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Lady Panthers take second in Hutchinson
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HUTCHINSON — Four days after taking first place in Hutchinson, the Great Bend High School girls swim team returned for another meet, finishing in second place on Monday.
The Lady Panthers scored 380 points to put them behind Andover, which scored 450 points. Hutchinson finished in third place with 279.
“Overall, I think we did pretty good,” GBHS head coach Stephanie Maier said. “We had a few times off, but I think that Monday meets are a little tough for us, specially after Easter weekend.”
Allison Damm led Great Bend with a pair of individual first-place finishes and first place in the 400-yard freestyle relay with Katie Heeke, Jessica Kuhlman and Hannah Hildebrand. The relay team finished with a time of four minutes, 29.10 seconds.
Damm took first place in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:18.63 and the 500 freestyle, touching in at 6:07.09.
“It is nice to have good distance swimmers,” Maier said. “It was good for her to take first in those events and get those points for us. She’s been working hard all season and she has knocked off 13 seconds from her time.”
Hildebrand took first place in the 100 butterfly, finishing at 1:09.71.
“(Hildebrand) is continueing to make improvements,” Maier said. “I know she has worked really hard this year and it is nice to have good competition to push her at meets.”
Taycee Bunn took a second place in the 100 freestyle with a time of 1:05.04 and third place in the 100 backstroke, clocking in at 1:16.93.
“Taycee is a good sprinter,” Maier said. “I would like to see her take some more time off. Earlier this year, she was cutting into her time and now at the end of the season, I know she’ll push herself.”
Brenna Haines turned in a time of 2:28.98 in the 200 freestyle which earned her second place.
“Haines has been a very good distance swimmer for us,” Maier said. “It is nice to have some good distance swimmers because I think that is where we can make up some points in the (Western Athletic Conferece) and other meets as well. It’s also nice to see a freshman do well and improve like she has.”
On Friday afternoon, the Lady Panthers will be back in the pool at Kirkman Activity Center for the Great Bend Invitational, which begins at 4.

At Hutchinson

Team standings

1. Andover, 450, 2. Great Bend, 380; 3. Hutchinson, 279.

Great Bend results
200-yard Medley relay

4. GBHS “A” relay (Katie Heeke, Jessica Kuhlman, Allison Damm, Taycee Bunn), 2:20.78; 6. GBHS “B” relay ( Erin Suillivan, Brianna Schartz, Malia Disque, MaKenzie Sauder), 2:26.95; 10. GBHS “C” relay (Estella Schumacher, Jessica Freund, Tasha Davis, Darby Johnson), 2:44.37.

200 Freestyle

1. Allison Damm, 2:18.63; 2. Brenna Haines, 2:28.98; 9. Tasha Davis, 2:57.87; 10. Malia Disque, 3:02.47.

200 I.M.
5. Hannah Hildbrand, 2:42.06; 6. Katlin Fuel, 3:00.73; 7. MaKenzie Sauder, 3:12.19.

50 Freestyle
4. Erin Sullivan, 30.88; 5. Sylvia Ofoma, 31.12; 8. Kylee Spray, 32.27; 11. Darby Johnson, 35.45; 12. Brianna Schartz, 36.47; 13. Estella Schumacher, 37.52.

100 Butterfly
1. Hannah Hildebrand, 1:09.71; 5. Malia Disque, 1:23.87; 6. Kylee Spray, 1:29.79.
100 Freestyle
2. Taycee Bunn, 1:05.04; 6. Katie Heeke, 1:08.70; 7. Katlin Fuel, 1:10.79; 10. MaKenzie Sauder, 1:13.08; 13. Sylvia Ofoma, 1:13.65; 15. Jessica Freund, 1:22.29.
500 Freestyle
1. Allison Damm, 6:07.09; 3. Jessica Kuhlman, 6:41.10; 7. Erin Sullivan, 7:07.75.

200 Freestyle relay

4. GBHS “A” relay (Taycee Bunn, Kylee Spray, Brenna Haines, Hannah Hildebrand), 2:04. 36; 6. GBHS “B” relay (Katlin Fuel, Erin Sullivan, Sylvia Ofoma, MaKenzie Sauder), 2:09.30; 10. GBHS “C” relay (Darby Johnson, Jessica Freund, Estella Schumacher, Brianna Schartz), 2:26.14.

100 Backstroke
3. Taycee Bunn, 1:16.93; 5. Katie Heeke, 1:19.64; 8. Tasha Davis, 1:29.18.

100 Breaststroke

3. Jessica Kuhlman, 1:25.83; 5. Brenna Haines, 1:28.32; 7. Brianna Schartz, 1:32.75; 11. Jessica Freund, 1:43.27.

400 Freestyle relay
1. GBHS “A” relay (Allison Damm, Katie Heeke, Jessica Kuhlman, Hannah Hildebrand), 4:29.10; 4. GBHS “B” relay (Sylvia Ofoma, Katlin Fuel, Kylee Spray, Brenna Haines), 4:49.61; 8. GBHS “C” relay (Malia Disque, Darby Johnson, Estella Schumacher, Tasha Davis), 5:20.61.