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GBHS Swim Team results
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The GBHS swim team competed in the Wichita Heights Invitaitonal on Saturday. There were 21 teams competing. “This meet was loaded with so many good teams and swimmers. Swimming against great competition at this point in the season is exactly what we need if we want to swim our best times. Connor Furrey had a great meet for us in the 200 and 500 freestyle events. Phane Pedigo swam a great 200 IM, and Josh Schridde continues to be solid for us in the 50 and 100 Freestyle events.” said Coach Steve Beaumont. The next meet will be a triangular vs. Haysville Campus and Derby on Wednesday.  

Heights Boys Invite 2016  22-Jan-16 to 23-Jan-16 Yards
Men  Open 200 Medley:
14. A ‘GBHS’ (Phane Pedigo, Malachi Williams, Isaac Panzer, Ryan Romine), 1:57.96; ‘GBHS’ (Chandler Miller, Brady Daniel, Phillip Otten, Aron Vainer), 2:03.81
Men  Open 200 Free:
19. Connor Furrey, GBHS, 2:11.53Y; 41. Chandler Miller, GBHS, 2:27.50Y
Men  Open 200 IM:
17. Phane Pedigo, GBHS, 2:26.71Y; 21. Dawson Clark, GBHS, 2:29.07Y
Men  Open 50 Free:
15. Josh Schridde, GBHS, 24.58Y; 22. Isaac Panzer, GBHS, 25.10Y; 27. Corey Harbaugh, GBHS, 25.41Y
Men  Open 100 Fly:
9. Dawson Clark, GBHS, 1:00.85Y; 19. Brady Daniel, GBHS, 1:06.64Y; 32. Phillip Otten, GBHS, 1:13.72Y
Men  Open 100 Free:
10. Josh Schridde, GBHS, 53.37Y; 23. Isaac Panzer, GBHS, 56.55Y; 35. Jordan Boone, GBHS, 59.39Y
Men  Open 500 Free:
21. Connor Furrey, GBHS, 5:51.14Y
Men  Open 200 Free:
10. A ‘GBHS’ (Isaac Panzer, Dawson Clark, Corey Harbaugh, Josh Schridde), 1:38.53; B ‘GBHS’ (Phane Pedigo, Aron Vainer, Jordan Boone, Ryan Romine), 1:42.87; C ‘GBHS’ (Phillip Otten, Chandler Miller, Malachi Williams, Connor Furrey), 1:49.12
Men  Open 100 Back:
11. Phane Pedigo, GBHS, 1:06.37Y; 14. Brady Daniel, GBHS, 1:07.45Y; 24. Chandler Miller, GBHS, 1:11.97Y
Men  Open 100 Breast:
30. Malachi Williams, GBHS, 1:20.13Y
Men  Open 400 Free:
11. A ‘GBHS’ (Dawson Clark, Corey Harbaugh, Connor Furrey, Josh Schridde), 3:44.27;  B ‘GBHS’ (Ryan Romine, Jordan Boone, Aron Vainer, Brady Daniel), 3:59.27