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Three Panther girls qualify for state wrestling
Great Bend's defending state champion Bre Ridgeway was honored as Wichita North 5-6A Wrestler of the Year along with Dodge City coach Tate Lowe, regional Coach of the Year.

Three Panthers qualify for state wrestling

WICHITA – Returning state champion Bre Ridgeway (132) captured the Wichita North regional title and joined second-place medalists Daizy Gomez (126) and Haylee Holinde (191) to qualify for the 5-6A state wrestling championship Feb 23-24 at Park City.

No. 1 ranked Ridgeway (33-1) earned three pins and downed Dodge City’s No. 4 ranked Hailey Ramos (1:19) in the championship match. 

Last year, Ridgeway (36-0, 126) completed a historic perfect season with a 6-0 victory over Garden City’s Belle Hernandez. Ridgeway also pinned Hernandez (1:12) at substate and regionals (5:05). Ridgeway also won a non-sanctioned state wrestling championship in 2020 at McPherson with four pins.

Dodge City’s No. 4 ranked Ariana De La Rosa edged No. 5 ranked Gomez (32-9) 8-7 in the championship final. No. 6 ranked Holinde was pinned by Wichita Carroll’s Karla Martinez (4:51) in the finals.

No. 4 state ranked Sierra Ferguson (36-8, 145) was surprised by Hays High’s third-place finisher Lexi Burton 4-3 in the opening round. She was eliminated from state qualifying with a loss to Dodge City’s fourth-place finisher Valeria Hernandez (1:27).


TEAM SCORES—1—Dodge City 179.5; 2—Wichita North 142.5; 3—Garden City 107; 4—Great Bend 75; 5—Hays High 71; 6—Wichita Carroll 64; 7—Wichita West 43; 8—Liberal 38; Goddard High 38; Goddard Eisenhower 38; 11—Wichita NW 27; 12—Wichita South 15; 13—Wichita East 13; 14—Maize High 12; 15—Hutchinson 9; 16—Campus 7


101—Karley Stukey, GB (7-7); Cervantes, GC pinned Stukey, 2:53; No. 6 Rivera, DC pinned Stukey, 3:13

109—Mayra Gonzalez, GB (12-19); Garcia, WN pinned Gonzalez, 1:30; Rubio, WW pinned Gonzalez, 1:38

115—Rosa Campos, GB (28-16); Slater, WW def. Campos, injury; Campos pinned Brown, Hays, 3:00; No. 4 Felkins, Goddard pinned Campos, 0:59

120—Jaydon Davis, GB (8-12);  Ochoa, DC pinned Davis, 3:44; Nguyen, Carroll def. Davis, 6-4

126—No. 5 Daizy Gomez, GB (32-9); Gomez pinned Jimenez, Hutchinson, 0:24; 1ST—No. 4 De La Rosa, DC def. Gomez, 8-7

132—No. 1 Breanna Ridgeway, GB (33-1); Ridgeway pinned Hernandez, Hutchinson, 1:09; Ridgeway pinned No. 6 Arellano, WN, 3:03; 1ST—Ridgeway pinned No. 4 Ramos, DC, 1:19

138—Katie Kuhlman, GB (14-21); No. 6 Cruz, GC pinned Kuhlman, 1:37; Quezada, Liberal def. Kuhlman, 4-1

145—No. 4 Sierra Ferguson, GB (36-8); Burton, Hays def. Ferguson, 4-3; Ferguson pinned Lopez, WS, 0:20; Hernandez, DC pinned Ferguson, 1:27

155—Danica Cline, GB (17-18); Arroyo, DC pinned Cline, 1:14; Cline pinned Pablo, Liberal, 1:37; Cline def. Valdovinos, WNW, 9-1 Sherbin, WS pinned Cline, 3:35

170—Jasalyn Vanaman, GB (11-8); Vanaman pinned Reyes, GC, 0:23; No. 4 Almaraz, DC pinned Vanaman, 1:00; Foulk, Carroll pinned Vanaman, 3:50

191—No. 6 Haylee Holinde, GB (20-11), 2ND; Holinde pinned Hernandez-Martinez, WN; 1ST—Martinez, Carroll pinned Holinde, 4:51


126—No. 5 Daizy Gomez, GB (32-9) vs. Gianna Garcia-Campos, Olathe West (18-9)

132—No. 1 Breanna Ridgeway, GB (33-1) vs. Alissa Harris, KC Sumner (24-7)

191—No. 6 Haylee Holinde, GB (20-11) vs. Alex Cannon, Topeka Seaman (17-9)