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Great Bend wrestlers place at Hays
Hoisington finishes second
gage fritz1
Gage Fritz

HAYS — Great Bend’s Gage Fritz (15-3, 145) placed second and Drew Liles (16-5, 106) finished fourth to lead the Panthers at the Hays Prairie Classic Tournament. The Panthers placed 10th with 84.5 points.
No. 1 ranked Jonathan Ball of Hoisington beat Fritz 3-2 in the finals. Liles defeated McPherson’s Rhett Edmonson 11-4 for third place.
Great Bend’s Keaton Sander (22-2, 138) placed fourth with a 6-5 loss to Goodland’s Dawson Ensign.
Eric Vazquez (14-7, 120) finished sixth with 5-3 loss to Salina Central’s Julian Falco. George Weber (18-8, 126) placed sixth and was pinnd in 2:13 against Bryce Younger of Ellis.
“It was a great tournament to and see where we sit as far shape and little mistakes we are still making,” said Nathan Broeckelman, Great Bend wrestling coach. “I’m very happy with how our underclassman are stepping up as we get to the last quarter of the season.”
The two-day tournament tested the wrestlers’ weights over two days.
“We handled managing our weight to make weight for the second day very well,” he said. “We can look to improve our performance being down to our weight class this upcoming week when we travel to Garden City. Our kids were able to get pushed so that we can see what we need to fix before regionals comes around.”
1—Campus 143
2—Hoisington 134.5
3—Kapaun 132
4—Garden City 128
5—Pratt 124
6—Andale 116
7—Salina Central 96.5
8—Buhler 96
9—Goodland 88.5
10—Great Bend 84.5
11—McPherson 73.5
12—Oakley 71
13—St. Thomas Aquinas 67.5
14—Riley County 62
15—Phillipsburg 61.5
16—Hays 58
17—Ulysses 53
18—Spring Hill 49.5
19—Trego 46
20—Russell 44
21—Ellis 32.5
22—Ellsworth 26
23—Larned 25.5
24—Thomas More Prep 9
25—Hugoton 2
106—Drew Liles, GB (16-5), 3rd; Liles, GB pinned Josh Keith, Hays, 1:19; Liles, GB def. Chase Weber, Andale, 6-0; Semifinal—Michael Spangler, Kapaun Mt. Carmel pinned Liles, GB, 2:48 Liles, GB pinned Aaron Lenker Phillipsburg, 2:08; 3rd Place—Liles, GB def. Rhett Edmonson, McPherson, 11-4
113— Carsyn Schooler, GB; Jaryd Weber, Andale def. Schooler, GB, 11-3; Franklin Le, KMC def. Schooler, GB, 10-2
120—Eric Vazquez, GB, (14-7) 6th; Vazquez, GB def. Chandler Schoenberger, Russell, 3-1; Dylan Pelland, Pratt def. Vazquez, GB, 7-2; Vazquez, GB def. Jake Sisson, Phillipsburg, 10-0; Vazquez, GB def. Ryan Lindell, Riley Co. 8-1; Kasey Stramel, Goodland def. Vazquez, GB, 6-4; 5th Place —Julion Falco, SC def. Vazquez, GB, 5-3
126— George Weber, GB (18-8), 6th; Weber, GB, pinned A.J. Oste, Russell, 0:44 George Weber, GB, over Sheler Derek Hays, 15-0; Luke Richard, Riley Co. def. Weber, GB, 5-2; Weber, GB pinned Nick Elliott, Buhler, 2:50; Weber, GB def. Tony Metler, KMC, 4-2; Noah Nemer, Spring Hill pinned Weber, GB, 1:17; 5th Place— Bryce Younger, Ellis pinned Weber, GB, 2:13
132— Conrad Montoya, GB (8-2); Montoya, GB pinned Gage Myers, Larned, 2:36; Montoya, GB def. Tony Ibarra, Pratt, 10-8; Luke Bowen, Hays def. Montoya, GB, 5-4, 2 OT; Montoya, GB pinned Keaton Koening, Riley Co, 1:41; Collin Pavlacka, Andale, def. Montoya, GB, 3-1
138— Keaton Sander, GB, (22-2), 4th; Sander, GB pinned Tom Sheperd, Ellis, 1:49; Sander, GB def. Brayden Black, Hays, 9-0; Austin Eldridge, McPherson def. Sander, GB, 1-0; Sander, GB def. Wyatt McElroy, GC, 6-4; 3rd Place —Dawson Ensign, Goodland def. Sander, GB, 6-5
145— Gage Fritz, GB, (15-3), 2nd; Fritz, GB pinned J.W. Staples, TMP, 1:02; Fritz, GB def. Morgan Rains, Oakley, 13-8; Fritz, GB def. Easton Schroeder, Hays, 7-2; 1st Place—Jonathan Ball, HHS def. Fritz, GB, 3-2
152— Braxton Schooler, GB (6-10), Jacob Burian, Goodland def. Schooler, GB, 5-3; Christopher Ball, HHS pinned Schooler, GB, 0:44
160— Josh Hamilton, GB (2-11); Hamilton, GB pinned Mason Thrash, McPherson 3:47; Xavier Dandurand, Hays pinned Hamilton, GB, 0:16; Trent Prothro, SC pinned Hamilton, GB, 0:53
182— Hector Olivas, GB (1-11); Olivas, GB pinned Jaxon Becker, Ulysses, 4:41; Justin Lamatsch, Pratt pinned Olivas, GB, 3:14 Preston Nollette, Oakley def. Olivas, GB, 7-3
285— Eric C. Vazquez, GB (1-4); Landen Urban, HHS pinned Vazquez, GB, 0:40; Alex Patel, TMP def. Vazquez, GB, injury

Hoisington wrestlers place first

HAYS — Top-ranked Hoisington wrestlers Jonathan Ball (25-0, 145) and Christopher Ball (23-1, 152) placed first to lead the Cardinals in the Hays Prairie Classic Wrestling Tournament. The Class 3A Cardinals finished second with 134.5 points. Campus placed first with 143 points.
Jonathan Ball defeated Great Bend’s Gage Fritz 3-2 in the finals. Christopher Ball defeated Pratt’s Nick Lucas 6-2 in the finals to hand Lucas his first loss.
Sean Urban (22-2, 160) placed runner-up with a 4-2 loss in overtime to Russell’s Kelton Suchy.
Cardinal Justin Bradley (220, 18-3) placed third with a 5-4 victory over Ulysses’ Austin Ochoa. Landen Urban (285, 22-1) placed third with a pin in 57 seconds over Kapaun’s Nick Lowe. Goodland’s Luis Ledesma handed Urban his first loss 9-4.
Tanner Cassity (24-3) placed fifth with a 3-1 victory over Andale’s Collin Pavlacka.
120—Dylan Carrier (8-12); Carrier, HHS, 8-12 pinned Ed Cortez, Ulysses, 3:00; Kaleb Wiggins, Buhler def. Carrier, HHS, 8-0; Kasey Stramel, Goodland def. Carrier, HHS, 10-0
132—Tanner Cassity (24-3), 5th; Cassity, HHS pinned Zayden Littell Hugoton, 3:30; Collin Pavlacka, Andale def. Cassity, HHS, 8-6, OT; Cassity, HHS def. Malachi Salas, GC, 9-2; Cassity, HHS def. David Koralek, Ellsworth, 7-4; Cassity, HHS, 24-3 pinned Trajan McCormick Spring Hill, 2:07; Braden O`Donnell Kapaun pinned Tanner Cassity, HHS, 2:35; 5th Place—Cassity, HHS def. Collin Pavlacka, Andale, 3-1
138—Dustin Edmonson (11-10); Tyler Park, Oakley pinned Edmonson, HHS, 2:22; Wyatt Dickie, Spring Hill pinned Edmonson, 1:28
145—Jonathan Ball (25-0), 1st; Ball, HHS pinned Deon Barnes, Riley Co., 0:35; Ball, HHS pinned Chris Norton, Spring Hill, 0:37; Ball, HHS def. Tyler Whitson, Buhler, 7-4; 1st Place—Ball, HHS def. Gage Fritz, GB, 3-2
152—Christopher Ball (23-1) 1st; Ball, HHS pinned Braxton Schooler, GB, 0:44; Ball, HHS pinned Austin Dale, Russell, 5:35; Ball, HHS def. Donivyn Will, SC, 6-0; 1st Place —Ball, HHS def. Nick Lucas Pratt, 6-2
160—Sean Urban (22-2), 2nd; Urban, HHS pinned Gavin Schumacher, TMP, 0:39; Urban, HHS def. Wes March Riley Co, 6-5; Urban, HHS def. Dalton Hensley, Ellis, 5-3; 1st Place —Kelton Suchy, Russell def. Urban, HHS, 4-2, OT
170—Wyatt Pedigo 23-3; Pedigo, HHS pinned Cory Mead, Oakley, 4:28; Kevin Mills, KMC def. Pedigo, HHS, 13-4; Pedigo, HHS def. Tyler Dowell, Buhler, 7-5, OT; Jacob Hunsperger, Aquinas def. Pedigo, 10-8
182—Jake Curtis (11-3); Garin Williams, Campus pinned Curtis, HHS, 3:45; Curtis, HHS, def. Cody Dollison, Russell, 17-2; Justin Lamatsch, Pratt pinned Curtis, HHS, 2:23
195—Benjamin Schneider (12-8); Hayden Skaggs, Pratt def. Schneider, HHS, 7-3; Schneider, HHS def. Nate Rossmeisl, Spring Hill, injury; Brayden Dorzweiler Hays def. Schneider, HHS, 11-5
220—Justin Bradley (18-3), 3rd; Bradley, HHS pinned Austin Meyer, Russell, 2:32; Bradley, HHS def. Austin Ochoa, Ulysses, 2-1; Chris Cox Oakley def. Bradley, HHS, 7-3; Bradley, HHS def. Nick Sprague, Spring Hill, 2-1; 3rd Place—Bradley, HHS, def. Austin Ochoa, Ulysses, 5-4
285—Landen Urban (22-1), 3rd; Urban, HHS, 22-1 pinned Eric C. Vazquez, GB, 0:40; Urban, HHS pinned Tristan Harder, SC, 1:42; Luis Ledesma, Goodland def. Urban, HHS, 9-4; Urban, HHS pinned Brady Mattke, Trego, 0:36; 3rd Place —Urban, HHS pinned Nick Lowe Kapaun, 0:57

Larned wrestlers place

HAYS —Larned’s Braydon Lemuz (21-4, 113) placed sixth at the Hays Prairie Classic. Lemuz won three matches and lost 4-1 for fifth place to Kai Rhea of Campus.
113—Braydon Lemuz (21-4) 6th; Lemuz, Larned pinned Austin Niblock Phillipsburg, 3:13; Adam Whitson, Buhler pinned Braydon Lemuz, Larned, 5:18; Lemuz, Larned def. Rhett Pospichal, Russell, 5-0; Lemuz, Larned def. Corbyn Pauda, Ulysses, 9-4; John Kuhn Trego pinned Lemuz, Larned, 2:11; 5th Place —Kai Rhea Campus def. Lemuz, Larned, 4-1
120—Kristopher Nolde (20-8); Nolde, Larned def. Creighton Newell. TMP, 4-0; Boo Dryden, Campus pinned Nolde, Larned, 5:06; Nolde, Larned pinned Logan Elbrader, Aquinas, 3:35; Julion Falco, SC def. Nolde, Larned, 6-0
126—Hunter Fitzpatrick (18-7); Fitzpatrick, Larned def. Juan Urbina, Ulysses, 15-14; Tate Withington, Goodland pinned Fitzpatrick, Larned, 1:47; Fitzpatrick, Larned pinned Zach Ghale, Aquinas, 2:52; Bryce Younger, Ellis def. Fitzpatrick, Larned, 14-6
132—Gage Myers (0-2); Conrad Montoya, GB pinned Myers, Larned, 2:36; Lane Kohl, Ellis, pinned Myers, Larned, 4:52
145—Wesley Koch (7-16); Koch, Larned, pinned Cole Swenson, Ellis, 4:00; Easton Schroeder Campus pinned Koch, Larned, 0:44; Simon Bassett, Goodland pinned Koch, Larned, 1:50
160—Caleb East (8-9); East, Larned def. Blake Spencer Trego, 16-0; Kelton Suchy, Russell pinned East, Larned, 1:03; Zak Anderson, Ulysses pinned East, Larned, 4:24
170—Hector Garcia (0-2); Ethan Curnutt, Ellsworth, pinned Garcia, Larned, 2:34; Logan Baird, Pratt pinned Hector Garcia, Larned, 0:30
195—Brennan Benhke (5-10); Anthony Gaona, Aquinas pinned Benhke, Larned, 1:37 Alex Perkins, McPherson pinned Benhke, Larned, 2:37
220—Jeremiah Slattery (19-7); Alex Grennan, McPherson def. Slattery, Larned, 1-0; Slattery, Larned def. Bradley Briggs, Buhler, forfeit; Trey VanPelt, Hays pinned Slattery, Larned, 1:47
285—Edgar Garcia (7-12); Nick Lowe, Kapaun pinned Garcia, Larned, 1:22; Sevren Hance, Pratt pinned Garcia, Larned, 4:40

1st Place—Michael Spangler Kapaun
2nd Place—Silas Pineda, GC,
3rd Place— Liles, GB,
4th Place—Rhett Edmonson, McPherson
5th Place—Chase Weber, Andale,
6th Place—Aaron Lenker Phillipsburg
1st Place—Michael Spangler Kapaun 22-0, over Silas Pineda, GC, 24-6, 5—05.
3rd Place—Liles, GB, 16-5, over Rhett Edmonson, McPherson 18-7, Dec 11-4.
5th Place—Chase Weber, Andale, 7-2, over Aaron Lenker Phillipsburg 16-11, 9-0.

1st Place— Burgoon, SC,
2nd Place—Bret Minor , Aquinas,
3rd Place—Adam Whitson, Buhler,
4th Place—John Kuhn Trego Community
5th Place—Kai Rhea Campus
6th Place—Braydon Lemuz, Larned,
1st Place— Burgoon, SC, 18-2, over Bret Minor , Aquinas, 20-2, Dec 12-6.
3rd Place—Adam Whitson, Buhler, 19-5, over John Kuhn Trego Community 18-3, 12-2.
5th Place—Kai Rhea Campus 24-5, over Braydon Lemuz, Larned, 21-4, Dec 4-1.

1st Place—Boo Dryden Campus
2nd Place—Dylan Pelland Pratt
3rd Place—Andres Sanchez, GC,
4th Place—Kasey Stramel, Goodland,
5th Place—Julion Falco, SC,
6th Place—Vazquez, GB,
1st Place—Boo Dryden Campus 29-2, over Dylan Pelland Pratt 21-2, 15-6.
3rd Place—Andres Sanchez, GC, 18-10, over Kasey Stramel, Goodland, 18-9, 4—26.
5th Place—Julion Falco, SC, 16-7, over Vazquez, GB, 14-7, Dec 5-3.

1st Place—Tate Withington, Goodland,
2nd Place—Brayan Balderrama Pratt
3rd Place—Noah Nemer Spring Hill
4th Place—Luke Richard Riley County
5th Place—Bryce Younger, Ellis,
6th Place—George Weber, GB,
1st Place —Tate Withington, Goodland, 23-0, over Brayan Balderrama Pratt 15-2, Dec 11-4.
3rd Place—Noah Nemer Spring Hill 20-3, over Luke Richard Riley County 16-4, 9-1.
5th Place—Bryce Younger, Ellis, 16-3, over George Weber, GB, 18-8, 2—13.

1st Place—Luke Bowen Campus
2nd Place—Justin Hershberger, Buhler,
3rd Place—Braden O`Donnell Kapaun
4th Place—Josh Lenker Phillipsburg
5th Place—Tanner Cassity, HHS,
6th Place—Collin Pavlacka, Andale,
1st Place—Luke Bowen Campus 21-2, over Justin Hershberger, Buhler, 23-1, Dec 9-3.
3rd Place—Braden O`Donnell Kapaun 18-5, over Josh Lenker Phillipsburg 22-3, Dec 9-7.
5th Place—Tanner Cassity, HHS, 24-3, over Collin Pavlacka, Andale, 15-12, Dec 3-1.

1st Place—Austin Eldredge, McPherson
2nd Place—Zach Eck, Andale,
3rd Place—Dawson Ensign, Goodland,
4th Place—Keaton Sander, GB,
5th Place—Wyatt McElroy, GC,
6th Place—Tyler Park Oakley
1st Place—Austin Eldredge, McPherson 26-2, over Zach Eck, Andale, 24-2, Dec 5-4.
3rd Place—Dawson Ensign, Goodland, 22-5, over Keaton Sander, GB, 22-2, Dec 6-5.
5th Place—Wyatt McElroy, GC, 25-9, over Tyler Park Oakley 8-8, 1—51.

1st Place—Jonathan Ball, HHS,
2nd Place—Gage Fritz, GB,
3rd Place—Easton Schroeder Campus
4th Place—Scott Radke, McPherson
5th Place—Tyler Whitson, Buhler,
6th Place—Nickky O`Neil Kapaun
1st Place—Jonathan Ball, HHS, 25-0, over Gage Fritz, GB, 15-3, Dec 3-2.
3rd Place—Easton Schroeder Campus 22-5, over Scott Radke, McPherson 20-8, Dec 6-2.
5th Place—Tyler Whitson, Buhler, 20-3, over Nickky O`Neil Kapaun 20-9, Dec 5-2.

1st Place—Christopher Ball, HHS,
2nd Place—Nick Lucas Pratt
3rd Place—Donivyn Will, SC,
4th Place—Conrad Vajnar Hays
5th Place—Austin Dale, Russell,
6th Place—Dalton Barker, Ulysses,
1st Place—Christopher Ball, HHS, 23-1, over Nick Lucas Pratt 21-1, Dec 6-2.
3rd Place—Donivyn Will, SC, 18-2, over Conrad Vajnar Hays 19-6, Dec 6-1.
5th Place—Austin Dale, Russell, 4-2, over Dalton Barker, Ulysses, 14-5, Dec 6-5.

1st Place—Kelton Suchy, Russell,
2nd Place—Sean Urban, HHS,
3rd Place—Clayton Peterson, Buhler,
4th Place—Auston Holzmeister Oakley
5th Place—Dalton Hensley, Ellis,
6th Place—Wes March Riley County
1st Place—Kelton Suchy, Russell, 22-1, over Sean Urban, HHS, 22-2, OT 4-2.
3rd Place—Clayton Peterson, Buhler, 22-4, over Auston Holzmeister Oakley 12-4, Dec 8-6.
5th Place—Dalton Hensley, Ellis, 15-2, over Wes March Riley County 15-8, 2—44.

1st Place—Logan Baird Pratt
2nd Place—Mikey Waggoner Riley County
3rd Place—Kevin Mills Kapaun
4th Place—Jacob Hunsperger , Aquinas,
5th Place—Mark Coomes Phillipsburg
6th Place—Rico Cherico, GC,
1st Place—Logan Baird Pratt 21-0, over Mikey Waggoner Riley County 15-3, Dec 4-3.
3rd Place—Kevin Mills Kapaun 21-4, over Jacob Hunsperger , Aquinas, 8-3, 3—34.
5th Place—Mark Coomes Phillipsburg 19-5, over Rico Cherico, GC, 12-8, Dec 7-3.

1st Place—Jesse Nunez, GC,
2nd Place—Taylon Peters, SC,
3rd Place—Darrell Gustin, Ellsworth,
4th Place—Justin Lamatsch Pratt
5th Place—Tanner Lowry Trego Community
6th Place—Bailey Yarborough, McPherson
1st Place—Jesse Nunez, GC, 23-4, over Taylon Peters, SC, 21-3, 8-0.
3rd Place—Darrell Gustin, Ellsworth, 14-4, over Justin Lamatsch Pratt 14-9, Dec 9-3.
5th Place—Tanner Lowry Trego Community 16-5, over Bailey Yarborough, McPherson 18-8, Inj. 0—00.

1st Place—Anthony Capul, Andale,
2nd Place—Anthony Gaona , Aquinas,
3rd Place—Zach Bowen Campus
4th Place—Kirk Coomes Phillipsburg
5th Place—Travis Phelps Kapaun
6th Place—Brayden Dorzweiler Hays
1st Place—Anthony Capul, Andale, 24-0, over Anthony Gaona , Aquinas, 22-2, Dec 6-5.
3rd Place—Zach Bowen Campus 22-5, over Kirk Coomes Phillipsburg 17-2, Dec 2-0.
5th Place—Travis Phelps Kapaun 16-5, over Brayden Dorzweiler Hays 19-8, Dec 3-2.

220 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place—Chris Cox Oakley
2nd Place—Davon Spexarth, Andale,
3rd Place—Justin Bradley, HHS,
4th Place—Austin Ochoa, Ulysses,
5th Place—Matthew Kimber Campus
6th Place—Nick Sprague Spring Hill
1st Place—Chris Cox Oakley 14-0, over Davon Spexarth, Andale, 21-3, Dec 4-3.
3rd Place—Justin Bradley, HHS, 18-3, over Austin Ochoa, Ulysses, 14-4, Dec 5-4.
5th Place—Matthew Kimber Campus 13-4, over Nick Sprague Spring Hill 12-11, Dec 7-2.

1st Place—Benny Hernandez, GC,
2nd Place—Luis Ledesma, Goodland,
3rd Place—Landen Urban, HHS,
4th Place—Nick Lowe Kapaun
5th Place—Eathan Shackelford, Andale,
6th Place—Brady Mattke Trego Community
1st Place—Benny Hernandez, GC, 25-2, Sr. over Luis Ledesma Goodland) 20-5, 3-2, 2 OT).
3rd Place—Landen Urban, HHS, 22-1, Sr. over Nick Lowe Kapaun) 18-7, 0:57).
5th Place—Eathan Shackelford, Andale, 13-12, So. over Brady Mattke Trego Community, 3:31).