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Ellinwood runner wins Sterling race
erin hammeke
Ellinwood’s 2A defending state champion Erin Hammeke broke the school record (18:52.24) at Thursday’s St. John Cross Country Invitational.

STERLING — Ellinwood's defending 2A state champion Erin Hammeke (19:13.7) captured medalist honors at Thursday's Sterling Invitational at Sterling Country Club. Buhler's Leah Bentley (20:05.3) placed as runner-up.

Macksville's Madison Butler (21:27.6) placed as seventh medalist. Central Plains Oiler Hannah Redetzke (21:35.3) placed as ninth medalist. 

Hoisington's Ian Doss (17:52.3) placed 13th and Ellinwood's Asher Miller (18:00.5) finished 18th in the boys division.

Macksville coach Mike Hullman was pleased with the boys results.

"The boys ran really well and enjoyed their best times of the season," Hullman said. "The workouts seemed to be working out for them already.  We will get back to work since all we have left now is three meets — league, regional, and state."

The Mustangs went through a hard week of workouts.

"We had very tough workouts and were not sure what our results would be," Hullman said. "The girls ran with tired legs from their workouts and it showed up in their times. We decided to not run as a team to give some runners a chance at a medal in our next-to-last meet."


GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Buhler 30; 2—Pratt 63; 3—Berean Academy 64; 4—Ellinwood 76

GIRLS TOP 10 MEDALISTS—1—Erin Hammeke, Ellinwood, 19:13.7; 2—Leah Bentley, Buhler, 20:05.3; 3—Yamyle Ramirez, Lyons, 21:02.6; 4—Ashtin Klepper, Ellinwood, 21;21.9; 5—Amaleigh Mattison, Buhler, 21:23.4; 6—Emersyn Funk, Hillsboro, 21:26.1; 7—Madison Butler, Macksville, 21:27.6; 8—Krysten Hamby, Buhler. 21:28.4, 9—Hannah Redetzke, Central Plains, 21:35.3; 10—Taylor Hoskinson, Haven, 21:44.8

ELLINWOOD—38—Allison Ricker, 26;13.9; 42—Hannah Wingert, 27:25.7; 44—Gracie Schlessiger, 27:35.7; 45—Brooklyn Morgan, 27:45.6

HOISINGTON—22—Sheena Gocela, 23:19.9; 33—Kendall Mason, 24:44.7; 39—Jayla Wyant, 26:40.8; 41—Madison Mitchell, 27:10.6

JV MEDALIST—1—Aidyn White, Buhler, 23:41.9

MACKSVILLE—6—Abigail Ibarra, 25:20.1; 10—Joselin Garcia, 26:51.4; 13—Melanie Vargas, 27:46.0; 16—Anna Suiter, 30:50.7 

LARNED—11—Aylice Clawson, 27:13.1

BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—Berean Academy 26; 2—Buhler 42; 3—Hutchinson Trinity 104; 4—LaCrosse 149; 5—Pratt 170; 6—Hoisington 175; 7—Hillsboro 181; 8—Ellinwood 193; 9—St. John 210; 10—Sterling 222; 11—Skyline 245

BOYS TOP 10 MEDALISTS—1—Tanner Lindahl, Buhler, 15:26.6; 2—Andrew Harder, Berean, 16:44.6; 3—Drew Janzen, Berean, 16:49.5; 4—Gavin Tucker, Berean, 16:58.4; 5—Kaden Lohrentz, Buhler, 17:08.6; 6—Blake Pierce, LaCrosse, 17:09.3; 7—Hayden Keller, Buhler, 17:19.6;  8—Eli Nord, Berean, 17:31.5; 9—Trey Topham, Berean, 17:39.7; 10—Jonah Godina, Trinity, 17:40.4

HOISINGTON—13—Ian Doss, 17:52.3; 17—Karter Wolf, 18:00.3; 29—Gabe Hipp, 19:00.3; 67—Alex Mater, 22:12.4; 74—Isaac Burgess, 24:11.1; 80—Matthew MacMahon, 32:57.1

ELLINWOOD—18—Asher Miller, 18:00.5; 50—Cole Ringwald, 20:17.0; 51—Sam Brauer, 20:25.2; 54—Alex Cowing, 20:48.1; 60—Kaden Baird, 21:02.4; 72—Logan Sturtz, 23:55.6

ST. JOHN—26—Uriel Calleros, 18:33.8; 46—Dylan Reed, 20:03.4; 53—Nicholas Huston, 20:44.3; 59—Edwin Fernandez, 21:01.6; 68—Elijah Delp, 22:31.5

CENTRAL PLAINS—22—Peyton Ryan, 18:17.2; 44—Hunter Green, 19:52.8; 73—Brian Whiterock, 24:06.3

OTIS-BISON—33—Jayce Kohls, 19:17.3; 78—Ike Bahr, 26:43.7

MACKSVILLE—37—James Lee, 19:41.5; 43—Jesse Nava, 19:51.4; 45—Kyler Evans, 19:56.1

JV VARSITY BOYS MEDALIST—1—Dawson Banning, 18:49.4

MACKSVILLE—16—Thoran Cross, 23:39.6

ST. JOHN—30—Austin Kuhn, 27:36.4

NINTH-GRADE BOYS MEDALIST—1—Isaac Snook, Berean, 19:34.1

LARNED—7—Gabriel Thomson, 22:02.3; 15—Blake Crandall, 25:10.3; 16—Maverick Munden, 26:06.6; 21—Mark Hamrick, 31:36.1

8TH GRADE BOYS MEDALIST (2 miles)—1—Austin Lindahl, Prairie Hills, 11:27.4

ST. JOHN—2—Quade Smith, 12:00.9

HOISINGTON—7—Kamden Tarlton, 13:13.2

OTIS-BISON—12—Dakota Slemp, 14:08.2; 23—Ian Haselhorst, 15:35.0; 40—A.J. Thurman, 26:52.9