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GBHS Swim Team results
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The GBHS boys swim team placed 10th out of 18 teams on Saturday at Wichita Northwest High. Several of these young men improved their event times and continue to work to improve as a team. This years team had been undefeated going into the last part of this season. Competing against 6A schools at large meets in Wichita has challenged the team to continue to improve their times. GBHS boys swim team will compete on Wednesday in Salina and Saturday in Manhattan before heading to the State Swim Meet in Topeka on Feb. 19th-20th.

Campus High Triangular - Jan. 27
Campus 248, Derby 237, Great Bend 124
Coach Beumont on Campus High Triangular:
“This was a meet primarily for our JV swimmers, although we had a handful of our experienced, varsity swimmers compete if they had missed a meet due to illness or injury earlier in the season.” “All of our swimmers came away with some season-best times, which is what we are focused on doing as we approach the end of the season. The Campus pool is a tough pool to compete in as it is only 4 lanes, so to see so many personal best times was great.  Our new swimmers continue to get faster, and our overall team depth has improved tremendously as a result. We have so many new swimmers this season, and all are contributing to the success of our team. I’m really proud of their efforts.”
Men Open 200 Medley: 3. A ‘GBHS’ (Cole Pierce, Antoine Flipo, Connor Furrey, Garrett Roddey), 2:01.30; 6. B ‘GBHS’ (Chandler Miller, Jordan Popp, Alan Bobbitt, Wyatt Rugan), 2:13.61; 8. C ‘GBHS’ (Elijah Hutchinson, Cal Kaiser, Logan O’Neil, Robert Frizzell), 2:42.02
Men  Open 200 Free: 9. Alan Bobbitt, GBHS, 2:32.11Y; 11. Eduardo Prado, GBHS, 2:44.71Y; 12. Anthony Martinez, GBHS, 2:47.91Y; 13. Garrett Roddey, GBHS, 2:50.58Y; 14. Robert Frizzell, GBHS, 3:13.28Y
Men  Open 200 IM: 2. Cole Pierce, GBHS, 2:30.56Y; 3. Isaac Panzer, GBHS, 2:33.41Y; 7. Connor Furrey, GBHS, 2:37.59Y  
Men  Open 50 Free: 3. Ryan Romine, GBHS, 25.71Y; 12. Max Jerke, GBHS, 27.93Y; 18. Antoine Flipo, GBHS, 28.89Y; 22. Elijah Hutchinson, GBHS, 30.56Y; 26. Logan O’Neil, GBHS, 33.01Y; 27. Cal Kaiser, GBHS, 34.20Y
Men  Open 100 Fly: 4. Isaac Panzer, GBHS, 1:09.50Y; 6. Alan Bobbitt, GBHS, 1:19.34Y; 8. Max Jerke, GBHS, 1:20.49Y
Men  Open 100 Free: 11. Chandler Miller, GBHS, 1:03.83Y; 19. Wyatt Rugan, GBHS, 1:09.65Y; 21. Eduardo Prado, GBHS, 1:10.90Y; 23. Jordan Popp, GBHS, 1:12.06Y; 25. Logan O’Neil, GBHS, 1:15.44Y; 26. Anthony Martinez, GBHS, 1:15.76Y; 29. Robert Frizzell, GBHS, 1:24.02Y
Men  Open 500 Free: 1. Cole Pierce, GBHS, 5:45.64Y; 4. Ryan Romine, GBHS, 6:28.80Y; 11. Elijah Hutchinson, GBHS, 7:23.02Y;
Men  Open 200 Free: 3. A ‘GBHS’ (Ryan Romine, Connor Furrey, Max Jerke, Isaac Panzer), 1:48.13; 12. B ‘GBHS’ (Wyatt Rugan, Jordan Popp, Logan O’Neil, Garrett Roddey), 2:04.66; 15. C ‘GBHS’ (Anthony Martinez, Cal Kaiser, Robert Frizzell, Eduardo Prado), 2:17.70
Men  Open 100 Back: 1. Connor Furrey, GBHS, 1:06.09Y; 6. Wyatt Rugan, GBHS, 1:28.14Y
Men  Open 100 Breast: 2. Antoine Flipo, GBHS, 1:12.63Y; 11. Garrett Roddey, GBHS, 1:28.47Y; 12. Jordan Popp, GBHS, 1:31.99Y; 15. Cal Kaiser, GBHS, 1:37.03Y  
Men  Open 400 Free: 3. A ‘GBHS’ (Ryan Romine, Isaac Panzer, Max Jerke, Cole Pierce), 4:07.00; 8. B ‘GBHS’ (Chandler Miller, Alan Bobbitt, Elijah Hutchinson, Antoine Flipo), 4:46.91

Wichita Northwest Invitational -  Jan. 30

Coach Beaumont on Wichita Northwest Invitational:
“We had several really nice time improvements - especially from our middle distance and distance swimmers (200, 500 Free). They have really come on strong here as we get close to the end of the season. Any time we are in Wichita we know we are going to compete against some really tough competition. That is what we want at this point if we want to get some season best times and, for some, make some state qualifying times. Our overall team placing isn’t really indicative of how good a team we have. Our strength is the depth we have across all events and relays. Unfortunately, only one relay per school is scored in the large invites.  There were several teams who placed ahead of us who we have defeated earlier in the season. Nonetheless, we continue to get better every time out - that’s our goal. Going into the last week of the regular season, we still have a few individuals who are really close to making some automatic qualifying times for the State Meet and several who can improve their chances of making the State Meet by improving their consideration times.”

A Team individual results
Men  Open 200 Medley: 12, A ‘GB-A’ (Phane Pedigo, Brady Daniel, Dawson Clark, Corey Harbaugh), 1:55.62. 0, B ‘GB-A’ (Chandler Miller, Malachi Williams, Isaac Panzer, Aron Vainer), 2:02.08
Men  Open 200 Free: 13, Cole Pierce, GB-A, 2:05.70Y. 16, Connor Furrey, GB-A, 2:08.27Y. 22, Jordan Boone, GB-A, 2:12.65Y
Men  Open 200 IM: 15, Phane Pedigo, GB-A, 2:27.13Y. 16, Josh Schridde, GB-A, 2:28.08Y. 19, Brady Daniel, GB-A, 2:29.99Y
Men  Open 50 Free: 20, Dawson Clark, GB-A, 25.14Y. 22, Isaac Panzer, GB-A, 25.28Y. 30, Ryan Romine, GB-A, 25.68Y
Men  Open 100 Fly: 11, Dawson Clark, GB-A, 1:00.89Y. 14, Josh Schridde, GB-A, 1:03.42Y. 24, Phillip Otten, GB-A, 1:10.22Y
Men  Open 100 Free: 14, Corey Harbaugh, GB-A, 56.89Y. 16, Ryan Romine, GB-A, 57.73Y. 19, Jordan Boone, GB-A, 57.92Y
Men  Open 500 Free: 6, Cole Pierce, GB-A, 5:36.05Y. 11, Phane Pedigo, GB-A, 5:59.96Y. 12, Brady Daniel, GB-A, 6:02.72Y
Men  Open 200 Free: 9, A ‘GB-A’ (Josh Schridde, Corey Harbaugh, Phane Pedigo, Isaac Panzer), 1:39.83. 0, B ‘GB-A’ (Connor Furrey, Jordan Boone, Aron Vainer, Ryan Romine), 1:44.97. 0, C ‘GB-A’ (Chandler Miller, Phillip Otten, Malachi Williams, Cole Pierce), 1:50.23
Men  Open 100 Back: 10, Connor Furrey, GB-A, 1:06.16Y. 18, Chandler Miller, GB-A, 1:12.18Y. 27, Phillip Otten, GB-A, 1:17.60Y
Men  Open 100 Breast: 21, Malachi Williams, GB-A, 1:19.18Y
Men  Open 400 Free: 9, A ‘GB-A’ (Josh Schridde, Corey Harbaugh, Isaac Panzer, Dawson Clark), 3:42.97. 0, B ‘GB-A’ (Connor Furrey, Jordan Boone Aron Vainer, Brady Daniel), 4:00.17

B Team individual results
Men  Open 200 Medley: 16, A ‘GB-B’ (Wyatt Rugan, Garrett Roddey, Alan Bobbitt, Eduardo Prado), 2:18.08. 0, B ‘GB-B’ (Elijah Hutchinson, Jordan Popp, Logan O’Neil, Cal Kaiser), 2:30.63
Men  Open 200 Free: 39, Alan Bobbitt, GB-B, 2:26.86Y
Men  Open 50 Free: 39, Max Jerke, GB-B, 27.38Y. 49, Anthony Martinez, GB-B, 30.76Y. 52, Robert Frizzell, GB-B, 36.22Y
Men  Open 100 Fly: 34, Alan Bobbitt, GB-B, 1:24.84Y. 36, Logan O’Neil, GB-B, 1:34.06Y
Men  Open 100 Free: 34, Max Jerke, GB-B, 1:02.99Y. 40, Wyatt Rugan, GB-B, 1:06.30Y. 49, Matthew Hapes, GB-B, 1:20.87Y
Men  Open 200 Free: 17, A ‘GB-B’ (Garrett Roddey, Jordan Popp, Wyatt Rugan, Max Jerke), 1:56.67. 0, B ‘GB-B’ (Anthony Martinez, Cal Kaiser, Matthew Hapes, Eduardo Prado), 2:14.52
Men  Open 100 Back: 37, Elijah Hutchinson, GB-B, 1:28.90Y. 42, Cal Kaiser, GB-B, 1:41.25Y
Men  Open 100 Breast: 40, Garrett Roddey, GB-B, 1:30.37Y. 45, Jordan Popp, GB-B, 1:34.80Y. 49, Robert Frizzell, GB-B, 1:46.19Y
Men  Open 400 Free: 16, A ‘GB-B’ (Alan Bobbitt, Eduardo Prado, Elijah Hutchinson, Max Jerke), 4:28.81. 0, B ‘GB-B’ (Anthony Martinez, Matthew Hapes, Robert Frizzell, Logan O’Neil), 5:19.28

Team results
1 Maize High School - 353.50
2 Wichita Heights - 344.50
3 Wichita West - 209
4 Newton High School - 206.50
5 Rose Hill High School - 174
6 Wichita-Carroll BC - 173
7 Wichita Northwest - 125
8 Salina South Swim Team - 117
9 Maize South High School - 105.50
10 Great Bend A  - 95.50
11 McPherson High School - 90.50
12 Wichita South High School - 88
13 Salina Central Swim Team - 78
14 Wichita - North - 58
15 Derby High School - 38
16 Wichita Collegiate School - 35
17 Wichita High School Southeast - 24
18 Great Bend B - 4
Total 2,319.00