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Hoisington's Christopher Ball wins three events
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HAYS – Hoisington High’s Christopher Ball won three events at the Alex Francis Track Classic – the pole vault (13-6), 110-meter hurdles (16.54), 300 hurdles (43.11). He ran a leg on the third place 400-meter relay (46.31).
“Our seniors came through in a big way,” said Hoisington coach Daniel Schmidt. “Six gold medals, three silvers, and seven bronze medals at a meet that featured outstanding teams was an exciting way to start the varsity track season.”
Hoisington’s Jake Curtis won the javelin (162-7), and Eric Barrett picked up points in the triple jump (39-41/2), and discus (110-3). Jocelynn Pedigo placed third in the discus (105-3) and placed in the javelin (94-1) and shot put (30-10).
Junior Xavier Robinson won the long jump (21-21/4), placed runner-up in the 100 (12.13) and earned two thirds in the triple jump (40-11) and on the 400-meter relay (46.31).
Maleigha Schmidt won the pole vault (9-6) and picked up points in the javelin and 400-meter relay. Jessi Kindscher placed third in the pole vault (8-6) and sixth in the 800.
“The young athletes showed great promise,” Schmidt said. “The future for this season looks promising. Many of them will be picking up valuable points for the team.”
Dayne Yott earned medals in the 3,200-meter relay, 800 (third), and 1600 (third). Bailey Sanders placed second in the javelin (95-0) and pole vault (8-6) and scored in the 100 hurdles and 400-meter relay. Ninth-grader Suzanna Schneider medaled in the 200M, and competed on the 400-meter and 1,600-meter relays.
Larned’s Katie Fischer placed second in the high jump (5-0) after placing as 4A state runner-up last year. Larned’s Thomas Harmon placed runner-up in the 800 (2:12.45).
Indian Isiah Marley placed second in the high jump (5-8). Larned’s Anthony McConnell, Wes Davis, Jacob Smith and Brock Skelton finished runner-up in the 400 relay (46.1).

100m—1—Johnson, DC, 11.99; 2—Robinson, HHS, 12.13; 6—Pedigo, HHS, 12.31; 7—Davis, L, 12.35
200m—1—Johnson, DC, 24.99; 3—Smith, L, 25.39
400m—1—Cramer, HH, 53.26; 6—Haxton, HHS, 56.89
800m—1—Lang, TMP, 2:09.99; 2—Harmon, L, 2;12.45; 3—Yott, HHS, 2:16.55; 5—Richards, HHS, 2:18.56
1,600m—1—Marquez, DC, 4:53.81; 3—Yott, HHS, 6:00.96; 4—Harmon, 5:03.13
3,200m—1—1—Marquez, DC, 10:24.81
110m hurdles—1—C. Ball, HHS, 16.54
300m hurdles—1—C. Ball, HHS, 43.11; 2—Marley, L, 46.88
400m relay—1—Dodge City, 45.91; 2—Larned, 46.1; 3—Hoisington, 46.31
1,600m relay—1—Dodge City, 3:44.08
3,200m relay—1—TMP, 8:59.35; 3—Hoisington, 9:20.2; 5—Larned, 9:22.35
High jump—1—Mayers, TMP, 5-10; 2—Marley, L, 5-8; 7—Yott, HHS, 5-6
Long jump—1—Robinson, HHs, 21-21/4; 2—Skelton, L, 19-101/2
Triple jump—1—Nunnery, HH, 46-73/4; 3—Robinson, 40-11; 6—Barrett, HHS, 39-41/2; 7—Skelton, L, 38-41/2
Shot put—1—Adams, HH, 43-5; 7—Pedigo, HHS, 39-71/2
Discus—1—Gustin, Ellsworth, 13-12; 6—Barrett, HHS, 110-3
Javelin—1—Jake Curtis, HHS, 162-7; 6—Powell, L, 127-10
Pole vault—1—C. Ball, HHS, 13-6; 4—J. Ball, HHS, 10-6

100m—1—Fiedler, Sylvan, 13.47
200m—1—Leiker, Ellsworth, 28.27; 3—Schneider, HHS, 29.17
400m—1—Dickenson, HH, 1:03.09
800m—1—Riedel, TMP, 2:34.5; 5—Butler, L, 2:50.47; 6—Kindscher, HHS, 2:51.93
1,600m—1—Riedel, TMP, 5:36.34
3,200m—1—Princ, Sylvan, 11:56.45; 4—Nord, L, 13:15.79
110m hurdles—1—Wilson, DC, 16.68; 5—Colson, HHS, 18.3; 6—Sanders, HHS, 18.35
300m hurdles—1—Phelps, DC, 45.61; 4—Colson, HHS, 52.16
400m relay—1—Hays, 52.37; 4—Hoisington, 55.34; 5—Larned, 56.33
1,600m relay—1—Dodge City, 4:22.0; 4—Hoisington, 4:45.1; 5—Larned, 4:45.82
3,200m relay—1—TMP, 10:55.1
High jump—1—Moddelmog, CG, 5-2; 2—Fischer, L, 5-0; 7—Leiker, L, 4-10
Long jump—1—Okoro, DC, 16-10
Triple jump—1—Okoro, DC, 36-5
Shot put—1—Batchman, Sylvan, 37-11/2; 3—Clark, L, 32-0; 7—Pedigo, HHS, 30-10
Discus—1—Batchman, Sylvan, 112-1; 3—Pedigo, 105-3
Javelin—1—Barta, Ellsworth, 99-6; 2—Sanders, HHS, 95-0; 4—Pedigo, HHS, 94-1; 5—Jones, L, 92-1
Pole vault—1—Schmidt, HHS, 9-6; 2—Sanders, HHS, 8-6