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Panthers trio shines at track meet
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The Great Bend Panthers start the 1,600 meters.


Great Bend’s double individual winners Kerby Depenbusch and LoCora Bryant dominated their events as expected at the Great Bend Track Invitational.
Panther Bryce Brown nearly matched his state-caliber teammates with the winning 200-meters (24.08) and a pair of runner-up finishes in the long jump (19-11) and triple jump (40-11).
Brown established personal bests in all three events — an accomplishment that surprised the soft-spoken multi-event athlete. Brown joined Jesus Sanchez, Peyton Duvall and Dalton Miller on the runner-up 1,600-meter relay (3:39.65).
“I’m a little surprised because I set personal records in all three events,” Brown said. “I knew I had a good chance. I had good days in all my events. I’ve gone out and competed a lot better this year. I’m in good shape and have a better focus this year.”
Great Bend coach Lyles Lashley said Brown is starting to discover his track potential. on a perfect 70-degree day blessed by light wind.
Depenbusch earned first-place finishes in the 800 (2:05.54) and 1,600 (4:36.86) and anchored the winning 3,200-meter relay (8:39.55) with Jesus Sanchez, Collin Hammond and Evan Hammond. The Panthers were 5A state runner-up last year, but Depenbusch likes the potential of his younger teammates.
“We ran really well. Those relays are all fun,” he said. “The funny thing is I really like the 800 I run on the relay. It’s a hard event in the open 800. These guys are going to keep getting better all year. I’m very proud of the way those guys have all stepped up. We have a chance to be a pretty good relay.”
Depenbusch competed in his shorter distance events plus the relay. He’ll plan on running the 3,200 meters at Wichita State next week.
The Great Bend boys scored 173 points to edge Dodge City (160) to capture first place for the first time in recent memory. The girls won two relays and the boys won the 3,200-meter relay and placed second in the 1,600-meter relay (3:39.65). The Panthers scored most of their points on the track.
The Panthers dominated the distance events in the 800, 1,600 and 3,200, picking up valuable points in all three events.
“That’s the first time in a long time we’ve won a track meet,” said Great Bend coach Lyles Lashley. “The boys ran great in the relays. That was pretty special and a great accomplishment to win our home meet.”
Bryant sped to easy wins in the 100 (12.71) and 200 (26.94). Bryant placed in the 100 and in the 200 at the 5A state meet. Bryant teamed with Candice Smith, McKenna and Annie Mills on the winning 1,600 relay (4:19.96). Bryant missed winning four events with a runner-up finish in the 400 relay (52.79) with Raina Garrard, Halle Latham and Jaci Bacon.
The Panthers’ 3,200-meter realy team swept to first place (8:39.55) with McKenna Esfeld, Olivia Rugan, Taylor Lindberg and Paloma Sandoval competing.
Other Panther winners were McKenna Esfeld, 800 (2:34.12) and Paloma Sandoval, 1,600 (5:59.32).
Dalton Miller placed second in the 110 hurdles (16.92) and 100 (11.77) and placed third in the 300 hurdles (45.1). Peyton Duvall earned thirds in the javelin (157-7) and 110 hurdles (17.21). The Hammond brothers went two-three in the 400 with Evan Hammond (54.45) and Collin Hammond (54.88).
Other second-place finishers were Braxton Schooler, pole vault (12-0); Jesus Sanchez, 800 (2:08.24).

GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Dodge City 160; 2—Kiowa Co. 122; 3—Hays High 110; 4—Great Bend 107; 5—LaCrosse 40; 7—Ness City 34; 7—Pratt 32
High jump—1—Klozenbucher, LaCrosse, 5-0; 4—Schroeder, GB, 5-0; 5—Dunekack, GB, 5-0; 6—Smith, GB, 4-6; 9—Lathum, GB, 4-6; 10—Taylor Lindberg, GB, 4-4
Long jump—1—Okoro, DC, 15-11; 6—Smith, GB, 15-3; 12—Schroeder, 13-63/4; 14—Lathum, GB, 13-31/2; 17—Deines, GB, 11-23/4
Triple jump—1—Okoro, DC, 35-111/2; 3—Smith, GB, 31-61/2; 10—Stukey, GB, 27-71/2
Shot put—1—Thomas, KC, 36-73/4
Discus—1—Thomas, KC, 112-7
Javelin—1—Epperson, NC, 122-4; 8—Schroeder, GB, 90-8; 13—Lathum, GB, 74-9; 14—Deines, GB, 74-0; 22—Cheng, GB, 37-9
Pole vault—1—Melton, KC, 9-0; 8—Deines, GB, 6-6
100m—1—Bryant, GB, 12.71; 11—Bacon, GB, 14.29; 22—Park, 15.96; 23—Cheng, GB, 16.95
100m hurdles—1—Wilson, DC, 16.23; 5—Garrard, GB, 18.6; 9—Shaffer, GB, 22.23
200m—1—Bryant, GB, 26.94; 4—Bacon, GB, 29.35
300m hurdles—1—Phelps, DC, 49.41; 5—Mills, GB, 52.09; 7—Garrard, 54.88; 11—Shaffer, 1:03.2
400m—1—Rhodes, KC, 1:01.87; 7—Lindberg, GB, 1:08.1
800m—1—Esfeld, GB, 2:34.12
1,600m—1—Sandoval, GB, 5:59.32
3,200m—1—Hensley, DC, 13:08.91; 2—Sandoval, GB, 13:19.19
400m relay—1—Dodge City, 52.61; 2—Great Bend, 52.79
1,600m relay—1—Great Bend, 4:19.96
3,200m relay—1—Great Bend, 10:36.3

BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 173; 2—Dodge City 160; 3—Hays High 78.5; 4—Pratt 68; 5—Kiowa Co. 60; 6—Ness City 46.5; 7—LaCrosse 17
High jump—1—Erickson, KC, 6-0
Long jump—1—Winsor, Pratt, 20-9; 2—Brown, GB, 19-111/2; 4—Ryan, GB, 18-9; 19—A. Miller, GB, 14-9; 22—Ordonez, GB, 12-11; 23—Calzada, GB, 12-101/2
Triple jump—1—Nunnery, HH, 47-4; 2—Brown, GB, 40-11; 8—Ryan, GB, 37-7
Shot put— 1—Vandegrift, NC, 46-8; 7—Seymour, GB, 40-101/2; 9—Miranda, GB, 38-111/2; 10—Delgadillo, GB, 38-31/2; 12—Murray, GB, 36-93/4; 15—Lamb, GB, 34-71/2
Discus— 1—Vandegrift, NC, 132-01/4; 4—Seymour, GB, 114-61/2; 6—Lamb, GB, 11271/4; 7—Murray, GB, 110-51/2; 8—Mogbo, GB, 109-81/2; 13—Wettengel, GB, 99-10
Javelin—1—Blankenship, Pratt, 166-5; 3—Duvall, GB, 157-7; 12—Fry, GB, 95-7; 19—Q. Brown, GB, 82-8
Pole vault—1—Miller, HH, 12-0; 2—Schooler, GB, 12-0; 6—Randolph, GB, 10-6; 8—Weber, GB, 9-6
100m—1—Johnson, DC,. 11.73; 2—Miller, GB, 11.77; 10—Ryan, GB, 12.19; 17—Han, GB, 13.05; 28—Montes, GB, 14.81
110m hurdles—1—Williams, DC, 16.23; 2—Miller, GB, 16.92; 3—Duvall, GB, 17.21
200m—1—Brown, GB, 24.08; 8—Widiger, GB, 25.04; 10—Molina, 25.14; 17—Fry, 26.46; 25—Wallace, GB, 27.85
300m hurdles—1—Winsor, Pratt, 42.9; 3—Miller, GB, 45.1; 4—Duvall, GB, 46.3; 11—Vazquez, GB, 52.96; 14—Yeager, GB, 58.48
400m—1—Creamer, HH, 52.75; 2—Evan Hammond, GB, 54.45; 3—Collin Hammond, GB, 54.88; 10—Alexis, GB, 56.79; 17—A. Miller, 1:02.69
800m—1—Depenbusch, GB., 2:05.54; 2—Sanchez, GB, 2:08.24; 6—Arellanes, GB, 2:13.53; 13—Ornelas, GB, 2:19.9
1,600m—1—Depenbusch, GB, 4:36.86; 3—Tomlin, GB, 4:47.01; 4—Cauley, GB, 4:50.48; 6—Nicholson, GB, 4:54.19; 7—Owen, GB, 4:59.8
3,200m—1—Marquez, DC, 10;30.37; 3—Cauley, GB, 10:37.83; 4—Tomlin, 10:41.78; 6—Nicholson, GB, 10:51.94; 10—Owen, GB, 11:25.17
400m relay—1—Dodge City 45.18
1,600m relay—1—Pratt, 3:38.7; 2—Great Bend, 3:39.65; 5—Great Bend B, 3:47.12
3,200m relay—1—Great Bend, 8:39.55