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Panther girls capture JV title
great bend JV tennis
Great Bends junior varsity girls tennis team placed third at the Garden City Tournament. Front rowNo. 2 singles Grace Dougherty, 7th place; No. 1 singles Mollie Phillips, 4th place; back rowNo. 1 doubles Katherine Snapp and Audrey Muth, 3rd place; No. 2 doubles Priscilla Ramirez and Madison Huslig, 1st place.

GARDEN CITY — Great Bend’s No. 2 doubles Priscilla Ramirez and Madison Huslig captured first place at the Garden City junior varsity tournament. Ramirez and Huslig defeated Ulysses 6-5 (7-0) in the finals and finished with a 3-0 record.
Team champion Ulysses (45) was followed by Garden City (43) and Great Bend (37).
Great Bend’s No. 1 doubles Katherine Snapp and Audrey Muth defeated Colby Black 6-3 for third place. No. 2 singles Mollie Phillips placed fourth with a 6-3 loss to Ulysses. No. 2 singles Grace Dougherty finished seventh with a 6-1 victory over Liberal.
The junior varsity team is coached by Renee Buntain.
TEAM SCORES—1—Ulysses 45; 2—Garden City 43; 3—Great Bend 37; 4—Colby Black 34; 5—Dodge City Red 25; 6—Dodge City Blue 24; 7—Liberal 22; 8—Hoisington 20; 9—Scott City White 19; Colby Orange 19; 11—Scott City Blue 16; 12—Tribune Greeley County 11
NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Garden City def. Hoisington, 6-2; 3—Ulysses def. Mollie Phillips, Great Bend, 6-3; 5—Liberal def. Dodge City Red, 6-3; 7—Dodge City Blue def. Colby Black, 6-3; 9th—Colby Orange def. Scott City Blue, 6-3
Phillips def. Colby Black, 6-4; Garden City def. Phillips, 6-2; Phillips def. Liberal, 6-3
NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Ulysses def. Garden City, 6-1; 3—Colby Black def. Scott City White, 6-2; 5—Dodge City Blue def. Dodge City Red, 6-5 (10-8); 7—Grace Dougherty, Great Bend def. Liberal, 6-1; 9—Scott City Blue def. Colby Orange, 6-0; 11—Hoisington def. Greeley County, 6-1
NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Ulysses def. Garden City, 6-0; 3—Katherine Snapp-Audrey Muth, Great Bend def. Colby Black, 6-3; 5—Dodge City Red def. Scott City Blue, 6-1; 7—Hoisington def. Liberal, 6-4; 9—Scott City White def. Dodge City Blue, 6-5 (7-2); 11th—Colby Orange def. Greeley County
Snapp-Muth def. Colby Black, 6-1; Garden City def. Snapp-Muth, 6-2; Snapp-Muth def. Scott City Blue, 6-1
NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Priscilla Ramirez-Madison Huslig, Great Bend def. Ulysses, 6-5 (7-0); 3—Colby Black def. Garden City, 6-3; 5—Colby Orange def. Dodge City Blue, 6-3; 9—Liberal def. Dodge City Red, 6-5 (13-11); 11—Scott City Blue def. Hoisington, 6-2
Ramirez-Huslig def. Colby Blue, 6-2; Ramirez-Huslig def. Garden City, 6-3