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Hoisington, GBHS wrestlers place first at Cardinal Classic
drew liles1
Drew Liles, first place

By Jim Misunas

HOISINGTON – Class 3A Hoisington featured five first-place champions and third-place Class 5A Great Bend earned four first-place finishes in the Hoisington Cardinal Classic.
Great Bend’s Drew Liles (106), Eric Vazquez (120), George Weber (126) and Jeaton Sander (138) placed first. Runners-up were Alex Randolph (132) and Noah Presson (285). Vazquez defeated Dodge City’s Kennedy Escobedo 7-4 in the championship match. Hoisington’s Landen Urban defeated Presson for first place.
“We wrestled much better at Hoisington and we avenged some loses that we took the night before against Dodge City,” said Great Bend coach Nathan Broeckelman. “We were still able to place third at Hoisington even though missing three wrestlers. Despite these losses, I’m very pleased with where we are going into Christmas break. Now, we need to bunker down and get ready for the second half of the season. We will be looking for some junior varsity wrestlers to step up and fill in for some injuries that we took this last week in December. We’re looking forward to see where we end up at the end of the season.”
Dodge City downed the Panthers 39-33 Thursday in a hotly-contested match that went down to the final match for the second straight year. Payton Mauler sustained a broken arm against Dodge City.
“It was a tough week for the Panthers this week,” he said. “We may have lost two wrestlers for the season. Our varsity lost a tough dual Thursday night to Dodge City. To say that I was disappointed is an understatement. We got outwrestled by Dodge City in our dual and that’s not how Panther wrestling competes. Coach Lueders and his team came out and competed well. “
Hoisington’s Tanner Cassity (132, 10-0), Christopher Ball (145, 8-0), Jonathan Ball (152, 7-1), Sean Urban (160, 9-0) and Landen Urban (285, 7-0) captured first place. Jonathan Ball and Sean Urban finished with 5-0 records. Cassity was 4-0 and Landen Urban finished 3-0. Christopher Ball edged Dodge City’s state-ranked Tyler Garcia 3-2 for first place.
Finishing runner-up for Hoisington were Dustin Edmonson (138, 8-4) and Wyatt Pedigo (170, 9-1).
Larned’s Braydon Lemuz (113) and Jeremiah Slattery (220) finished second. Kristopher Nolde (120) and Hunter Fitzpatrick (126) placed third.

1—Dodge City 182.5; 2—Hoisington 171.5; 3—Great Bend 130.5; 4—Cimarron 85; 5—Larned 63; 6—Wichita North 61; 7—Holcomb 60

106--Drew Liles (1st); Liles def. Kadin Nichols HHS, 0:14; Liles def. Braiden Lynn Cimarron Dec 4-3
113—Caryn Schooler, 4th; Couy Weil DC def. Schooler, 6-0; Lemuz Larned def. Schooler, 3-2; Sebastian Munoz, Holcomb def. Schooler, 6-5; Schooler def. Adam McPhail Cimarron, 12-0; Schooler def. Sam Garcia WNorth, 0:26
120—Eric Vazquez, 1st; Vazquez def. Alex Villaneuva Cimarron, 5:47; Vazquez def. Chris Chandler, Holcomb, 2:49; Vazquez def. Carl Zachare WNorth, 4:32; Vazquez def. Nolde Larned, 4-0; 1st Place –Vazquez def. Kennedy Escobedo DC, 7-4
126—George Weber, 1st; Weber def. Fitzpatrick Larned, 12-9; Weber def. Karis Jackson WNorth, 2:31; Weber def. Colton Flores, Holcomb, 2:31; Weber def. Devon Greigo DC, 8-6
132--Alex Randolph, 2nd; Alex Randolph def. Jacob Henson, Holcomb, 9-0; Cassity HHS def. Randolph 4:31; Randolph def. Dooley Larned 5:39; Randolph def. Garrett Edwards DC, 5-1
138—Keaton Sander, 1stt; Sander def. Collin Clark, DC, 12-1; Sander def. Nic Wells, WNorth, 4:57; Sander def. Josiah Stephen, Holcomb, 1:16; Sander def. Cobb, Larned, 0:27; Sander def. Edmonson, HHS, 1:23
145—Braxton Schooler, 4th; Bryan Roberts WNorth def. Schooler, 0:56; Taylor Garcia DC def. Schooler 0:54; Schooler def. Garet Walker Cimarron, 0:57; Ball HHS def. Schooler 0:21; Schooler def. Koch Larned 1:35
160—Braulio Vargas; Urban HHS def. Vargas, injury; Dylan Newton Cimarron def. Vargas, injury; Weston Moon DC def. Vargas, injury;Jacob Alcantar WNorth def. Vargas, injury; East Larned def. Vargas, injury
170—Josh Hamilton; Hamilton def. Garcia Larned, 4:00; Pedigo HHS def. Hamilton, 1:07; Chance Rodriguez, Holcomb def. Hamilton, 0:48; Tanner Dewey Cimarron def. Hamilton, 9-4; Tyler Pipinger DC def. Hamilton, 1:54
182—Rony Gonzalez; Josh Seabolt Cimarron def. Gonzalez, 1:16; Isaac Doell WNorth def. Gonzalez, 0:51; Dylan Servis DC def. Gonzalez, 0:21; Jared Curtis HHS def. Gonzalez, 21-15; Gonzalez def. Brennan Benhke Larned, 9-0
195--Kevin Miramontes; Derek Bogner Cimarron pinned Miramontes 2:00; Ansony Quezada DC pinned Miramontes, 3:09; Ben Schneider HHS def. Miramontes, 3-2
285—Noah Presson , 2nd; Presson def. Edgar Garcia Larned 2:27; Presson def. Nick Claar Cimarron 1:00; Urban HHS def. Presson 0:33

106—Kadin Nicholas (0-2); Liles GB pinned Nicholas, 0:14; Braiden Lynn Cimarron pinned Nicholas, 0:55
120—Dylan Carrier (3-3); Alex Villaneuva Cimarron 3-4 pinned Carrier, 4:55; Kenedy Escobedo DC pinned Carrier, 0:32; Carl Zachare WNorth pinned Carrier, 3:39
132—Tanner Cassity (10-0), 1st; Cassity pinned Alex Randolph GB, 4:31; Cassity pinned Jacob Henson Holcomb, 0:40 Cassity pinned Dooley Larned, 2:18; Cassity def. Garrett Edwards DC, 16-4
138—Dustin Edmonson (8-4), 2nd; Edmonson pinned Cobb Larned, 1:27; Edmonson def. Josiah Stephen Holcomb, 13-5; Collin Clark DC 7-10 pinned Edmonson, 5:12; Edmonson def. Nic Wells WNorth, injury; Sander GB pinned Edmonson, 1:23
145—Christopher Ball (8-0), 1st; Ball pinned Garet Walker Cimarron, 0:14; Ball pinned Bryan Roberts WNorth, 3:27; Ball pinned Koch Larned, 0:16; Ball pinned Schooler GB, 0:21; Ball def. Tylor Garcia DC, 3-2
152—Jonathan Ball (7-1), 1st; Ball pinned Takowa Jenkins WNorth, 0:50; Ball pinned Preston Moon DC, 3:55; Ball pinned Alex Smith Cimarron, 0:55; Ball pinned Koett Larned, 0:42; Ball pinned Tanner Johnson Holcomb, 2:39
160—Sean Urban (9-0), 1st; Urban def. Vargas GB, injury, 2:45; Urban pinned East Larned, 1:04 Urban pinned Jacob Alcantar WNorth, 5:17; Urban def. Dylan Newton Cimarron, 5-4 OT; Urban pinned Weston Moon DC, 0:54
170—Wyatt Pedigo (9-1), 2nd; Pedigo pinned Tyler Pipenger DC, 4:27; Pedigo pinned Hamilton GB. 1:07; Pedigo pinned Tanner Dewey Cimarron, 1:01; Pedigo pinned Garcia Larned, 0:55; Chance Rodriguez Holcomb def. Pedigo, 11-5
182--Jared Curtis (3-4), 4th; Curtis def. Benhke Larned, 5-0; Dylan Servis DC pinned Curtis, 4:25; Josh Seabolt Cimarron pinned Curtis, 1:46; Curtis def. Gonzalez GB, 21-15; Isaac Doell WNorth def. Curtis, 8-3
195—Benjamin Schneider (2-3) 3rd; Ansony Quezada DC def. def. Schneider. 14-6; Derek Bogner Cimarron def. Schneider, 5-2; Schneider def. Kevin Miramontes GB, 3-2
220—Bradley (2-2) 3rdd; Slattery Larned 6-3 def. Bradley 2-2 Dec 2-1; Bradley pinned Stone Torres Cimarron 1-8 1:19; Bradley def. Jaylan Howard WNorth 4-9 Dec 8-4; Marcos Fisher DC def. Bradley, 9-7, OT
285—Landen Urban (7-0), 1st; Urban pinned Nick Claar Cimarron, 0:56; Urban pinned Edgar Garcia Larned, 1:45; Urban pinned Presson GB, 0:33

113—Braydon Lemuz (6-1) 2nd; Lemuz 6-1 def. def. Sebastian Munoz Holcomb, 9-0; Lemuz def. Schooler GB, 3-2; Lemuz pinned Samuel Garcia WNorth, 2:58; Couy Weil DC pinned Lemuz, 1:31; Lemuz pinned Adam McPhail Cimarron, 0:38
120—Kristopher Nolde (7-4), 3rd; Nolde pinned Carl Zachare WNorth, 1:07; Nolde pinned Chris Chandler Holcomb, 3:07; Vazquez GB def. Nolde, 4-0; Kennedy Escobedo DC pinned Nolde, 0:57; 3rd Place—
Nolde pinned Alex Villaneuva Cimarron, 1:01
126—Hunter Fitzpatrick (5-4) 3rd; Weber GB def. Fitzpatrick, 12-9; Devon Griego DC def. Fitzpatrick, 19-4; Fitzpatrick pinned Karis Jackson WNorth, 4:16; Fitzpatrick def. Colton Flores Holcomb, 12-10, OT
132—Josh Dooley (0-4); Garrett Edwards DC def. Dooley, 5-2; Alex Randolph GB pinned Dooley, 5:39; Cassity HHS pinned Dooley, 2:18; Jacob Henson Holcomb def. Dooley, 13-7
138--Drew Cobb (1-6); Edmonson HHS pinned Cobb, 1:27; Collin Clark DC def. def. Cobb, 10-2; Nic Wells WNorth pinned Cobb, 0:39; Sander GB pinned Cobb, 0:27; Cobb pinned Josiah Stephen Holcomb, 1:45
145—Wesley Koch (0-7); Tylor Garcia DC pinned Koch, 0:55; Garet Walker Cimarron pinned Koch, 0:50
Ball HHS pinned Koch, 0:16; Bryan Roberts WNorth pinned Koch, 0:49; Schooler GB pinned Koch, 1:35
152--Koett (0-7); Preston Moon DC pinned Koett, 1:39; Tanner Johnson Holcomb pinned Koett, 1:07; Takowa Jenkins WNorth pinned Koett, 2:42; Ball HHS pinned Koett, 0:42; Alex Smith Cimarron pinned Koett, 3:42
160—Caleb East (2-5), 4th; East def. Jacob Alcantar WNorth, 6-2; Urban HHS pinned East, 1:04
Dylan Newton Cimarron pinned East, 0:24; Weston Moon DC def. East, 7-6; East def. Vargas GB, injury
170—Hector Garcia (0-7); Hamilton GB 1-8 pinned Garcia, 4:00; Chance Rodriguez Holcomb pinned Garcia, 0:43; Tyler Pipenger DC pinned Garcia, 1:06; Pedigo HHS pinned Garcia, 0:55; Tanner Dewey Cimarron pinned Garcia, 4:54
182--Brennan Benhke (1-6); Jared Curtis HHS def. Benhke, 5-0; Josh Seabolt Cimarron pinned Benhke, 2:33; Isaac Doell WNorth pinned Benhke, 1:50; Dylan Servis DC pinned Benhke, 0:25; Gonzalez GB def. def. Benhke, 9-0
220—Jeremiah Slattery (6-3), 2nd; Slattery def. Bradley HHS, 2-1; Slattery def. Jaylan Howard WNorth, 3-2; Marcos Fisher DC 11-5 pinned Slattery, 3:20; Slattery pinned Stone Torres Cimarron, 1:45
285—Edgar Garcia (3-5); Presson GB pinned Garcia, 2:27; Urban HHS pinned Garcia, 1:45; Nick Claar Cimarron pinned Garcia, 5:14