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Streaks ending, streaks continuing and a little green fun
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So the streak is over. I’m not happy about it, but I have no choice but to accept it.

The Kansas Jayhawk streak of 14 straight Big 12 basketball regular season title has come to an end. For KU fans, it ended in just about the worst way possible – K-State winning it.

I know it was shared with Texas Tech, but KU fans have no right to diminish the fact it was shared. A handful of the 14 in a row were shared as well.

There is also no need for Kansas fans to post on social media the all-time record between the teams, which I have seen as well. Nor is there reason to post how many conference titles each team has won.

Get over it and move on. Circumstances just weren’t favoring the Jayhawks this year. That happens.

So let the K-Staters have their fun. The best response to being harassed by a Wildcat fan is to just say congratulations and ignore them. Don’t give them the satisfaction pushing your buttons.

The streak was fun while it lasted. It is a streak that I do not believe will be touched by any of the major conferences. It would take a Gonzaga or some team in a lower conference to surpass it.

Now it’s on to the next step. The Jayhawks can get a little redemption by winning the Big 12 tournament and showing well at the NCAA tournament.

The season is far from over. A deep run in the tournament would help heal the wounds of a missed Big 12 regular season title.

Rock Chalk.

Prep thoughts

A pair of state basketball champions from the immediate area and another from not far down the road. The Golden Belt, more specifically the Central Prairie League, showed extremely well.

First, the incredible streak for the Central Plains keeps on going. The Oilers were challenged in the title game at 1A, winning by just 16, 50-34 over Hanover. Let’s just appreciate the 111 in row for now before doing the math for more.

On the boys’ side, the CPL had a tremendous showing. Not only did the Central Plains boys run their own winning streak into the 50’s, it beat two CPL foes on the way. Macksville and St. John fell victim to the Oilers at 1A, including an all CPL title game which Central Plains beat St. John. Ness City won 2A, winning in the title game by 12 points. Ness lost four games this year – three to St. John and Central Plains.

The CPL boys went 8-2 at the state venues with two state titles and the only losses to the CPL’s top dog this year, Central Plains. Pretty impressive stuff.

Now its on to the spring sports. Hopefully the weather starts cooperating a little better.

Former Athlete/Coach update

The joy ride continues for Coach Tony Hobson and his Fort Hays State women’s basketball team. The Tigers rolled through the MIAA Tournament, capturing its first ever post-season tournament title with a 63-56 win over Central Missouri. Fort Hays is now 30-1 and ranked No. 3 in the nation.

Central Plains graduate Taylor Rolfs was one of three Tigers selected to the All Tournament team. The other two were from Wamego and Topeka as Coach Hobson has a roster full of Kansas kids.

Now its on the next phase – the NCAA DII Tournament. The Tigers will host the Central Regional with the winner headed to the Elite Eight. The quest for programs first Elite Eight since moving to NCAA DII play will begin Friday at Gross Memorial Coliseum.

The top seed Tigers will play No. 8 Pittsburg State (21-8) at 5 pm Friday. If the Tigers win that, they will play the winner of Minnesota Duluth and Moorhead State at 7:30 pm Saturday.

The Championship game is scheduled for 7 pm Monday. The Elite Eight will be held in Columbus, Ohio March 26-29.

Defend the Fort, girls. Defend the Fort.

And Finally

St Patrick’s Day is just about here. One more sign that spring should be here as well. Actually, the official start of spring is less than one week away – March 20.

For now, it’s time to make sure you have your green ready to go. Although, with the holiday falling on a Sunday, other than perhaps at Church, the chances of getting pinched probably fall upon your family. But those are probably the most joyous and hardest pinchers of all.

St. Patrick’s Day is all about green. I have about a quarter Irish in me. So I play along. I even have a green KU shirt, just in case the Jayhawks are playing on St. Patty’s Day.

The green goes well beyond just clothing. It will even extend to food and drinks. This is where things can get both fun and weird.

For some reason, there are people who do not want to eat food that has been turned green. I remember one time my wife Crystal made some mashed potatoes, tossed in a little green food coloring and bam – green mashed potatoes.

Katelyn, who loves mashed potatoes, would not eat them. It tastes the same. Green or white. It’s still just mashed potatoes. When she was in day care at the college several years back, they made green eggs and ham once. Nope, wouldn’t eat that either.

But the thing is, it only extends to certain foods. She seems to have no problem with a Shamrock Shake. That’s green ice cream. Now while it is mixed with a green syrup now instead of food coloring, it is still more or less artificially colored vanilla ice cream.

I guess it is the fact you see ice cream different colors but mashed potatoes and eggs are almost always white. I don’t know.

I guess I really can’t judge. I have never had a green beer nor do I have any desire for one. I think I would probably drink it. Maybe. I guess I’m not sure about it, actually.

Anyway, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with whatever green traditions you wish to follow. Pinch away if needed and turn whatever food you wish green and enjoy it.

Mike Marzolf is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and his views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. He can be reached at