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Great Bend swimmers win home meet
spt deh gbhs boys swim butterfly
Great Bends Dawson Clark gives it his all in the 100-yard butterfly event during the Great Bend Invitational swim meet Tuesday at the Barton Community College pool. - photo by DALE HOGG Great Bend Tribune

Great Bend’s boys won three events and captured its home swimming meet with 403 points Tuesday at the Barton Community College pool.
Dawson Clark captured the 100-yard butterfly (58.78).
“Dawson swam a great race, just off his best time from last season that he swam at state,” said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont. “He is really looking good early in the season.”
The winning 400-yard freeestyle relay posted a state-qualifying time (3:45.93) with Dawson Clark, Phane Pedigo, Cole Pierce and Isaac Panzer competing.
Cole Pierce captured first place in the 200-yard freestyle (2:06.82).
Finishing with runner-up finishes were the 200-yard medley relay (1:51.91) with Phane Pedigo, Sean Williams, Dawson Clark and Corey Harbaugh competing; the 200-yard freetsyle relay (1:44.99) with Corey Harbaugh, Zach Seymour, Jordan Boone and Isaac Panzer swimming; and Connor Furrey in the 500-yard freestyle (6:01.73).
“I was very proud of how well we competed,” Beaumont said. “McPherson is a very talented team and really dominated the second half of the meet. We only won two individual events, so I was really a bit surprised that we held them off. There were some really great races between swimmers from various schools. There was definitely more competition and closer races than our first meet.”
Beaumont tested swimmers and entered them in a variety of events.
“We are focusing on getting a lot of the swimmers into different events early in the season,” he said. “Right now, our experienced kids are really leading the way. We have a long way to go in terms of developing depth. Some of our younger swimmers, competed in events for the first time.”
Great Bend competes at the Hutchinson YMCA Dec. 13.

1—Great Bend 403
2—McPherson 369
3—Huthchinson High 207
4—Dodge City 162
5—Hays High 107
6—Hutchinson Central Christian 13

1—MC A 1:47.35—(Will Powers, Eric Gaeddert, Carson Stone, Dawson VanGoethem)
2—GB A 1:51.91—(Phane Pedigo, Sean Williams, Dawson Clark, Corey Harbaugh)
3—MC B 1:55.63—(Rece Reiman, Jori VanGoethem, Silas Steinert, Gavin Soukup)
4—HHS A 1:56.92—(Josh Ivey, Jarord Fergun, Tracy Geddes, Jarret Williams)
5—GB B 2:01.12—(Cole Pierce, Malachi Williams, Connor Furrey, Zach Seymour)
6—DC A 2:13.51—(Leo Pawelzik, Bryce Harman, Thane Reid, Jason Luft)
7—DC B 2:19.66—(Jose Rodriguez, Cannon Bunkall, Jon Austin, Joseangel Vargas)
8—HHS B 2:22.01—(Chase Denin, Alex Danler, Trent Adkins, Ian Wetzel)
9—GB C 2:37.05—(Daniel Abbott, Eli Hutchinson, Cal Kaiser, Cal Marshall)
10—CC A 2:44.52—(Hunter Gibson, Nation Unruh, Reilly Tobias, Cayden Unruh)
11—DC C 2:56.92—(Heri Real, Anton Hartmon, Juan Gomez, Jorge Gonzalez)

1—GB A 3:45.93—(Dawson Clark, Phane Pedigo, Cole Pierce, Isaac Panzer)
2—HHS A 4:00.29—(Tracy Geddes, Jarret Williams, Ian Wetzel, Jarod Ferguson)
3—MC A 4:05.09—(Jori VanGoethem, Zach LeBlanc, Simon Steinert, Gavin Soukup)
4—GB B 4:17.53—(Jordan Boone, Allan To, Wyatt Rugan, Connor Furrey)
5—HAYS A 4:20.07—(Tanner Callis, Brett Bowels, Scout Perryman, Isaac Smith
6—DC A 4:26.95—(Jon Austin, Thane Reid, Cannon Bunkall, Leo Pawelzik)
7—DC B 5:03.55—(Allen Richter, Jose Rodriguez, Juan Gomez, Ivan Ortiz)
8—MC B 5:10.0 (Gage Stafford, Isaac Rickman, Riley Shelton, Abe Walker)
9—GB C 5:19.92—(Cal Kaiser, Eli Hutchinson, Daniel Abbott, Anthony Martinez)
--- DC D X5:37.62—(Brando Puentes, Brayden Clare, Jaten Wright, Jorge Gonzalez)
--- DC C DQ (Tryston Lomas, Kayah Hernandez, Adrian Guevara, Carlos Fernandez)

1—Eric Gaeddert, MC 23.13
2—VanGoethem, Dawson MC 24.01
3—Isaac Panzer, GB 24.16
4—Corey Harbaugh, GB 24.99
5—Wetzel, Ian HHS 25.65
6—Stone, Carn MC 25.75
7—Zach Seymour, GB 26.09
8—Pawelzik, Leonardo DC 26.72
9—Adkins, Trent HHS 28.49
10—Reid, Thane DC 28.58
11—Luft, Jan DC 28.60
12—Perryman, Scout HAYS 29.48
13—Denin, Chase HHS 29.56
14—Tobias, Reilly CC 29.62
15—Unruh, Nation CC 32.37
16—Unruh, Cayden CC 35.70
--- Stafford, Gage MC X28.62
--- Wyatt Rugan, GB X28.94
--- Stacey, Mark HHS X29.26
--- Cal Marshall, GB X29.60
--- Lomas, Tryston DC X29.78
--- Black, Cody HHS X29.95
--- Vargas, Joseangel DC X30.17
--- Barns, Graham HHS X30.60
--- Villarreal, Richard HHS X30.62
--- Clare, Brayden DC X30.63
--- Hernandez, Kayah DC X30.92
--- Ortiz, Ivan DC X30.92
--- Anthony Martinez, GB X31.18
--- Shelton, Riley MC X31.46
--- Wright, Jaten DC X31.72
--- Fernandez, Carlos DC X32.45
--- Gonzalez, Jorge DC X33.83
--- Rickman, Isaac MC X33.92
--- Garcia, Gilberto DC X34.59
--- Daniel Cerventes, GB X36.13
--- Anthony Molina, GB X36.61
--- Abbott, Daniel GB X36.65
--- Gibn, Hunter CC X38.03
--- Garcia, ancisco GB X40.01
--- Guevara, Adrian DC X42.33
--- Real, Heriberto DC X45.48

1—Will Powers, MC 1:01.92
2—Reiman, Rece MC 1:04.93
3—Clark, Dawson GB 1:05.17
4—Cole Pierce, GB 1:06.82
5—Williams, Jarret HHS 1:07.71
6—Ivey, Josh HHS 1:09.74
7—Steinert, Simon MC 1:12.70
8—Bunkall, Cannon DC 1:20.05
9—Wyatt Rugan, GB 1:28.68
10—Puentes, Brando DC 1:54.44
11—Gibn, Hunter CC 1:54.69
--- Rodriguez, Jose DC DQ
--- Perryman, Marshall HAYS DQ
--- Gomez, Juan DC DQ

1—Tracy Geddes, HHS 1:10.89
2—VanGoethem, Dawson MC 1:11.12
3—Sean Williams, GB 1:11.52
4—VanGoethem, Jori MC 1:12.27
5—Soukup, Gavin MC 1:14.70
6—Fergun, Jarod HHS 1:16.30
7—Zach Seymour, GB 1:18.73
8—Malachi Williams, GB 1:18.99
9—Hartmon, Anton DC 1:33.17
10—Harman, Bryce DC 1:34.44
11—Fuller, Johnny HAYS 1:37.86
--- Stacey, Mark HHS X1:22.52
--- Walker, Abe MC X1:23.68
--- Shelton, Riley MC X1:40.69
--- Danler, Alex HHS DQ

1—Dawson Clark, GB 58.78
2—Smith, Isaac HAYS 58.81
3—Isaac Panzer, GB 1:04.91
4—Steinert, Silas MC 1:06.02
5—Ivey, Josh HHS 1:08.88
6—Allan To, GB 1:12.09
7—LeBlanc, Zach MC 1:12.10
8—Stone, Carn MC 1:12.13
9—Callis, Tanner HAYS 1:17.47
10—Reid, Thane DC 1:18.03
--- Stafford, Gage MC X1:20.78

1—Eric Gaeddert, MC 50.80
2—Powers, Will MC 53.23
3—Corey Harbaugh, GB 56.14
4—Williams, Jarret HHS 57.12
5—Wetzel, Ian HUTCH 58.59
6—VanGoethem, Jori MC 58.79
7—Malachi Williams, GB 1:01.14
8—Jordan Boone, GB 1:01.74
9—Bowels, Brett HAYS 1:04.84
10—Richter, Allen DC 1:06.39
11—Denin, Chase HHS 1:07.69
12—Tobias, Reilly CC 1:09.39
13—Vargas, Joseangel DC 1:10.63
14—Luft, Jan DC 1:10.67
15—Perryman, Marshall HAYS 1:14.37
16—Ackerman, Carn HAYS 1:15.46
17—Unruh, Cayden CC 1:22.73
--- Adkins, Trent HHS X1:05.75
--- Villarreal, Richard HHS X1:12.10
--- Barns, Graham HHS X1:12.33
--- Black, Cody HHS X1:12.80
--- Danler, Alex HHS X1:13.49
--- Cal Kaiser, GB X1:17.48
--- Rodriguez, Jose DC X1:20.92
--- Daniel Cerventes, GB X1:25.50
--- Garcia, Gilberto DC-MV X1:26.14
--- Anthony Molina, GB X1:28.19
--- Daniel Abbott, GB X1:28.28
--- Rickman, Isaac MC X1:29.55
--- Unruh, Nation CC DQ
--- Francisco Garcia, GB XDQ

1—Cole Pierce, GB 2:06.82
2—Reiman, Rece MC 2:15.07
3—Fergun, Jarod HUTCH 2:17.15
4—Jordan Boone, GB 2:21.76
5—Walker, Abe MC 2:22.72
6—Callis, Tanner HAYS 2:22.96
7—Allan To, GB 2:23.67
8—LeBlanc, Zach MC 2:24.31
9—Richter, Allen DC 2:25.52
10—Ackerman, Carn HAYS 2:53.15
11—Hartmon, Anton DC 3:23.52

1—Tracy Geddes, HHS 2:17.68
2—Smith, Isaac HAYS 2:19.78
3—Phane Pedigo, GB 2:26.71
4—Connor Furrey, GB 2:34.91
5—Austin, Jonathan DC 2:36.06
6—Steinert, Simon MC 2:37.17
7—Bowels, Brett HAYS 2:55.81
8—Bunkall, Cannon DC 3:00.98
9—Cal Kaiser, GB 3:08.12
--- Harman, Bryce DC DQ
--- Perryman, Scout HAYS DQ

1—MC A 1:37.61—(Will Powers, Carsos Stone, Dawson VanGoethem, Eric Gaeddert)
2—GB A 1:44.99—(Corey Harbaugh, Zach Seymour, Jordan Boone, Isaac Panzer)
3—HAYS A 1:52.22—(Tanner Callis, Brett Bowels, Scout Perryman, Isaac Smith)
4—GB B 1:56.14—Allan To, Wyatt Rugan, Anthony Martinez, Malachi Williams)
5—HHS A 1:57.29—(Mark Stacey, Trent Adkins, Chase Denin, Josh Ivey)
6—DC A 1:57.35—(Pawelzik, Leonardo Luft, Jan Richter, Allen Harman, Bryce)
7—MC C 2:04.96—(Gage Stafford, Isaac, Rickman, Riley Shelton, Simon Steinert)
8—HHS B 2:05.26—(Rich Villarreal, Alex Danler, Graham Barns, Cody Black)
9—DC B 2:08.51—(Joseangel Vargas, Kayah Hernandez, Tyston Kayah, Brayden Clare)
10—DC C 2:13.43—(Ivan Ortiz, Jaten Wright, Gil Garcia, Carlos Fernandez)
11—CC A 2:21.35—(Nation Unruh, Hunter Gibson, Cayden Unruh, Reilly Tobias)
12—GB C 2:25.62—(Anthony Molina, Daniel Cervantes, Francisco Garcia, Cal Marshall)
--- DC D X2:35.31—(Adrian Guevara, Ivan Madariega, Anton Hartmon, Heri Real)
--- MC B DQ (Silas Steinert, Abe Walker, Zach LeBlanc, Rece Reiman)

1—Gavin Soukup, MC 5:45.95
2—Connor Furrey, GB 6:01.73
3—Phane Pedigo, GB 6:04.06
4—Steinert, Silas MC 6:11.47
5—Austin, Jonathan DC 7:15.19
6—Eli HHS, GB 7:54.82
7—Fuller, Johnny HAYS 9:35.47