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Panther runner wins back-to-back
great bend junior high runner
Great Bend Middle School runner Kaiden Esfeld crosses the finish line in Hutchinson.

HUTCHINSON — Great Bend Middle School 7th-grade runner Kaiden Esfeld (5:48) captured his second consecutive cross country race at the Hutchinson Invitational. Esfeld also won the Great Bend Invitational. The middle school boys placed fourth as a team.
Angel Razo placed third (12:39) in the 8th-grade boys division to lead the Gread Bend Middle School runners to second place. Salvador Garcia placed eighth (13:14) over the 2-mile course.
Haley McCormick placed ninth (6:56) in the 7th-grade girls division.
8TH GRADE BOYS—3—Angel Razo, 13:14; 8—Salvador Garcia, 13:14; 12—Jonathan Pasos, 13:33; 22—Juan Sanchez, 14:05; 39—Isaac Avila, 15:17; 42—Jonathan Ruiz, 15:23; 52—Joey Bennett, 16:06; 64—Carlos Soto, 16:45; 73—Malachi Wasson, 17:57.
8TH GRADE GIRLS—20—Casandra Enriquez, 17:10; 36—Arely Reyes, 20:49.
7TH GRADE BOYS—1—Esfeld, 5:48; 17—Oliver Dominguez, 6:36; 27—Jordan Brough, 6:57; 30—Braylon Council, 6:59; 35—Blake Parsons, 7:04; 40—Eber Ramirez, 7:12; 41—Jason Villarreal, 7;14; 47—Braden Vratil, 7:24; 48—Edwin Chavez, 7:25; 49—Jalen Daniels, 7:27; 53—Mario Arias, 7:31; 84—Cole Sanders, 8:40.
7TH GRADE GIRLS—9—Haley McCormick, 6:56; 23—Anna Campbell, 7:23; 34—Reagan Huslig, 7:42; 51—Madison Dilbeck, 8:27.


The Great Bend Middle School 7th and 8th-grade cross country teams have hit the ground running in 2017.
The teams started the year on their own course north of Great Bend with the 8th-grade boys continuing their success from 2016. Eighth-grade teams run a 2-mile course.
Led by Angel Razo, the Great Bend runners placed first. Rounding out the top ten were Razo, 1st (12:33); Juan Sanchez, 3rd (13:01); Jonathan Pasos, 5th (13:06), and Salvador Garcia, 6th (13:15). Emilia Diaz captured 3rd (14:18) for the Lady Panthers.
The 7th-grade boys finished fourth led by Kaiden Esfeld, who won the race (5:43). Haley McCormick placed 8th (6:59); and Reagan Huslig, 12th (7:09). The 7th-grade teams run a one-mile course.

8TH GRADE BOYS—1—Angel Razo, 12:33; 3—Juan Sanchez, 13:01; 5—Jonathan Pasos, 13:06 ; 6—Salvador Garcia, 13:15; 28—Isaac Avila, 15:58; 30—Carlos Soto, 17:55; 31—Jonathan Ruiz, 16:21
*TH GRADE GIRLS—3—Emilia Diaz, 14:18; 15—Casandra Enriquez, 16:48
7TH GRADE BOYS—1—Esfeld, 5:43; 20—Blake Parsons, 6:55; 22— Jason Villarreal, 7:01.47; 23—Jalen Daniels, 7:01.79; 24—Eber Ramirez, 7:15; 26—Braden Vratil, 7:16; 30—Edwin Chavez, 7:17; 40—Mario Arias, 7:40; 45—Jordan Brough, 7:46
8TH GRADE GIRLS—8—Haley McCormick, 6:59; 12—Reagan Huslig, 7:09; 17—Anna Campbell, 7:24