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Great Bend High School swim results
Thursday, April 21, at Hutchinson

Great Bend Individual results
Women Open 200 Medley
2. A ‘GB’ (Camryn Dunekack, Kira Cook, Calista Long, Katy Jerke), 2:06.20; 5. B ‘GB’ (Katherine Snapp, Taylor Huslig, Elizabeth Gerdes, Sarah Mauler), 2:19.16; 9. C ‘GB’ (Molly Kaiser, Sheridan Beaumont, Magdiel Rodriguez, Grace Soupiset), 2:30.03; 0. D ‘GB’ (Hunter Ruppe, Piper Libeer, Elizabeth Linenberger, Gentry Schneider), 2:38.75; 0. E ‘GB’ (Parker Smith, Alyssia Strickland, Rachel Keenan, Michala Bieker), 2:52.90;

Women Open 200 Free
2. Kira Cook, GB, 2:11.06Y; 6. Emma Williams, GB, 2:26.38Y; 10. Sheridan Beaumont, GB, 2:37.91Y; 12. Morgan Kaiser, GB, 2:41.23Y; 13. Elizabeth Mayhill, GB, 2:41.85Y; 15. Courtney Barton, GB, 2:59.72Y; Women Open 200 IM:5. Calista Long, GB, 2:47.88Y; 6. Kalyn Blessing, GB, 2:49.06Y; 8. Katherine Snapp, GB, 2:53.05Y;

Women Open 50 Free
1. Camryn Dunekack, GB, 26.14Y; 6. Katy Jerke, GB, 29.04Y; 7. Carly Boyd, GB, 29.46Y; 9. Paloma Sandoval, GB, 30.78Y; 11. Molly Kaiser, GB, 31.13Y; 15. Taylor Huslig, GB, 33.86Y; 16. Magdiel Rodriguez, GB, 33.89Y; 18. Kaitlyn Adams, GB, 34.90Y; 19. Keeley Saffa, GB, 35.44Y; 22. Alyssia Strickland, GB, 35.61Y; 28. Parker Smith, GB, 37.58Y; 32. Willow Jones, GB, 39.51Y; 33. Valentina Schoenthaler, GB, 39.59Y; 34. Michala Bieker, GB, 39.60Y; 35. Jessica Nieto, GB, 39.88Y; 37. Kori Birzer, GB, 42.84Y; 41. Karlie Stanley, GB, 45.76Y;

Women Open 100 Fly
1. Camryn Dunekack, GB, 1:05.53Y; 6. Elizabeth Gerdes, GB, 1:20.56Y; 10. Elizabeth Linenberger, GB, 1:34.77Y; 11. Rachel Keenan, GB, 1:35.09Y;

Women Open 100 Free
1. Kira Cook, GB, 59.67Y; 6. Emma Williams, GB, 1:05.92Y; 7. Carly Boyd, GB, 1:07.35Y; 8. Morgan Kaiser, GB, 1:11.19Y; 11. Piper Libeer, GB, 1:11.68Y; 13. Grace Soupiset, GB, 1:12.72Y; 14. Gentry Schneider, GB, 1:14.02Y; 15. Elizabeth Mayhill, GB, 1:14.33Y; 17. Hunter Ruppe, GB, 1:17.10Y; 20. Audrey Muth, GB, 1:23.52Y; 21. Courtney Barton, GB, 1:23.57Y; 25. Jessica Nieto, GB, 1:27.97Y; 28. Michala Bieker, GB, 1:30.69Y; 31. Valentina Schoenthaler, GB, 1:34.01Y; 33. Kori Birzer, GB, 1:34.72Y; 35. Karlie Stanley, GB, 1:45.16Y;

Women Open 500 Free
4. Katy Jerke, GB, 6:32.57Y; 5. Kalyn Blessing, GB, 6:44.39Y; 8. Sarah Mauler, GB, 6:57.85Y; 11. Kaitlyn Adams, GB, 7:44.18Y
Women Open 200 Free
2. A ‘GB’ (Kira Cook, Carly Boyd, Emma Williams, Camryn Dunekack), 1:51.65; 6. B ‘GB’ (Molly Kaiser, Paloma Sandoval, Sheridan Beaumont, Elizabeth Gerdes), 2:05.53; 8. C ‘GB’ (Piper Libeer, Taylor Huslig, Magdiel Rodriguez, Hunter Ruppe), 2:14.08; 0. D ‘GB’ (Rachel Keenan, Audrey Muth, Willow Jones, Alyssia Strickland), 2:28.80; 0. E ‘GB’ (Jessica Nieto, Kori Birzer, Karlie Stanley, Valentina Schoenthaler), 2:47.24

Women Open 100 Back
7. Calista Long, GB, 1:18.20Y; 8. Katherine Snapp, GB, 1:19.76Y; 12. Elizabeth Linenberger, GB, 1:27.57Y; 0. Molly Kaiser, GB, DQ; 0. Parker Smith, GB, DQ;

Women Open 100 Breast
4. Taylor Huslig, GB, 1:27.66Y; 5. Elizabeth Gerdes, GB, 1:28.67Y; 6. Sheridan
Beaumont, GB, 1:29.69Y; 13. Piper Libeer, GB, 1:39.47Y;

Women Open 400 Free
3. A ‘GB’ (Emma Williams, Calista Long, Carly Boyd, Katy Jerke), 4:29.37; 4. B ‘GB’ (Kalyn Blessing, Sarah Mauler, Morgan Kaiser, Katherine Snapp), 4:38.51; 6. C ‘GB’ (Gentry Schneider, Paloma Sandoval, Elizabeth Mayhill, Grace Soupiset), 5:03.89; 0. D ‘GB’ (Keeley Saffa, Courtney Barton, Willow Jones, Audrey Muth), 5:47.70