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Hoisington celebrates three league champs
High School Wrestling
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Hoisington wrestler Brandon Boor (285) places fifth with a pin in 41 seconds over Nickersons Dakota Heim in Saturdays Central Kansas League Tournament. - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune

NICKERSON — Hoisington High School’s top-ranked Brandon Ball (132-pounds) and teammates Jonathan Ball (138) and Kagan Blackwell (220) placed first in Saturday’s Central Kansas League Wrestling Tournament.
No. 2 state-ranked Hoisington scored 204.5 points to finish third behind No. 6 state-ranked Smoky Valley (252) and Pratt (226).
Hoisington’s Brandon Ball won five matches to improve to 36-0 with his closest match a 4-0 victory over Brandon Archuleta of Smoky Valley.
No. 3 state-ranked Jonathan Ball won five matches to improve to 36-1, winning 11-2 over Justin Baird of Pratt.
Blackwell (34-7) won five matches on pins to dominate his division.
Losing championship matches and placing second were Hoisington’s Austin McHenry (170), Justin Bradley (182) and No. 2 state-ranked Avery Urban (195).
No. 2 state-ranked Austin Cook of Smoky Valley pinned McHenry in 55 seconds.
No. 4 state-ranked Spencer Bird pinned Bradley in 1:04.
Smoky Valley’s Ethan Loder beat Urban 7-2.
Hoisington’s Hunter Hanzlick (152) placed third and Terance Croslin (126) finished fourth.
No. 5 state-ranked Chance Boor (285) finished fifth with No. 5 state-ranked Brix Brickey of Smoky Valley and Larned’s Kaiden Reed, ranked sixth in 4A.
Others competing were Kody Lang (113), Landon Harmon (120), Terance Croslin (126), Cameron Richter (145) and Jeremy Breit (160).
Hoisington will be the site of a Class 3A wrestling regional Friday and Saturday. The top four finishers in each weight division qualify for the Class 3A state tournament at Fort Hays State.

Central Kansas League Tournament


At Nickerson

Team Scores
1. Smoky Valley 252; 2. Pratt 226; 3. Hoisington 204.5; 4. Lyons 138.5; 5. Hillsboro 82; 6. Nickerson 80; 7. Halstead 73; 8. Larned 58; 9. Hesston 50.

Hoisington results
113—Kody Lang, Hoisington (6-11) def. Nolde, Larned, 6-5; Foreman, Pratt, pinned Lang, 0:41; Goans, Lyons, pinned Lang, 1:02; Karber, SV, def. Lang, 5-1.
120—Landon Harmon, Hoisington (20-15) def. Sare, SV, injury, 5:48; Regalado, Pratt, pinned Harmon, 1:29; Semifinal—Schottler, Lyons, def. Harmon, 16-1;  3rd place—Salazar, Nickerson, def. Harmon, 8-1.
126—Terance Croslin, Hoisington (12-8) pinned Contreras, Lyons, 2:54; Lucas, Pratt, pinned Croslin, 5:15; Schweitzer, Hesston, pinned Croslin, 1:41; Croslin pinned Easley, Larned, 1:57; 5th place—Croslin pinned Raigoza, Nickerson, 0:51.
132—Brandon Ball, Hoisington (36-0) pinned Hoy, Pratt, 1:31; Ball pinned Morris, Halstead, 3:03; Ball pinned Jenkins, Hesston, 3:53; Ball def. Barker, Larned, 15-0; 1st place—Ball def. Archuleta, SVy, 4-0.
138—Jonathan Ball, Hoisington (36-1) pinned Snell, Nickerson, 2:46; Ball pinned Golden, SV, 2:29; Ball pinned Morris, Halstead, 1:05; Ball pinned Anderson, Hesston, 0:55; 1st place—Ball def. Baird, Pratt, 11-2.
145—Cameron Richter, Hoisington (11-19) def. Anaya, Hesston, 8-3; Reed, Nickerson, pinned Richter, 1:26; Clarke, Lyons, pinned Richter, 1:07; Elliott, Smoky Valley, pinned Richter, 2:34; 5th place--Elliott, SV, pinned Richter, 2:50.
152—Hunter Hanzlick, Hoisington (22-12) def. Daniels, Nickerson, 3-2; Delk, Hillsboro, def. Hanzlick, 8-5; Semifinal—Ekroll, Halstead, def.  Hanzlick, 8-4; 3rd place—Hanzlick def. Delk, Hillsboro, 5-1.
160—White, Pratt, pinned Jeremy Breit, Hoisington (8-15), 0:23; Vincent, Lyons, pinned Breit, 1:04; Nichols, Nickerson, def. Breit, 15-6; Sauvage, SV, def. Breit, 10-3.
170—Austin McHenry, Hoisington (34-6) pinned Wingfield, Hesston, 1:39; McHenry pinned Sharp, Pratt, 0:51; McHenry pinned Meier, Hillsboro, 1:57; Semifinal—McHenry pinned Baxter, Nickerson, 2:20; First place—Cook, SV, pinned McHenry, 0:55.  
182—Justin Bradley, Hoisington (14-12) pinned Ledford, Hesston, 0:41; Mendoza, Hillsboro, def. Bradley, 3-1; Bradley pinned Crump, Pratt, 4:59; 1st place—Bird, Smoky Valley, pinned Bradley, 1:04.
195—Avery Urban, Hoisington (35-3) pinned Shull, Nickerson, 1:02; Urban pinned Simhiser, Hillsboro, 0:15; Urban def. Hoch, Larned, 13-0; 1st place—Loder, SV, def. Urban, 7-2.
220—Kagan Blackwell, Hoisington (34-7) pinned Peterson, Smoky Valley, 1:56; Blackwell pinned Newill, Lyons, 2:41; Blackwell def. Hoch, Larned, 7-2; Semifinal—Blackwell pinned Guzman, Hesston , 0:32; 1st place—Blackwell pinned Black, Halstead, 1:51.
285—Chance Boor, Hoisington (25-9), pinned Cheaham, Hesston, 1:57; Reed, Larned, pinned Boor, 5:41; McCurdy, Lyons, pinned Boor, 3:43; 5th place—Boor pinned Heim, Nickerson, 0:41.