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Panther wrestling coach to help Team Kansas
coach mike schridde left broeckelman keaton sander
Great Bend coaches Mike Schridde (left) and Nathan Broeckelman watch Great Bend Panther Kade Sander in the 2017 5A state wrestling championship match. Sander finished as a 5A state runner-up. Sander won an NJCAA championship at Barton County this spring. - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune


DENVER, Colo. — Great Bend wrestling coach Nathan Broeckelman has been invited to assist with the Team Kansas wrestling team, which will compete Friday-Sunday at the Rocky Mountain Nationals duals at the National Western Complex. Broeckelman has attended the tournament in the past.
The Kansas Blue team has captured the high school division of the Rocky Moutain Nationals the past six years. The two Kansas high school teams assembled by coaches Will Coakley and Eric Johnson features 15 state wrestling champions and a trio of multi-time state champions. “It’s an honor to help coach the Kansas teams, and I’m happy to help,” Broeckelman said. “It’s a great experience to coach high-quality wrestlers. It gives me a chance to see where we want your wrestlers to be some day. I’ll get to know the other Kansas coaches. I’ll expand my coaching network with coaches from other states.”
The Kansas wrestlers take pride in beating other state’s top wrestlers in an effort to show the quality of Kansas wrestlers.
The Kansas wrestlers, “always come prepared to meet the best competition and challenge them to a match,” said Ed Gutierrez, Rocky Mountain Nationals director.
In 2017, Kansas wrestlers edged Colorado standouts, Dominick Serrano and Ponderosa’s two-time champ Cohlton Schultz. Serrano avenged his 1-point decision two days later in the finals match at Rocky Mountain Nationals.
Growing in size, reputation, and competition since its inception in 2011, the Rocky Mountain National Duals on March 16, 2018, have becoming increasingly popular in its two divisions for middle and high school.
Independent athletes may join teams to fill in missing weight classes. Those who wish to compete in freestyle may do so, whether they are on a dual team or not; this competition will be expertly officiated by an all-Fargo crew of M1 officials from six states.
Kansas will face stiff competition from a number of other teams with highly-rated wrestlers. One of the challengers will be New Mexico Team Gold, led by Coach Rey Gallegos, comprised of the best athletes across the state and also forming a year-round travel team with multiple state champions. Their tradition is built on character, respect, values, and perseverance.
Another team to watch in the high school division is the Takedown Elite team formed by Eric Martinez in El Paso, Texas. This is a club-centered program which only allows those who belong to the club to compete on their national team. They are proud of their focus on the true fundamentals.
KANSAS BLUE—Coaches Chuck Kearney, Greg Andres
KANSAS RED—Coaches Shannon Peters, Nathan Broeckelman

98—Camden Maestas, Lansing, 5A-4th, 41-10
106—Jason Henschel, Goddard, 5-1st, 43-2
113—Ryan Ware, Wellsville, 3-2nd, 34-2
120—Michael Spangler, Kapaun, 5A-3-time champ, 45-1
126—Jacob Holt, Garden City, 6-2nd, 2017, 1st, 40-9
132—Logan Pirl, Goddard, 5-1st, 43-9
138—Asiel Flores, Wichita South, 6-2nd, 35-3
145—Scott Resler, Riverside, 3-2nd, 45-1
152—Cade Lindsey, Derby, 6-2nd, 39-4; 2016, 1st
160—Triston Wills, Derby, 6-1st, 38-3
170—Troy Fisher, Goddard, 5-1st, 45-0
182—Austin Andres, Goddard, 5-1st, 43-6
195—Wyatt Hendrickson, Newton, 5-1st, 34-1
220—Jackson Flowers, Gardner, 6-1st, 38-5
285—Kasdon Arehart, Wichita South, 6A-two-time 1st, 45-1

98—Devon Weber, Pratt, 4-SQ, 31-16
106—Cason Lindsey, Derby, 6-3rd, 40-7
113—Tate Sauder, Manhattan, 6-2nd, 27-15
120—Jose Andrade, Wichita SE, 6-2nd, 31-4
126—Jared Simma, Aquinas, 5-2nd, 35-10
132—Aidan Campbell, Maize, 5-2nd, 45-2
138—Devin Onwugbufor, Maize, 5-1st, 19-1
145—Dallas Boone, Valley Center, 5-1nd, 32-8
152—Scott Radke, McPherson, 4-2nd, 40-4
160—Isaiah Luellen, Rossville, 3A-two-time 1st, 23-0
170—Tyler Boone, Valley Center, 5-2nd, 37-7
182—Taylon Peters, Salina Central, 5-2nd, 40-5
195—Braden Morgan, El Dorado, 4-1st, 40-1
220—Cameron Hunt, El Dorado, 4-1st, 38-3
285—Kyler Tannahill, Holton, 4-2nd, 37-6