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Three Panthers, six girls qualify for state wrestling
Bre Ridgeway2
Great Bend Panther No. 1 ranked Breanna Ridgeway (126) battles Garden City's No. 6 ranked Belle Hernandez. Ridgeway pinned Hernandez (2:58). - photo by Jim Misunas, Great Bend Tribune

Three Panthers, six girls qualify for state wrestling

A trio of Great Bend Panthers joined two Hoisington Cardinals and one Larned Indian to qualify for state girls wrestling Friday at substate championships.

Great Bend will compete in the 5A championship Feb. 25 at Park City. Hoisington and Larned will compete in the 4-1A championship Feb. 26 at Salina.

GREAT BEND – Great Bend’s No. 1 ranked Breanna Ridgeway (33-0, 126) continued her dominance with a trio of pins, including a victory over Garden City’s Belle Hernandez (1:12) in the championship match.

Great Bend’s No. 1 ranked Breckyn Elliott (17-4, 101) will have to regroup next weekend after losing to Wichita North’s No. 5 ranked Larisa Garcia (2:33).

No. 6 ranked Daizy Gomes (22-11, 120) was the Panthers’ pleasant surprise with a 3-1 record. She finished pinning Wichita Heigfhts Karina Meneses (1:29) for third place.

No. 4 ranked Lexi Deines (25-9, 132) finished fifth and lost to Western Athletic foes from Garden City and Dodge City to get eliminated from the top four.

Sierra Ferguson (22-16, 138) came close, losing 4-2 to Dodge City’s No. 4 ranked Dayanara Garcia and 5-1 to Garden City’s Betrhanie Cruz to drop into a fifth-place match which she won.

Alyssa Hinderliter (9-18, 170) lost both matches.

Feb. 26 salina

HOISINGTON – Hoisington runner-up Sheena Gocela (20-7, 101) and third-place Emily Lovett (21-8, 120) qualified for state competition at Salina. Oakley’s Citori Bosserman edged No. 4 ranked Gocela 4-1 in a rematch of an 8-2 victory last week.

Lovett upset Plainville’s No. 5 ranked Caxton Smyth 7-6 in the third-place match.

Kiana Grandclair (12-9, 115); No. 3 ranked Tally Wikum (27-4, 138) and Lyrica Orosco (11-15, 143) ended up one victory shy of the state tournament. Grandclair, Wikum and Orosco all finished fifth.

Wikum lost a pair of tight matches, 2-1 to Circle’s No. 5 ranked Courtney Holt and 5-3 to Rawlins County Kaileigh Morrison after meeting her for the third consecutive week to miss qualifying for state.

LARNED – Larned’s No. 3 ranked Ava Mull (27-1, 170) lost on a tiebreaker to Council Grove’s No. 2 ranked Jolie Ziegler in the championship match. It’s likely they’ll see each other again next week.

Paige Watkins (10-23, 126) lost two matches.


101—No. 1 Breckyn Elliott, GB, 17-4, 2nd; Elliott def. Ehsa, Derby, 7-5, OT; 1ST—No. 5 Garcia, Wichita North pinned Elliott, 2:33

120—No. 6 Daizy Gomez, GB, 22-11, 3rd; Gomez pinned Cox, Wichita North, 1:28; No. 4 Jennings, SC def. Gomez, 13-5; Gomez pinned Kowalski, Wichita South, 0:54; 3RD—Gomez pinned Karina Meneses, Wichita Heights, 1:29

126—No. 1 Breanna Ridgeway, GB, 33-0, 1st; Ridgeway pinned Tanaka, JC, 0:59; Ridgeway pinned No. 5 Dong, SC, 0:50; 1ST—Ridgeway  pinned Hernandez, GC, 1:12

132—No. 4 Lexi Deines 25-9, GB, 5th; Deines pinned Tyler, Wichita North, 3:23; No. 2 Serrano, GC pinned Deines, 1:36; Garcia DC pinned Deines, 1:57; 5TH—Deines pinned Snowbarger, Derby, 0:25

138—Sierra Ferguson, GB, 22-16, 5th; Ferguson def. Arellano, Wichita North, 12-3; No. 4 Garcia, DC def. Ferguson, 4-2; Cruz, GC def. Ferguson, 5-1; 5TH—Ferguson pinned Arellano, Wichita North, 1:56

170—Alyssa Hinderliter 9-18; No. 5 Williams, Wichita South pinned Hinderliter,0:59; Allan, Wichita SE pinned Hinderliter, 1:37



101—No. 4 Sheena Gocela, H, 20-7, 2nd; Gocela pinned Baker, Mc, 1:15; Gocela def. Greene, Cimarron,19-6; 1ST—No. 1 Bosserman, Oakley def. Gocela, 4-1

115—No. 6 Kiana Grandclair, H, 12-9, 5th; Grandclair def. Rozell, Douglass, 11-8; No. 2 Thompson, Pratt def. Grandclair, 4-0; Chavez, Colby def. Grandclair, 14-3; 5TH—Grandclair pinned Young, Wellington, 3:44

120—Emily Lovett, H, 21-8, 3rd; Lovett pinned Cullens, Wellington,1:04; No. 2 Cain, Oakley pinned Lovett, 5:00; Lovett pinned Williamson, Bluestem 2:40; 3RD—Lovett def. No. 5 Caxton Smyth Plainville, 7-6

138—No. 3 Tally Wikum, H, 27-4, 5th; Wikum pinned Budke, CC, 0:45; No. 5 Holt, Circle def. Wikum, 2-1; No. 4 Morrison, Rawlins County def. Wikum, 5-3; 5TH—Wikum pinned Smith, Pratt, 0:53

143—Lyrica Orosco, H, 11-15, 5th; Hess, Augusta pinned Orosco, 3:09; Orosco pinned Whitt, Douglass, 1:16; No. 3 Boyle, Trego pinned Orosco, 1:40; 5TH—Orosco pinned Hess, Augusta, 3:42



126—Reese Watkins, L 10-23; Konrade, Winfield pinned Watkins,0:46;Wernli, El Dorado pinned Watkins, 4:29

170—No. 3 Ava Mull, L, 27-1, 2nd; Mull pinned Page, RH, 0:45; Mull def. No. 4 Buechman, Abilene, 9-3; 1ST—No. 2 Jolie Ziegler, Council Grove def. Mull, 1-1 tiebreaker



138—Cheyenne Carder, N, 5-18; No. 1 Schanz, Mulvane pinned Carder, 2:40; No. 4 Morrison, Rawlins County pinned Carder, 1:00

155—Lauren Kinsey, N, 24-11, 2nd; Kinsey pinned Wyant, Mulvane, 1:02; Kinsey pinned No. 3 Thompson, Pratt, 3:52; 1ST—No. 2 Holli Giddings, Mc pinned Kinsey, 1:50

191—No. 4 Maddi Miller, N, 18-5, 2nd; Miller pinned McDiffett, Council Grove, 0:51; Miller pinned No. 5 Sholander, Douglass, 2:21; 1ST—

No. 3 Maddi Tolle, SV pinned Miller, 1:10