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Great Bend tennis places second
Larned's No. 2 doubles places first
spt jf Larned
Macy Haas stretches for a return to Great Bend at No. 1 doubles. Haas and Katelyn Sanger lost 6-4 to Panthers Abbie Moyers and Remi Ingram. - photo by Photo by JANET FLESKE


Great Bend’s varsity girls tennis team enjoyed a trio of runner-up finishers to place second (29) behind Meade (33) in Tuesday’s Great Bend Invitational at Veterans Park.
No. 1 doubles Abbie Moyers and Remi Ingram of Great Bend Black placed second with a hard-fought 6-5 (7-5) loss to Meade’s Campbell Elliot and Rebecca Friesen for first place.
Larned’s Macy Haas-Katelyn Sanger defeated Hays High’s Cori Isbell-Trinity Quint 6-2 for third place.
No. 2 doubles Abby Kelty and Ali Leiker of Larned downed Great Bend Black’s Alexis Folkerts-Jessica Nieto, 6-4, for first place. Meade’s Ali Unruh-Monica Gleason defeated Great Bend Red’s Audrey Muth-Grace Dougherty, 6-2 for third place.
At No. 2 singles, Meade’s Bristol Lewis defeated Great Bend’s Gentry Schneider, 6-4 for first place. Dodge City’s Marissa Wissar defeated Mollie Phillips, Great Bend Red, 6-0, for third place.
No. 1 singles Leah Stein of Dodge City beat Sterling’s Lydia Miller 6-1 for first place. Meade’s Lexi Neel downed Anna Popp of Great Bend Red, 6-0 for third place.

TEAM TOTALS—1—Meade 33; 2—Great Bend Black 29; 3—Larned 21; 4—Dodge City 20; 5—Great Bend Red 13; Sterling 13; 7—Hays High 8

1st—Leah Stein, Dodge City def. Lydia Miller, Sterling, 6-1
3rd—Lexi Neel, Meade def. Anna Popp, GB Red, 6-1
5th—Addison Ingram, GB Black def. Rebekah Porter, Hays, 6-0
Semifinals—Stein def. Popp, 6-0; Miller def. Neel, 6-5 (7-2)
Miller, Sterling def. Ingram, GB Black, 6-2; Stein, DC def. Ingram, 6-0; Popp, GB Red def. Porter, Hays, 6-4; Neel, Meade def. Popp, 6-1

1st—Bristol Lewis, Meade def. Gentry Schneider, GB Black, 6-4
3rd—Marissa Wissar, DC def. Mollie Phillips, GB Red, 6-0
5th—Walker, Sterling def. Cheyenne Lile, Larned, 6-5 (9-7)
Semifinals—Schneider def. Phillips, 6-0; Lewis def. Wissar, 6-1
Schneider, GB Black def. Lile, Larned, 6-1; Schneider def. Wissar, DC, 6-4; Schneider def. Walker, Sterling, 6-0; Phillips, GB Red def. Brooks, Hays, 6-0; Lewis, Meade def. Phillips, 6-1; Wissar def. Lile, 6-4; Lile def. Walker, Sterling, 6-3

1st—Campbell Elliot-Rebecca Friesen, Meade def. Abbie Moyers-Remi Ingram, GB Black, 6-5
3rd— Macy Haas-Katelyn Sanger, Larned def. Cori Isbell-Trinity Quint, Hays, 6-2
5th— Katherine Snapp-Priscella Ramirez, GB Red def. Comley-Simpson, Sterling, 6-2
Semifinals—Moyers-Ingram def. Isbell-Quint, Hays, 6-5 (7-0); Elliot-Friesen, Meade def. Haas-Sanger, 6-3
Moyers-Ingram, GB Black def. Haas-Sanger, Larned, 6-4; Moyers-Ingram def. Lowery-Chacon, DC, 6-3; Moyers-Ingram def. Comley-Simpson, Sterling, 6-4; Haas-Sanger def. Comley-Simpson, Sterling, 6-1; Haas-Sanger def. Lowery-Chacon, 6-1; Elliot-Friesen, Meade def. Snapp-Ramirez, GB Red,6-0; Isbell-Quint, Hays def. Snapp-Ramirez, GB Red, 6-1

1st—Abby Kelty-Ali Leiker, Larned def. Alexis Folkerts-Jessica Nieto, GB Black, 6-4
3rd— Ali Unruh-Monica Gleason, Meade def. Audrey Muth-Grace Dougherty, GB Red, 6-2
5th—Garcia-Trombley, DC def. Olivia Reed-Macey Speier, Hays, 6-1
Semifinals—Kelty-Leiker def. Muth-Dougherty, 6-0; Folkerts-Nieto def. Unruh-Gleason, 6-1
Kelty-Leiker def. Folkerts-Nieto, 6-2; Kelty-Leiker def. San Miguel-Schweizer, Sterling, 6-3; Kelty-Leiker def. Garcia-Trombley, DC, 6-2; Folkerts-Nieto def. Garcia-Trombley, DC, 6-1; San Miguel-Schweizer, Sterling def. Folkerts-Nieto, 6-2; Muth-Dougherty def. Reed-Speier, Hays, 6-1; Unruh-Gleason, Meade def. Muth-Daugherty, 6-2.