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Great Bend singles player first
area tennis

GARDEN CITY —Great Bend No. 2 singles Matthew Phillips warmed up for Monday’s Western Athletic Conference tennis tournament with a first-place finish in Thursday’s Garden City Invitational. The WAC Tournaments starts at 10 a.m. Monday at Veterans Park.
Phillips (5-0) beat players from Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal, Hays and Ulysses, a quick preview of Monday’s WAC Tournament.
Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Alex Smith (1-4) finished fifth. No. 1 doubles Robert Frizell-Israel Esparza (2-3) placed fourth. No. 2 doubles Malalchi Williams-Hayden Honomichl (1-4) finished fourth with a 28-33 game differential.
Dominating WAC favorite Garden City cruised to first place (30), well ahead of runner-up Dodge City (20). The Buffaloes played without their No. 1 doubles team. Garden City’s No. 1 singles Huy Nguyen (5-0), No. 1 doubles Brian Carrera-Dan Chacon (5-0) and No. 2 doubles Landon Taylor-Austin Underwood (5-0) placed first.

1—Garden City 30
2—Dodge City 20
3—Great Bend 19 (tiebreaker)
4—Hays High (19
5—Ulysses 13
6—Liberal 11

1—Huy Nguyen, GC, 5-0
2—Bryce Harmon, DC, 4-1
3—Trey Paul, U, 3-2
4—Drew Morley, HH, 1-4 (18-32)
5—Alex Smith, GB, 1-4 (19-37)
6—Erick Rodriguez, L, 1-4 (17-35)
Nguyen def. Smith, 8-4; Harmon def. Smith, 8-2; Paul def. Smith, 8-0; Smith def. Morley, 8-5; Rodriguez def. Smith, 8-3

1—Matthew Phillips, GB, 5-0
2—Nathan Morren, GC, 4-1
3—Marcelino Barrientos, L, 3-2
4—Eli Booth, HH, 2-3
5—Eric Martinez, DC, 1-4
6—Braxton Moral, U, 0-5
Phillips def. Morren, 8-3; Phillips def. Barrientos, 8-5; Phillips def. Booth, 8-3; Phillips def. Martinez, 8-6; Phillips defr. Moral, 8-3

1—Brian Carrera-Dan Chacon, GC, 5-0
2—Logan Clark-Zac Wyse, HH, 4-1
3—Alex Ramirez-Cannon Bunkall, DC, 3-2
4—Robert Frizell-Israel Esparza, GB, 2-3
5—Brandon Barbo-James Ghandi, U, 1-4
6— Calen Moore-Duncan Hinz, L, 0-5
Carrera-Chacon def. Frizell-Esparza, 8-2
Clark-Wyse def. Frizell-Esparza, 8-6
Ramirez-Bunkall def. Frizell-Esparza, 8-5
Frizell-Esparza def. Barbo-Ghandi, 8-2
Frizell-Esparza def. Moore-Hinz, 8-3

1—Landon Taylor-Austin Underwood, GC, 5-0
2—Lakin Scheck-Josiah Thomas, DC, 4-1
3—Seth Shorb-Brandon Kennemer, HH, 3-2
4—Malalchi Williams-Hayden Honomichl, GB, 1-4 (28-33)
5—Levi Giesaking-Carson King, U, 1-4 (22-37)
6—David Perez-Jack Maxwell, L, 1-4 (14-36)
Taylor-Underwood def. Williams-Honomichl, 8-6
Scheck-Thomas def. Williams-Honomichl, 8-5
Shorb-Kennemer def. Williams-Honomichl, 8-4
Giesaking-King def. Williams-Honomichl, 8-5
Williams-Honomichl def. Perez-Maxwell, 8-1

GARDEN CITY— Huy Nguyen; Nathan Morren; Will Keller-Daniel Darter; Brian Carrera-Dan Chacon
GREAT BEND—Alex Smith; Matthew Phillips; Robert Frizell-Isreal Esparza; Malachi Williams-Hayden Honomichl
DODGE CITY—Bryce Harmon; Dan Gogen; Alex Ramrinez-Cannon Bunkall; Lakin Scheck-Josiah Thomas
LIBERAL—Erick Rodriguez; Marcelino Barrientos; Cale Moore-Duncan Hinz; David Perez-Jack Maxwell
HAYS—Drew Morley; Eli Booth; 2—Logan Clark-Zac Wyse; Seth Shorb-Brandon Kennemer;