipp, 14.32; (W) Anna Criswell, 14.40; (W) Izzy Kriley, 14.41; (C) Alyssa Kredt, 14.65.
200-meter dash — (W) Shania Steinike, 29.30, fifth; (C) Watson, 30.50; (W) Criswell, 32.08.
400-meter dash — (W) Criswell, 1:08.52, fifth; (W) Ashlyn Weinhold, 1:14.99.
800-meter run — (W) Janell Ptacek, 2:53.43, second; (C) Jayde Wissing, 3:08.46, fourth.
1600-meter run — (C) Kirsten Gunder, 6:42.68, third; (C) Taylor Burris, 8:01.68, fifth.
3200-meter run — (C) Gunder, 14:09.18, second; (C) Burris, 16:51.81, third.
4X100 relay — (C) Hipp, Rolfs, Julie Demel and Breanna Schartz, 55.02, third.
4X400 relay — (W) Criswell, Kriley, Steinike and Weinhold, 5:22.02, fifth.
High jump — (C) Schartz, 4’ 7”, third.
Long jump — (C) Rolfs, 15’ 3.5”, third; (W) Steinike, 14’ 1”; (C) Schartz, 13’ 4.5”; (W) Ptacek, 10’ 8.5”.
Triple jump — (W) Steinike, 32’ 9”, second; (C) Rolfs, 32’ 7.25”, fourth; (C) Demel, 32’ 6”, sixth; (W) Kriley, 29’ 1.25”.  
Shot — (W) Weinhold, 25’ 6.75”; (C) Holli Payne, 23’ 0.5”; (W) Ptacek, 22’ 6”; (C) Maya Bailey, 22’ 1”.
Discus — (C) Kreft, 81’ 07”, third; (C) Payne, 78’ 5”, fourth; (C) Gunder, 69’ 10”, sixth; (W) Ptacek, 65’ 1”.
Javelin — (C) Kylee Kasselman, 88’ 6”, fifth; (C) Hipp, 78’ 8”; (W) Weinhold, 69’ 5”.