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Great Bends Depenbusch runner-up, team second
Kerby Depenbusch - photo by COURTESY PHOTO Huey Counts

JUNCTION CITY – Great Bend runner Kerby Depenbusch finished runner-up (16:37.8) and the Panthers finished second (55) in the Junction City cross country meet Saturday to 6A Manhattan (47), last year’s third-place state finisher. Maize High’s Nathan Jones was medalist (16:19.2).
Great Bend’s Connor Griffith placed eighth (17:16.8) and Sage Cauley earned 10th (17:20.8). Josh Tomlin, 15th, 17:35.9; and Ryan Nicholson, 21st, 17:50.7, also counted in the team standings at Junction City.
Great Bend’s Aubrey Snapp placed third (20;53.7) and teammate McKenna Esfeld placed eighth (21:24.0). Baleigh Fry, 17th, 22;00.0; Paloma Sandoval, 26th, 22;40.4; and LaCora Bryant, 29th, 22:52.2, also counted. Manhattan won the girls division (23) followed by Maize (57) and Great Bend (78).

BOYS TEAM TOTALS—1—Manhattan 47; 2—Great Bend 55; 3—Maize 65; 4—Junction City 113; 5—Hutchinson 143; 6—Salina South 145; 7—Clay Center 155; 8—Salina Central 175; 9—Hays High 243
BOYS 5K TOP 10—1—Nathan Jones, Maize, 16:19.2; 2—Kerby Depenbusch, Great Bend, 16:37.8; 3—Cooper Schroeder, Manhattan, 16:42.6; 4—Keetan Munsell, Salina South, 16:47.3; 5—Matth Pickering, Manhattan, 16:49.6; 6—Kael Ecord, Maize, 17:09.7; 7--Alex Mora, Hutchinson, 17:09.9; 8—Connor Griffith, Great Bend, 17:16.8; 9—Jaret Pfizenmaier, Clay Center, 17:19.5; 10—Sage Cauley, Great Bend, 17:20.8
GREAT BEND RESULTS—15—Josh Tomlin, 17:35.9; 21—Ryan Nicholson, 17:50.7; 27--Alex Smith, 18:11.3; 45--Evan Hammond, 19:05.8
GIRLS TEAM TOTALS—1—Manhattan 23; 2—Maize 57; 3—Great Bend 78; 4—Junction City 101; 5—Clay Center 128; 6—Salina South 138; 7—Hays High 168; 8—Hutchinson 172
GIRLS 5K TOP 10—1—Clara Mayfield, Manhattan, 19:14.2; 2—Emily Keeley, Manhattan, 20:19.6; 3—Aubrey Snapp, Great Bend, 20:53.7; 4—Anna Reimer, Maize, 21:15.4; 5—Avery DeWolf, Manhattan, 21:20.4; 6—Joy Gruenbacher, Manhattan, 21:20.4; 7—Annie Allenbach, Maize, 21:22.3; 8—McKenna Esfeld, Great Bend, 21:24.0; 9—Madeline Purdom, Manhattan, 21:37.2; 10—Carson Pierce, Maize, 21:41.9
GREAT BEND RESULTS—17—Baleigh Fry, 22:00.0; 26—Paloma Sandoval, 22:40.4; 29—LaCora Bryant, 22:52.2; 45—Briana Perez, 24:53.2; 51—Chloe Gibson, 26:49.6