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Hoisington track team wins back-to-back titles
The Hoisington track team

LYONS — Back-to-back.
Hoisington High’s track team celebrated back-to-back track championships when the boys and girls both captured team titles at Tuesday’s Lyons Relays.
Jonathan Ball captured four gold medals in the 110-meter hurdles (15.76), 300 hurdles (41.76), pole vault (14-9) and a relay leg ion the winning 1,600-meter relay (3:38.11).
Brenner Donovan captured three gold medals in the 200 (23.29), long jump (20-6) and a relay leg in the 1,600 relay.
Other first-place winners were Eric Barrett, triple jump (40-8); Landen Urban, shot put (44-11/4); Jake Curtis, javelin (148-41/2), the 3,200-relay () of Dayne Yott, Tanner Cassity, Wyatt Pedigo and Dallen Hutchcraft and the 1,600 relay team of Jonathan Ball, Christopher Ball, Cam Davis, and Brenner Donovan.
Cardinal Kelsi Dalton won the high jump () and Maleigha Schmidt won the pole vault ().
“The team is headed in the right direction. I was proud of all of our kids’ efforts and we saw a ton of PRs,” said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. “Eric Barrett had a very special day with three PRs, as did Jonathan Ball with three. I was proud of our 4-by-800 relay with three freshmen and one junior winning gold.
“Brenner Donovan continues to have a very special senior season winning three golds. It’s great to have Landen Urban back in the shot put. I like where are times, distances, and heights are going. We had a slew of tracksters win medals on both the boys and girls side.”
The Cardinals dominated the pole vault. The girls swept the top places and the boys placed first, second, third, fifth and sixth.
Other boys winners were Otis-Bison’s Blake Bahr, 100 (11.31) and Otis-Bison’s Luke Higgason, discus (133-10).
“Our girls continue to do very well. Jocelynn Pedigo had some great throws in the shot put, discus and javelin,” Schmidt said. “Viktoria Donetz continues to be a very solid leader for our girls. She consistently gives our team solid performances. Maleigha Schmidt placed in four events and won the pole vault. Kelsi Nuss and Jaci Schremmer continue to improve. They are strong contenders to make it to the state meet in their events.”
Other girls winners were Otis-Bison’s Taylor Regan, long jump (16-81/4) and triple jump (35-101/2); Ellinwood’s Maddie Hayes, 300 hurdles (51.83) and javelin (111-0); Ellinwood’s Joanna Strecker, 1,600 (5:50.61); and the Otis-Bison 3,200 relay (12:01.78) with Regan, Cristen Trapp, Sidney Schneider and Maddie Wiltse competing.
The Cardinals compete at Russell Friday for a very challenging meet.
BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 200; 2—Nickerson 120; 3—Pratt 72; 4—Otis-Bison 65; 5—Ellinwood 43; 6—Lyons 34; 7—Little River 11; 8—Chase 4
100 —1—Bahr, OB, 11.31; 2—Lightfoot, OB, 11.35; 4—Brenner Donovan, H, 11.55; 5—Blake, E, 11.62
110 hurdles—1—J. Ball, H, 15.76; 3—C. Ball, 16.29; 6—Pedigo, H, 21.83
200— 1—Brenner Donovan, H, 23.29; 3—Bahr, OB, 23.99; 4—Lightfoot, OB, 24.2; 5—Blake, E, 24.73
300 hurdles—1—J. Ball, 41.76; 2—C. Ball, 43.56; 5—Duvall, E, 46.4
400—1—Walden, N, 55.18; 2—Davis, H, 55.91; 4—Fischer, E, 57.4; 6—Foster, H, 1:00.46
800—1—Joslin, E, 2;13.88; 2—Yott, H, 2:15.87; 3—Dean, OB, 2:16.29; 5—Cassity, H, 2:27.02; 6—Winget, E, 2:32.02
1,600—1—Jaime, L, 4:53.29; 2—Yott, H, 5:02.87; 3—Joslin, E, 5:03.6
3,200—1—Orozco, P, 11:27.93;
400 relay—1—Nickerson, 45.09; 2—Otis-Bison, 45.58 (Bahr, Dean, Cheely, Lightfoot); 4—Ellinwood, 47.7 (Fischer, Koetter, Duvall, Blake); 5—Hoisington, 48.13 (Robinson, Davis, Urban, Gearhart)
1,600 relay—1—Hoisington, 3:38.11 (C. Ball, J. Ball, Davis, Donovan); 4—Ellinwood, 3:55.65 (Joslin, Koetter, Cole, Duvall); 5—Otis-Bison, 3:55.7 (Foust, Wiltse, Higgason, Gradig)
3,200 relay—1—Hoisington, 9;38.19 (Cassity, Chambers, Yott, Pedigo)
High jump—1—Petz, N, 6-2; 4—Barrett, H, 5-6
Long jump—1—Donovan, H, 20-6; 3—Robinson, H, 19-71/4; 3—Blake, E, 18-10; 5—Wiltse, OB, 18-63/4
Triple jump—1—Barrett, H, 40-8; 3—Robinson, 38-101/2;
Shot put—1—Urban, H, 44-11/4; 3—Higgason, OB, 4-11; 5—Jared Curtis, H, 38-1; 6—Philbern, H, 37-8
Discus—1—Higgason, OB, 133-10; 2—Barrett, H, 123-8; 5—Foust, OB, 116-4
Javelin—1—Jake Curtis, H, 148-41/2; 2—jared Curtis, H, 14-37; 4—Duvall, E, 140-21/2
Pole vault—1—J. Ball, H, 14-9; 2—C. Ball, H, 13-6; 3—Curtis, H, 10-6; 5—Cassity, H, 8-6
GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 120; 2—Lyons 100; 3—Ellinwood 94; 4—Nickerosn 88; 5—Otis-Bison 54; 6—Chase 28; 7—Little River 21; 8—Pratt 15
100 —1—Hazen, L, 12.94; 3—Gray, E, 13.37
100 hurdles—1—Kelley, N, 17.8; 2—Sanders, H, 18.5;
200—1—Hazen, L, 27.89; 2—Gray, E, 28.53; 6—Schremmer, H, 30.68; 4—Dalton, H, 20.31; 5—Nuss, H, 20.74
300 hurdles—1—Hayes, E, 51.83; 3—Nuss, H, 54.29; 4—Schneider, OB, 57.65; 5—Dalton, H, 58.71
400—1—Davis, N, 1:03.16; 4—Maestas, E, 1;12.11
800—1—Davis, N, 2:32.08; 2—Strecker, E, 2:34.26; 6—Page, H, 2:59.09
1,600—1—Strecker, E, 5:50.61; 4—Hammeke, E, 6;13.97; 6—Cook, E, 6:38.2
3,200—1—Trejo, L, 12:27.56; 2—Hammeke, E, 12;52.94; 3—Kindscher, H, 12:55.56; 4—Cook, E, 13:53.56
400 relay—1—Lyons, 55.26; 3—Hoisington, 56.43 (Sanders, Watkins, Schremmer, Schoonmaker)
1,600 relay—1—Nickerson, 4:31.12 (Gardner, Davis, Martinez, Kelley); 2—Ellinwood, 4:33.73 (Gray, Hayes, Maestas, Strecker); 3—Hoisington, 4:37.15 (Nuss, Schmidt, Donetz, Kindscher)
3,200 relay—1—Otis-Bison, 12:01.78 (Regan, Trapp, Schneider, Wiltse); 2—Hoisington, 14:16.91 (Reif, Nie, Gonzalez, Kelly)
High jump—1—Dalton, H, 4-4
Long jump—1—Regan, OB, 16-81/4; 5—Watins, H, 14-91/4
Triple jump—1—Regan, OB, 35-101/2; 3—Schremmer, H, 31-91/2; 6—Schmidt, H, 31-0
Shot put—1—Loesch, L, 40-5; 2—Pedigo, H, 38-51/2; 3—Ward, E, 30-91/2; 4—Anderson, OB, 29-1; 5—Schroeder, H, 28-03/4; 6—Gonzalez, H, 27-7
Discus—1—Loesch, L, 115-1; 2—Pedigo, H, 108-8; 3—Ward, E, 103-6; 5—Anderson, OB, 79-11; 6—Schoeder, H, 75-5
Javelin—1—Hayes, E, 111-0; 3—Lightfoot, OB, 100-71/2; 5—Pedigo, H, 97-8; 6—Schmidt, H, 96-10
Pole vault—1—Schmidt, H, 10-1; 2—Donetz, H, 9-0; 3—Sanders, H, 8-0; 4—Kindscher, H, 7-6; 6—Maestas, E, 6-6