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Hesston Wrestling Results
Hesston Swathers clr

1st Place—Peyton Young, Lyons
2nd Place—Nichole Moore, Nickerson
3rd Place—Kagen Benton, Bluestem
Nichole Moore Nickerson def. Kagen Benton Bluestem, injury
Peyton Young Lyons pinned Benton Bluestem, 0:40
Young Lyons def. Moore Nickerson MD, 13-2

1st Place—Jason Hecht, Hesston
2nd Place—Brian Escobar, Chaparral
3rd Place—Kody Sudol, Salina St. John
4th Place—Steven Hayse, Nickerson
Round 1
Brian Escobar Chaparral pinned Steven Hayse Nickerson, 0:36
Jason Hecht Hesston pinned Kody Sudol, Salina St. John, 5:08
Round 2
Escobar Chaparral pinned Sudol Salina St. John, 0:58
Hecht Hesston pinned Hayse Nickerson, 0:58
Round 3
Jason Hecht Hesston def. Escobar Chaparral, 4-2
Sudol Salina St. John def. Hayse Nickerson, 16-1

120 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place—Dylan Vance, Wichita Independent
2nd Place—Caleb Farmer, Remington
3rd Place—Hazen Benton, Bluestem
4th Place—Ethan Darnall, Marion
1st Place—Dylan Vance Wichita Independent pinned Caleb Farmer Remington, 1:09
3rd Place—Hazen Benton Bluestem pinned Ethan Darnall Marion, 0:59

1st Place—Oscar Jaime, Lyons
2nd Place—Marco Rudy, Wichita Independent
3rd Place—Tyler Bachman, Hesston
4th Place—Kristopher Schnedler, Salina St. John
5th Place—Travis Hebb, West Elk
6th Place—Hayden Eastwood, Garden Plain
Round 1
Oscar Jaime Lyons pinned Kristopher Schnedler Salina St. John, 3:00
Marco Rudy Wichita Independent pinned Tyler Bachman Hesston, 4:00
Travis Hebb West Elk def. Hayden Eastwood Garden Plain, 8-1
Round 2
Jaime Lyons pinned Eastwood Garden Plain, 0:19
Bachman Hesston pinned Hebb West Elk, 1:14
Rudy Wichita Independent pinned Schnedler Salina St. John, 3:33
Round 3
Jaime Lyons pinned Hebb West Elk 0:46 .
Bachman Hesston pinned Schnedler Salina St. John, 1:52
Rudy Wichita Independent pinned Eastwood Garden Plain, 1:41
Round 4
Jaime Lyons pinned Rudy Wichita Independent, 5:43
Bachman Hesston pinned Eastwood Garden Plain, 1:20
Schnedler Salina St. John pinned Hebb West Elk, 0:39
Round 5
Jaime Lyons pinned Bachman Hesston, 1:41
Rudy Wichita Independent pinned Hebb West Elk, 2:24
Schnedler Salina St. John pinned Eastwood Garden Plain, 1:58

1st Place—Jarrett Johnson, Marion
2nd Place—Denzale Clark, Lyons
3rd Place—Matt Atkinson, Cheney
4th Place—Bryce Bowman, Wichita Independent
1st Place—Jarrett Johnson Marion pinned Denzale Clark Lyons, 4:57
3rd Place—Matt Atkinson Cheney def. Bryce Bowman Wichita Independent, Inj.

1st Place—Bryce Shults, Marion
2nd Place—Nathan Delaney, Burden-Central
3rd Place—Javier Martinez, Remington
4th Place—Jimmy Mauch, Smoky Valley
1st Place—Bryce Shults Marion pinned Nathan Delaney Burden-Central, 2:20
3rd Place—Javier Martinez Remington pinned Jimmy Mauch Smoky Valley, 2:31

1st Place—David Merchant, Hesston
2nd Place—Dylan Helten, Cheney
3rd Place—Tanner Asper, Chaparral
4th Place—Josh Peterson, Smoky Valley
1st Place—David Merchant Hesston def. Dylan Helten Cheney, 8-3
3rd Place—Tanner Asper Chaparral pinned Josh Peterson Smoky Valley, 3:33

1st Place—Noah Albin, Marion
2nd Place—Zach Anderson, Hesston
3rd Place—Tyler Riley, Salina St. John
4th Place—Chase VanDegrift, West Elk
1st Place—Noah Albin Marion def. Zach Anderson Hesston, 4-3
3rd Place—Tyler Riley Salina St. John def. Chase VanDegrift, West Elk, 9-4

1st Place—Wyatt Graber, Remington
2nd Place—Matt Whitsitt, Hesston
3rd Place—Jacob Helms, Chaparral
4th Place—Chase Bowmn, Wichita Independent
1st Place—Wyatt Graber Remington pinned Matt Whitsitt Hesston, 5:14
3rd Place—Jacob Helms Chaparral def. Chase Bowmn Wichita Independent, forfeit

1st Place—Coy Moran, Bluestem
2nd Place—Pake Stephens, Burden-Central
3rd Place—Tony Morris, Halstead
4th Place—Chandler Eaton, Nickerson
1st Place—Coy Moran Bluestem def. Pake Stephens Burden-Central, 4-2
3rd Place—Tony Morris Halstead def. Chandler Eaton Nickerson, injury

1st Place—Estin Def. ton, Chaparral
2nd Place—Charlie Nordquist, Marion
3rd Place—Jake Wingfield, Hesston
4th Place—Dylan Archuleta, Smoky Valley
1st Place—Estin Def. ton Chaparral def. Charlie Nordquist Marion 15-4
3rd Place—Jake Wingfield Hesston def. Dylan Archuleta Smoky Valley, forfeit

1st Place—Jacob Jenkins, Chaparral
2nd Place—Tyler Palic, Marion
3rd Place—Jon Burks, Smoky Valley
4th Place—Gavino Lopez, Remington
1st Place—Jacob Jenkins Chaparral pinned Tyler Palic Marion, 1:56
3rd Place—Jon Burks Smoky Valley def. Gavino Lopez Remington, 3-1, OT

1st Place—Michael Rodriguez, Salina St. John
2nd Place—Jacob Rowland, Remington
3rd Place—Zack Ledford, Hesston
4th Place—Trace Scott, Smoky Valley
1st Place—Michael Rodriguez Salina St. John pinned Jacob Rowland, Remington, 1:57
3rd Place—Zack Ledford Hesston pinned Trace Scott Smoky Valley, 3:49

1st Place—Kolvin Berry, West Elk
2nd Place—Jaden Eslinger, Chaparral
3rd Place—Ryan Stepanek, Halstead
4th Place—Alex Koehn, Hesston
1st Place—Kolvin Berry West Elk pinned Jaden Eslinger Chaparral, 2:30
3rd Place—Ryan Stepanek Halstead pinned Alex Koehn Hesston, 0:34