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Panthers sweep five swim events
panther swimming


MANHATTAN — The Great Bend girls swimming team captured the 200-yard medley relay and won four individual events at the Manhattan Invitational. Manhattan (259.5) scored 20 diving points to edge the Panthers (256) for first place.
The Panthers’ 200 medley relay (2:06.96) placed first with Calista Long, Olivia Mull, Camryn Dunekack and Aubrey Snapp competing. Earning first places were Calista Long, 100 backstroke (1:13.71); Olivia Mull, 100 breaststroke (1:20.32); Camryn Dunekack, 100 butterfly (1:07.34); and Aubrey Snapp, 200 IM (2:34.37).
Runner-up finishes behind Manhattan were posted by the 200 freestyle relay (1:51.82) with Aubrey Snapp, Zoe Jerke, Delaney Buehler and Camryn Dunekack competing; and the 400-freestyle relay (4:26.3) with Katherine Snapp, Piper Libeer, Rachel Panzer and Calista Long swimming.
Runner-up finishes in individual races were earned by Katherine Snapp, 200 freestyle (2:25.29); McKenna Cape, 500 freestyle (7:01.44); and Katherine Snapp, 100 backstroke (1:14.81). The Panthers finished second (Katherine Snapp), third (Piper Libeer) and fourth (McKenna Cape) in the 200 freestyle.
“We were really pleased with how our team competed,” said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont. “Our 200 and 500 freestyle swimmers really turned in some nice time improvements. Our relays really performed well too. Giving up 20-plus points on diving is hard to overcome. But we definitely did what we needed in the pool to win the meet. Luckily, we don’t have too many meets where we have to give up diving points.”
The Panthers compete at the Salina Invitational Friday.

1—Manhattan 259.5
2—Great Bend 256
3—Junction City 97
4—Hays High 60.5
50 freestyle—1—Cassou, Manhattan, 26.78; 3—Camryn Dunekack, 27.4; 6—Zoe Jerke, 29.06; 7–Olivia Mull, 29.15; 11—Gentry Schneider, 30.7; 13—Alexis Ibarra, 32.67; 24—Azha Elliott, 35.02; 25—Ema Millard, 35.03; 31—Willow Jones, 35.85; 36—Cailyn Brack, 37.16; 38—Abbie Moyers, 37.33; 40—Anna Popp, 38.12; 42—Madison Jones, 38.4; 43—Sydney Mason, 38.95; 46—Emily Holguin, 40.59; 51—Brook Jones, 42.2; 52—Haleigh Ringo, 43.98
100 backstroke—1—Calista Long, GB, 1:13.71; 2—Katherine Snapp, 1:14.81; 3—Sheridan Beaumont, 1:19.04; 5—Liz Linenberger, 1:23.28; 7—Willow Jones, 1:25.31
100 breaststroke—1—Olivia Mull, GB, 1:20.32; 5—Liz Gerdes, 1:29.38; 6—Madison Huslig, 1:32.14; 9—Azha Elliott, 1:42.27; 11—Cailyn Brack, 1:43.49
100 butterfly—1—Camryn Dunekack, GB, 1:07.34; 3—Liz Gerdes, 1:23.4; 6—Emma Mayhill, 1:28,14
100 freestyle—1—Cassou, Manhattan, 58.04; 3—Aubrey Snapp, 1:00.53; 5—Zoe Jerke, 1:04.65; 8—Delaney Buehler, 1:08.14; 9—Rachel Panzer, 1:08.56; 11—Gentry Schneider, 1:11.19; 13—Hunter Ruppe, 1:15.28; 18—Alyssia Strickland, 1:17.06; 21—Ema Millard, 1:20.15; 29—Abbie Moyers, 1:28.22; 31—Sydney Mason, 1:29.81; 33—Madison Jones, 1:32.68; 34—Emily Holguin, 1:32.68
200 freestyle—1—Garner, Manhattan, 1:59.37; 2—Katherine Snapp, 2:25.29; 3—Piper Libeer, 2:34.78; 4—McKenna Cape, 2:35.79; 6—Grace Soupiset, 2:42.44; 7—Liz Linenberger, 2:43.1; 10—Courtney Barton, 2:53.99; 11—Accacia Pedigo, 2:54.44
200 IM—1—Aubrey Snapp, GB, 2:34.37; 3—Calista Long, 2:40.24; 6—Ruth Williams, 2:55.44; 5—McKenna Cape, 2:55.74; Rachel Panzer, 2:59.05
500 freestyle—1—Garner, Manhattan, 5:25.83; 2—Mckenna Cape, 7;01.44; 3—Madison Huslig, 7:27.04; 5—Courtney Barton, 7:41.08; 11—Accacia Pedigo, 8:04.92
200 free relay—1—Manhattan, 1:48.77
2—Great Bend A, 1:51.82 (Aubrey Snapp, Zoe Jerke, Delaney Buehler, Camryn Dunekack)
3—Great Bend B, 2:01.17 (Olivia Mull, Liz Gerdes, Rachel Panzer, Piper Libeer)
6—Great Bend C, 2:06.65 (Grace Soupiset, Alexis Ibarra, Monica Lang, Emma Mayhill)
12—Great Bend D, 2:25.42 (Abbie Moyers, Cailyn Brack, Accacia Pedigo, Azha Elliott)
16—Great Bend E, 2:38.3 (Brianna Olivas, Reagan Schridde, Emily Holguin, Sydney Mason)
18—Great Bend F, 2:44.7 (Brook Jones, Annpa Popp, Haleigh Ringo, Madison Jones)
200 medley relay—1—Great Bend A, 2:06.96 (Calista Long, Olivia Mull, Camryn Dunekack, Aubrey Snapp)
3—Great Bend B, 2:17.69 (Zoe Jerke Sheridan Beaumont, Delaney Buehler, Gentry Schneider)
6—Great Bend C, 2:28.26 (Willow Jones, Alexia Ibarra, Emma Mayhill, Hunter Ruppe)
10—Great Bend D, 2:35.47 (Madison Huslig, Alysia Strickland, Monica Lang, Ruth Williams)
Great Bend E, 3:00.37 (Reagan Schridde, Cailyn Brack, Anna Popp, Brianna Olivas)
400 free relay—1—Manhattan, 3:55.47
2—Great Bend A, 4:26.3 (Katherine Snapp, Piper Libeer, Rachel Panzer, Calista Long)
4—Great Bend B, 4:47.39 (Gentry Schneider, Monica Lang, Emma Mayhill, Ruth Williams)
5—Great Bend C, 4:49.1 (Hunter Ruppe, McKenna Cape, Grace Soupiset, Sheridan Beaumont)
7—Great Bend D, 5:06.69 (Courtney Barton, Alyssia Strickland, Alexis Ibarra, Liz Linenberger)