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St. John Tigers sweep cross country meet
Tiger Miller places runner-up
st john first place
The St. John Tigers won Thursdays St. John cross country invitational at Stafford Country Club. Running, from left, Mason Osborne, Braden Witt, Quincy Smith, A.J. Miller, Uriel Calleros, Cashe McVey and Trey Fisher. Joel Delp coaches the Tigers. - photo by Photo by DICK SMITH

STAFFORD COUNTRY CLUB — The defending Class 2A state champion St. John Tigers captured first place in the St. John Invitational with 34 points ahead of runner-up Larned (82). Runners battled 96-degree heat accompanied by south winds on a hilly course.
St. John featured runner-up A.J. Miller (18:24.69), 3rd-place Quincy Smith (18:42.59); and 7th-place Trey Fisher (19:04.50). Braden Witt, 17th (19:26.52) and Uriel Calleros, 19th (19:45.59) rounded out the team scoring. Hutchinson Central Christian’s Collin Oswalt placed first (17:19.22).
“It was a hot, miserable day to run, but our kids really competed,” said St. John coach Joel Delp. “It was nice to bring home a lot of medals and to win our home iInvitational. We are running well for the third meet of the season, but still need to run faster.”
Ellinwood’s Peter Joslin placed 4th (18:45.12) and Larned’s Brayden Lothman placed 6th (19:01.34). Larned’s other team finishers were Kristopher Nolde, 16th (19:27.91), Thomas Harmon, 25th (20:13.91), Tristen Harding, 27th (20:21.03) and Aiden Smyth, 31st (20:42.53).
Top 10 girls finishers were Central Plains’ Hannah Redetzke, 4th (23:27.18), Ellinwood’s Erin Hammeke, 5th (23:27.62); Larned’s Cierra Nord, 6th (23:27.96); Ellinwood’s Courney Cook, 8th (23:49.97) and Larned’s MaKayla Leiker, 10th (24:00.97).
Kiowa County placed first (64) followed by Andale (71), Ellsworth (72) and Larned (73). Ingalls’ Kaylee Simon placed first (22:36.06).
St. John’s boys won the junior varsity race (17) behind first-place Hunter Hanson (20:02.41), runner-up Wrangler Walker (20:22.44) and third-place Dylan Reed (20:23.96).
Macksfville’s girls placed first (21) with first-place finisher Serena Blaske (26:23.97) and runner-up Lydia Mendez (26:25.93).

BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—St. John 34; 2—Larned 82; 3—Ellsworth 99; 4—Pratt-Skyline 113; 5—Haven 122; 6—Andale 132; 7—Sterling 196; 8—Pretty Prairie 200; 9—Kiowa County 208; 10—Stafford 239
BOYS 5K RESULTS—1—Collin Oswalt, Central Christian, 17:19.22; 2—A.J. Miller, St. John, 18:24.69; 3—Quincy Smith, St. John, 18:42.59; 4—Peter Joslin, Ellinwood, 18:45.12; 5—Logan Nemechek, Andale, 18:48.28; 6—Brayden Lothman, Larned, 19:01.34; 7—Trey Fisher, St. John, 19:04.50; 8—Josiah Bolton, Ellsworth, 19:05.43; 9—Quinton Miller, Haven, 19:12.44; 10—Jason Waterhouse, Hodgeman Co. 19:14.31;
ST. JOHN—17—Braden Witt, 19:28.52; 19—Uriel Calleros, 19:45.59; 22—Mason Osborne, 20:00.22; 26—Cashe McVey, 20:17.34
LARNED—16—Kristopher Nolde, 19:27.91; 25—Thomas Harmon, 20:13.91; 27—Tristen Harding, 20:21.03; 31—Aiden Smyth, 20:42.53; 34—Ethan Haas, 20:47.18; 49—Hunter Fitzpatrick, 21:40.94
STAFFORD—45—Cayden Brozek, 21:17.12; 50—Marshall Woolf, 21:42.91; 61—Miguel Gil, 22:28.56; 70—Rogelio Loya, 24:05.15; 77—Peter Sung, 29:56.53
ELLINWOOD—11—Seth Winget, 19:15.0; 52—Jacob Cole, 21:44.35; 64—Wyatt Standlee, 22:39.97
MACKSVILLE—38—Jacob Suiter, 20:58; 40—Brandon Ibarra, 21:05.97; 44—Andrew Cross, 21:16.78; 47—Gabe Wolff, 21:22.0

GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Kiowa County 64; 2—Andale 71; 3—Ellsworth 72; 4—Larned 73; 5—Ingalls 81; 6—Sterling 109
GIRLS 5K RESULTS—1—Kaylee Simon, Ingalls, 22:36.06; 2—Cameron Erickson, Kiowa Co. 22:53.78; 3—Maggie Allen, Ellsworth, 22:58.34; 4—Hannah Redetzke, Central Plains, 23:27.18; 5—Erin Hammeke, Ellinwood, 23:27.62; 6—Cierra Nord, Larned, 23:27.96; 7—Hailey Shaffer, Kiowa Co. 23:43.31; 8—Courney Cook, Ellinwood, 23:49.97; 9—Paige Talbott, Ellsworth, 23:57.0; 10—MaKayla Leiker, Larned, 24:00.97
LARNED—22—Brooke Butler, 25:15.75; 32—Ivory Muldrow, 26:19.06; 45—Alaijah Stokes, 27:54.28
ST. JOHN—34—Paige Doran, 26:39.34; 36—Leslie Ramirez, 26:49.18; 54—Jaden Reed, 30:21.47; 55—Shayla Garcia, 30:21.75
OTIS-BISON—33—Carly Welsh, 26:20.06; 50—Ashtyn Butler, 28:34.88; 51—Sheridan Ewy, 29:21.22
ELLINWOOD—12—Sarah Hammeke, 24:13.38
MACKSVILLE—29—Itzel Garcia, 26:01.09
CENTRAL PLAINS—19—Monica Short, 24:50.56

GIRLS JV TEAM SCORES—1—Macksville 21; 2—Ellsworth 36
GIRLS 5K JV—1—Serena Blaske, Macksville, 26:23.97; 2—Lydia Mendez, Macksville, 26:25.93; 3—Janeeth Martinez, Lyons, 27:50.66; 4—Camile Mead, Lyons, 27:50.96; 5—Melehia Sheridan, Ellsworth, 28:06.59; 6—Hope Stuber, Andale, 28:17.91; 7—Lena Westerman, Cunningham, 28:19.94; 8—Kaylan Blackwood, Central Plains, 28:20.96; 9—Atarah Walker, St. John, 28:46.15; 10—Jennah Jeffrey, Central Plains, 29:21.09
MACKSVILLE—12—Anna Suiter, 30:12.69; 15—Caren Holguin, 30:51.18; 20—Kaylee Hottovy, 33:19.56; 21—Kylie Blevins, 33:23.09; 29—Elena Kuckelman, 39:12.06

BOYS JV TEAM SCORES—1—St. John 17; 2—Haven 51; 3—Larned 70; 4—Sterling 103
BOYS 5K JV—1—Hunter Hanson, St. John, 20:02.41; 2—Wrangler Walker, St. John, 20:22.44; 3—Dylan Reed, St. John, 20:23.96; 4—Jesus Ibarra, Macksville, 21:19.47; 5—Payton Paramore, Haven, 21:22.38; 6—Edwin Fernandez, St. John, 21:34.59; 7—Carlos Valerio, Lyons, 21:42.41; 8—Brandon Kirk, Lyons, 21:43.02; 9—Luke Mercer, St. John, 21:43.79; 10—Henry Heulskamp, Cunningham, 22:09.78
LARNED—11—Keelan Castro, 22:23.88; 18—Anthony Quintana, 23:52.56; 19—Alex Troughton, 23:56.91; 45—Colton Drimmel, 28:04.59; 52—Gage Collin, 30:29.03
STAFFORD—17—Jovani Valadez, 23:49.12; 23—Toby Woolf, 24:31.22
MACKSVILLE—20—Harley Blaske, 24:10.5; 31—Trey Britton, 25:35.75; 33—Wilhelm Penner, 25:51.78
ST. JOHN—21—Chase Fisher, 24:15.28; 34—Ethan Huston, 26:10.25
CENTRAL PLAINS—28—Paxton Hammeke, 25:19.12; 39—Jaydon Whiterock, 27:08.62