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Three Panthers win Dodge City wrestling titles
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Three Panthers earn gold medals

DODGE CITY – Great Bend’s George Weber (138), Gage Fritz (145) and Alex Randolph (152) earned first-place medals at Saturday’s Dodge City Tournament.

Weber downed Dodge City’s Garrett Edwards, 5-1.

Fritz defeated Darius Island-Jones of Manhattan 12-0. Randolph pinned A.J. Rodriguez of Gardner-Edgerton in 3:10.

The No. 7 ranked 5A Panthers scored 158.5 points to place third behind No. 2 6A Manhattan (203) and No. 4 6A Dodge City (176).

Runner-up finishes were posted by Wyatt Weber (106), Drew Liles (120) and Carsyn Schooler (126). Dodge City’s Damian Mendez defeated Weber, 10-2. Dodge City’s Couy Weil defeated  Liles, 4-3. Garden City’s Diago Hernandez edged Schooler, 3-2.

“We wrestled well. All the wrestlers got pushed and we finished third behind No. 2 Manhattan and No. 4 Dodge City,” said Great Bend coach Nathan Broeckelman. “We will be excited to hopefully finally get everyone healthy against Garden City next Thursday and the Kapaun dualsnext week.”


TEAM SCORES—1—Manhattan 203; 2—Dodge City 176; 3—Great Bend 158.5; 4—Garden City 135.5; 5—Valley Center 117.5; 6—Emporia 102; 7—Gardner Edgerton 94.5


106—Kaden Spragis, GB, 3rd; Weber def. Spragis, 12-2; Mendez, DC def. Spragis, 1:35; Spragis def. Borge, Manhattan, 0:56; Spragis def. Ramos-Reyes, GC, 1:07; 3rd Place—Spragis def. Sauder, Emporia 1:12

106—Wyatt Weber, GB, 2nd; Weber def. Spragis, GB, 12-2; Weber def. Reddin, Gardner, 1:06; Weber def. Sauder, Emporia, 0:58; 1st Place–Mendez, DC def. Weber, 10-2

113—Avery Wolf, GB, 3rd; Caver, VC def. Wolf, 5-4; Wolf def. Smith, VC, 0:57; Taylor, Manhattan def. Wolf, 13-2; Wolf def. Ralston, GC 0:16

120—Drew Liles, GB, 2nd; Liles def. Pineda GC, 2-0; Liles def. Schaefer, Emporia 0:57; Liles def. Craig, VC, 7-2; Sauder, Manhattan def. Liles  8-6;

1st Place—Weil, DC def.  Liles, 4-3

120—Austin Moore, GB, 6th; Moore def. Schaefer, Emporia, 6-2; Pineda, GC def. Moore, 0:44; Weil, DC def. Moore, 2:30; Moore def. Anderson, Gardner, 2:47; 5th Place—Craig, VC def. Moore, 0:22

126—Caryn Schooler, GB, 2nd; Schooler def.  Sellers, GC, 7-2; Schooler def. Dunlap, GC, 1:25; Schooler def. Rodriguez, GC 3:03; Schooler def. Rojas, DC, 11-2; 1st Place—Hernandez, GC def. Schooler, 3-2

132—Skylar Burkes, GB, 7th; Martinez, GC def. Burkes, 6-5; Bammes, Manhattan def. Burkes, 13-8; Holt, GC def. Burkes, 14-5; Burkes def. Rangel Emporia, 5:35; 7th Place—Burkes def. Rangel, Emporia, forfeit

138—George Weber, GB, 1st; Weber def. Mitchell, Manhattan, 9-3; Weber def. Simons, Emporia, 0:55

Weber def. Dominguez, GC, 2:12; 1st Place—Weber def. Edwards, DC, 5-1

145—Gage Fritz, GB, 1st; Fritz def. Janas, GC 3:23; Fritz def. Schurle, VC, 18-3; Fritz def. Island-Jones, Manhattan, 7-1; 1st Place—Fritz def. Island-Jones, Manhattan 12-0

152—Alex Randolph, GB, 1st; Randolph def. Moler, VC, 4:35; Randolph def. Bertholf, DC, 1:25; Randolph def. Garate, Emporia, 2:16; Rayas DC def. Randolph, 1:00; 1st Place—Randolph def. Rodriguez, Gardner, 3:10

152—Owen Ridgeway, GB, 7th; Island-Jones, Manhattan def. Ridgeway, 3:02; Rodriguez, Gardner, def. Ridgeway, 3:17; Ruiz-Hernandez, GC def. Ridgeway, 5:06; 7th Place—Ridgeway def. Bertholf, DC, 4:25

160—Scott Heilman, GB, 4th; Taylor, DC def. Heilman, 3:41; Heilman def. Sarbaum, VC, 7-2; Wilson Manhattan def. Heilman, 1:23;3rd Place—Huber, Emporia def. Heilman, 5:18

195—Andrew Wettengel, GB, 7th; Short, Gardner def. Wettengel, 5-1; Rodriguez, GC def. Wettengel, 1:50; Gould, VC def. Wettengel, 4:58; Gonzalez, DC def. Wettengel, 5-4;7th Place—Wettengel def. Vontress, DC, 13-4

220—Ever Chavez, GB, 3rd; Chavez def. Alonzo VC 2:00; Hall, Emporia def. Chavez, 6-0; Schlepp, Manhattan def. Ever Chavez, 1:45; Chavez def. May, GC, injury

285—Kevin Miramontes, GB, 7th; Leek, Emporia def. Miramontes, 5-3; Waters, Gardner def. Miramontes  1:56; Darville, DC def. Miramontes  1:07; Miramontes def. Facio GC 4:42; 7th Place—Miramontes def. Bunning, Manhattan, 3:17