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Panther doubles places runner-up
Abbie Moyers Remi Ingram
Panthers Abbie Moyers and Remi Ingram, third place No. 2 doubles

DODGE CITY — Great Bend’s No. 2 doubles Jessica Nieto and Alexis Folkerts placed runner-up in Monday’s Western Athletic Conference tennis tournament. Nieto and Folkerts (3-1) lost 8-5 to Garden City’s Allyson Becker and Ann Douglas in the championship match. They beat teams from Dodge City, Hays High and Liberal.
Great Bend’s No. 1 doubles Remi Ingram and Abbie Moyers (2-2) finished third by beating teams from Dodge City and Liberal.
Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Addison Ingram (1-3) and No. 2 singles Gentry Schneider (1-3) each placed fourth.
The other WAC champions were Dodge City’s No. 1 singles Leah Stein (4-0), No. 2 singles Kaleigh Ashbaugh of Hays High (4-0) and Garden City’s No. 1 doubles Alexis Powell and Madison Bellows (4-0).
WAC champion Garden City (14) was followed by Dodge City (9) and Hays High (8). 

Great Bend will compete in the 5A tennis regional Saturday at Salina Central with Salina Central, Salina South, Andover, Newton, Valley Center and Wichita Heights.

At Dodge City
1—Garden City 14
2—Dodge City 9
3—Hays High 8
4—Great Bend 7
5—Liberal 2

1—Leah Stein, DC, 4-0; 2—Carson Linenberger, GC, 3-1; 3—Valerie Esqueda, L, 2-2; 4—Addison Ingram, GB, 1-3; 5—Sarah Wyse, HH, 0-4
Stein, DC def. Linenberger, GC, 8-1; Stein, DC def. Esqueda, L, 8-2; Stein, DC def. Ingram, GB, 8-0; Stein, DC def. Wyse, HH, 8-4
Linenberger, GC def. Esqueda, L, 8-5; Linenberger, GC def. Ingram, GB, 8-2; Linenberger, GC def. Wyse, HH, 8-2
Esqueda, L def. Ingram, GB, 8-5; Esqueda, L def. Wyse, HH, 8-4; Ingram, GB def. Wyse, L, 8-7 (7-3)

1—Kaleigh Ashbaugh, HH, 4-0; 2—Taryn Tabor, GC, 3-1; 3—Marissa Wissar, DC, 2-2; 4—Gentry Schneider, GB, 1-3; 5—Rebecca Irby, L, 0-4
Ashbaugh, HH def. Tabor, GC, 8-6; Ashbaugh, HH def. Wissar, DC, 8-5; Ashbaugh, HH def. Schneider, GB, 8-4; Ashbaugh, HH def. Irby, L, 8-5
Tabor, GC def. Wissar, DC, 8-4; Tabor, GC def. Schneider, GB, 8-3; Tabor, GC def. Irby, L, 8-2
Wissar, DC def. Schneider, GB, 8-4; Wissar, DC def. Irby, L, 8-3; Schneider, GB def. Irby, L, 8-3

1—Alexis Powell-Madison Bellows, GC, 4-0; 2—Macey Steckel-Gabby Tailaferro, HH, 3-1; 3—Remi Ingram-Abbie Moyers, GB, 2-2; 4—Kameron Lowery-Mireya Chacon, DC, 1-3; 5—Mari Aguilar-Jadyn Williams, L, 0-4
Powell-Bellows, GC def. Steckel-Taliaferro, HH, 8-0; Powell-Bellows, GC def. Ingram-Moyers, GB, 8-0;
Powell-Bellows, GC def. Lowery-Chacon, DC, 8-0; Powell-Bellows, GC def. Aguilar-Williams, L, 8-0
Steckel-Taliaferro, HH def. Ingram-Moyers, GB, 8-0; Steckel-Taliaferro, HH def. Lowery-Chacon, DC;
Steckel-Taliaferro, HH def. Aguliar-Williams, L, 8-0
Ingram-Moyers, Gb def. Lowery-Chacon, DC, 8-0; Ingram-Moyers, Gb def. Aguliar-Williams, L, 8-0; Lowery-Chacon, DC def. Aguliar-Williams, L, 8-0

1—Allyson Becker-Ann Douglas, GC, 4-0; 2—Jessica Nieto-Alexis Folkerts, GB, 3-1; 3—Brianna Forinash-Cori Isbel, HH, 2-2; 4—Jordyn Trombley-Victoria Garcia, DC, 1-3; 5—Priscilla Vasquez-Cynthia Amaro, L, 0-4
Becker-Douglas, GC def. Nieto-Folkerts, GB, 8-5; Becker-Douglas, GC def. Forinash-Isbel, HH, 8-6; Becker- Douglas, GC def. Trombley-Victoria Garcia, DC, 8-3; Becker-Douglas, GC def. Vasquez-Amaro, L, 8-2
Nieto-Folkerts, GB def. Forinash-Isbel, HH, 8-6; Nieto-Folkerts, GB def. Trombley-Garcia, DC, 8-4; Nieto-Folkerts, GB def. Vasquez-Amaro, L, 8-6
Forinash-Isbel, HH def. Trombley-Garcia, DC, default; Forinash-Isbel, HH def. Vasquez-Amaro, L, 8-1; Trombley-Garcia, DC def. Vasquez-Amaro, L, 8-5