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Hoisington's Ball wins state title
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HAYS — Hoisington High sophomore Christopher Ball (152) matched his older brother Brandon Ball with a Class 3A state wrestling championship Saturday.
The No. 1 ranked Ball edged Rossville’s No. 2 ranked Isaiah Luellen (39-7) 6-5 in Saturday’s exciting championship match. Ball (41-0) won three matches Friday to qualify for the Class 3A state wrestling finals for the second year in a row.
Ball placed second in last year’s 152-pound finals with an 18-3 loss to St. Marys’ unbeaten Greg Tooley. Christopher Ball defeated Silver Lake’s Hunter Howerton 5-1 in the semifinals. He beat Royal Valley’s Noah Hart 4-0 in the quarterfinals. Ball pinned Sterling’s Zane Nichols in 1:55 in the first round.
Brandon Ball won a 138-pound state wrestling championship last year, but his brothers Christopher Ball (152) and Jonathan Ball (145) lost in their championship matches.
The Cardinals finished with 33 team points to finish tied for 18th place.
Austin McHenry (220) and No. 2 ranked Landen Urban (285) each lost in Friday’s quarterfinals to drop into Saturday’s consolation bracket. Rossville’s Kole Davoren beat McHenry 5-3. West Elk’s Kolvin Berry beat Urban 5-3.
McHenry (35-10) won two of four matches and did not place in the top six. McHenry lost to the finalist and the fourth-place finisher.
Urban won three of five matches and did not place. Urban beat the third-place finisher and lost to wrestlers who finished fifth and sixth.
Larned freshman Kristopher Nolde (25-10) won two of four matches at 106 pounds, but did not place.

Team scores—1. Norton 121; 2. Rossville 117; 3. Marysville 73; 4. Smith Center 68.5; 5. Scott City 68; 6. Riley County 59; 7. Hoxie 58; 8. Silver Lake 52; 9. Wabaunsee 50; 10. Chaparral 49
11. St. Marys 45; 12. Royal Valley 43; 13. Wellsville 42; 14. Eureka 38.5; 15. Douglass 38; 16. Council Grove 36; Oakley 36; 18. HOISINGTON 33; Bennington 33

152—Championship—Christopher Ball, Hoisington (41-0) def. Isaiah Luellen, Rossville (39-7), 6-5; Semifinal—Ball, HHS def. Hunter Howerton, Silver Lake, 5-1; Quarterfinal—Ball, HHS def. Noah Hart, Royal Valley, 4-0; First round—Ball, HHS pinned Zane Nichols, Sterling, 1:55
220—Austin McHenry, Hoisington (35-10); Consolation—Trayton Doyle, Santa Fe Trail pinned McHenry, HHS, 4:39; Quarterfinal—Kole Davoren, Rossville def. McHenry, HHS, 5-3; First round—McHenry, HHS pinned Donovan Green, Douglass, 1:46
285—Landen Urban, Hoisington (40-4); Consolation—Urban, HHS pinned. Nick Stiver, Pleasant Ridge, 1:30; Taye Washington, Hoxie def. Urban, 6-4; Quarterfinal—Kolvin Berry, West Elk def. Urban, HHS, 5-3; First round—Urban, HHS def. Todd Charles, Remington, 6-5

106—Kristopher Nolde, Larned (25-10); Consolation—Nolde, Larned pinned Chris Gleason, Mission Valley, 2:52; Theron Rucker, Scott City def. Nolde, Larned, 3-2; Nolde, Larned def. Jakob Snellings, Marysville, 19-2; Caleb Farmer, Remington def. Nolde, Larned, 6-2


1st Place—Luke Richard of Riley County

2nd Place—Ashten Dodson of Douglass

3rd Place—Kendall Beitz of Eureka

4th Place—Ryan Ware of Wellsville

5th Place—Dalton Ware of Hoyt-Royal Valley

6th Place—Theron Tucker of Scott

1st Place—Luke Richard, Riley County 42-2, Fr. over Ashten Dodson, Douglass 31-7, So. Dec 5-3 .

3rd Place—Kendall Beitz, Eureka 30-8, Fr. over Ryan Ware, Wellsville 32-9, So. Dec 6-4 .

5th Place—Dalton Ware, Hoyt-Royal Valley 40-9, So. over Theron Tucker, Scott City 21-19, Fr. Fall 1:26 .



1st Place--Skylar Johnson of Norton

2nd Place--Jordan Priddy of Silver Lake

3rd Place--Zachary Tucker of Scott

4th Place--Holden Butler of Council Grove

5th Place--Zane Stanton of Caney Valley

6th Place--Kolby Beitz of Eureka

1st Place--Skylar Johnson, Norton  38-5, Sr. over Jordan Priddy, Silver Lake 39-4, So. Dec 9-5 .

3rd Place—Zachary Tucker, Scott City 34-5, Sr. over Holden Butler, Council Grove 37-4, Jr. Dec 11-6 .

5th Place—Zane Stanton, Caney Valley 34-5, So. over Kolby Beitz, Eureka 34-9, Fr. MD 13-0 .



1st Place--Dayton Porsch of Hoxie

2nd Place--Bryce Younger of Ellis

3rd Place--Alex Cavanaugh of Rossville

4th Place--Tyler Kester of Cherokee-Southeast

5th Place--Ryan Johnson of Norton

6th Place--Justin Skerce of Council Grove

1st Place—Dayton Porsch, Hoxie 36-1, Fr. over Bryce Younger, Ellis 33-9, So. Dec 6-0 .

3rd Place—Alex Cavanaugh, Rossville 41-3, Sr. over Tyler Kester, Cherokee-Southeast 32-2, Jr. Dec 7-1 .

5th Place—Ryan Johnson, Norton  30-16, So. over Justin Skerce, Council Grove 36-8, Sr. MD 12-2 .



1st Place--Riley Tubbs of Wabaunsee

2nd Place--Bryce Gfeller of Rossville

3rd Place--David Hileman of Smith Center

4th Place--Colton Steele of Council Grove

5th Place--Skylar Widmer of Marysville

6th Place--Devin Owen of Hill City

1st Place—Riley Tubbs, Wabaunsee 44-2, So. over Bryce Gfeller, Rossville 41-6, Jr. Dec 6-3 .

3rd Place—David Hileman, Smith Center 43-4, Jr. over Colton Steele, Council Grove 38-8, Jr. TF-1.5 0:00 15-0 .

5th Place—Skylar Widmer, Marysville 32-15, Sr. over Devin Owen, Hill City 14-15, Sr. Dec 4-3 .



1st Place--Chris Deters of Marysville

2nd Place--Taylor Wilmarth of Wellsville

3rd Place--Colton Hutchinson of Smith Center

4th Place--Joey McFee of Atwood-Rawlins County

5th Place--Hunter Ostertag of Effingham-ACCHS

6th Place--Tucker Rhoades of Hays-TMP

1st Place—Chris Deters, Marysville 43-1, Sr. over Taylor Wilmarth, Wellsville 39-9, Sr. Fall 1:46 .

3rd Place—Colton Hutchinson, Smith Center 43-8, So. over Joey McFee, Atwood-Rawlins County 31-9, Sr. Dec 6-3 .

5th Place—Hunter Ostertag, Effingham-ACCHS 32-8, Jr. over Tucker Rhoades, Hays-TMP 30-7, Jr. MD 9-0 .



1st Place--Carter Wessling of Beloit

2nd Place--Tristan Porsch of Hoxie

3rd Place--Dalton Dultmeier of Silver Lake

4th Place--Bryce Shults of Marion

5th Place--Spencer Heise of Osborne

6th Place--Jalen Kruep of Atwood-Rawlins County

1st Place—Carter Wessling, Beloit 37-3, Sr. over Tristan Porsch, Hoxie 35-2, Jr. Dec 5-2 .

3rd Place—Dalton Dultmeier, Silver Lake 42-6, Jr. over Bryce Shults, Marion 38-8, Jr. Dec 8-2 .

5th Place—Spencer Heise, Osborne 37-6, So. over Jalen Kruep, Atwood-Rawlins County 35-13, So. Fall 2:45 .



1st Place--Corey Tyler of St. Mary`s

2nd Place--Kolby Droegemeier of Wabaunsee

3rd Place--Jarret Jurgens of Scott

4th Place--TJ Ragnoni of Bennington

5th Place--Dalton Hensley of Ellis

6th Place--Trenton Wright of Norton

1st Place—Corey Tyler, St. Marys 43-0, Sr. over Kolby Droegemeier, Wabaunsee 41-8, So. TF-1.5 0:00 23-8 .

3rd Place—Jarret Jurgens, Scott City 21-3, So. over TJ Ragnoni, Bennington 36-4, Sr. Dec 4-3 .

5th Place—Dalton Hensley, Ellis 40-6, Jr. over Trenton Wright, Norton  36-12, Jr. Dec 3-1 .



1st Place--Christopher Ball of Hoisington

2nd Place--Isaiah Luellen of Rossville

3rd Place--Chase Prester of Russell

4th Place--Hunter Howerton of Silver Lake

5th Place--Clay De Waal of St. Francis

6th Place--Tommy Truesdale of Riley County

1st Place—Christopher Ball, Hoisington 41-0, So. over Isaiah Luellen, Rossville 39-7, So. Dec 6-5 .

3rd Place—Chase Prester, Russell 41-3, Sr. over Hunter Howerton, Silver Lake 36-8, Sr. Dec 2-1 .

5th Place—Clay De Waal, St. Francis 38-5, Sr. over Tommy Truesdale, Riley County 37-12, Sr. Dec 8-3



1st Place--Mike Kasson of Norton

2nd Place--Kyler Mick of Bennington

3rd Place--Mikey Waggoner of Riley County

4th Place--Estin Overton of Anthony/Harper-Chaparral

5th Place--Kelton Suchy of Russell

6th Place--Logan Sherman of Fredonia

1st Place—Mike Kasson, Norton  40-4, Sr. over Kyler Mick, Bennington 39-3, Sr. Dec 5-3 .

3rd Place—Mikey Waggoner, Riley County 40-9, Fr. over Estin Overton, Anthony/Harper-Chaparral 35-11, Jr. Dec 5-2 .

5th Place—Kelton Suchy, Russell 34-10, Jr. over Logan Sherman, Fredonia 35-7, Sr. Dec 7-1 .



1st Place--Jacob Mintzmyer of Marysville

2nd Place--Lane Moran of Leon-Bluestem

3rd Place--Lucas McMichael of Burden-Central

4th Place--Bryson Wesley of Oberlin-DeCatur

5th Place--Chuck Schmidt of Eureka

6th Place--Kaden Meitler of Smith Center

1st Place—Jacob Mintzmyer, Marysville 44-1, Jr. over Lane Moran, Leon-Bluestem 41-8, Sr. Dec 7-1 .

3rd Place—Lucas McMichael, Burden-Central 32-2, Sr. over Bryson Wesley, Oberlin-Decatur  40-3, Sr. Dec 10-5 .

5th Place—Chuck Schmidt, Eureka 28-4, Sr. over Kaden Meitler, Smith Center 34-13, Jr. Dec 6-3 .



1st Place--Isaac Luellen of Rossville

2nd Place--Cody Clarke of Lyons

3rd Place--Jacob Jenkins of Anthony/Harper-Chaparral

4th Place--Matthew Cruickshank of St. Mary`s

5th Place--Josh Seabolt of Cimarron

6th Place--Chris Truesdale of Riley County

1st Place—Isaac Luellen, Rossville 46-0, Sr. over Cody Clarke, Lyons 32-6, Sr. MD 16-3 .

3rd Place—Jacob Jenkins, Anthony/Harper-Chaparral 40-6, Jr. over Matthew Cruickshank, St. Marys 37-9, So. Fall 2:09 .

5th Place—Josh Seabolt, Cimarron 35-6, So. over Chris Truesdale, Riley County 19-13, Sr. Fall 0:24 .



1st Place--Gavin Lively of Norton

2nd Place--Kody Collins of Highland-Doniphan West

3rd Place--Cooper Griffith of Scott

4th Place--Seth Fouts of Douglass

5th Place--Adrian Gerber of Anthony/Harper-Chaparral

6th Place--Tyler Palic of Marion

1st Place—Gavin Lively, Norton  34-0, Sr. over Kody Collins, Highland-Doniphan West 34-6, Sr. Fall 0:44 .

3rd Place—Cooper Griffith, Scott City 35-5, Sr. over Seth Fouts, Douglass 37-11, Jr. Fall 4:31 .

5th Place—Adrian Gerber, Anthony/Harper-Chaparral 31-11, So. over Tyler Palic, Marion 37-12, So. Fall 0:47 .



1st Place--Kole Davoren of Rossville

2nd Place--Dalton Kuhn of Smith Center

3rd Place--Chris Cox of Oakley

4th Place--Trayton Doyle of St. Francis

5th Place--Quentin Lara of Onaga

6th Place--Juan Guzman of Hesston

1st Place—Kole Davoren, Rossville 38-6, Sr. over Dalton Kuhn, Smith Center 13-4, So. Dec 5-3 .

3rd Place—Chris Cox, Oakley 34-3, So. over Trayton Doyle, St. Francis 28-9, So. Dec 3-1 .

5th Place—Quentin Lara, Onaga 35-9, Jr. over Juan Guzman, Hesston 27-18, Sr. OT 4-3 .




1st Place--Mikel Cottenmyre of Belleville-Republic County

2nd Place--Jared Plante of Plainville

3rd Place--Charles Todd of Hoyt-Royal Valley

4th Place--Collyn Auker of Norton

5th Place--Taye Washington of Hoxie

6th Place--Kolvin Berry of Howard-West Elk

1st PlaceMikel Cottenmyre, Belleville-Republic County 44-2, Jr. over Jared Plante, Plainville 26-7, Sr. MD 10-0 .

3rd Place—Charles Todd, Hoyt-Royal Valley 30-5, Sr. over Collyn Auker, Norton  32-10, So. Dec 5-1 .

5th Place—Taye Washington, Hoxie 31-9, Fr. over Kolvin Berry, Howard-West Elk 22-5, Jr. Fall 2:40 .