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Kansas Corporation Commission approves Kansas Gas Service rate request
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The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) approved a settlement agreement in the Kansas Gas Service (KGS) rate case. The settlement will result in a $1.25 per month rate increase for residential customers down from the proposed $4.54. The settlement amounts to nearly $20 million dollars less than KGS had requested.
KGS’s application sought a net revenue increase of $35.4 million. Parties to the docket negotiated a unanimous settlement agreement that increases KGS’s revenue by $15.5 million, including the $7.4 million Gas System Reliability Surcharge (GSRS), which is currently being recovered from customers as a separate line item.
Also, the company was seeking approval of a Cost of Service Adjustment (COSA), an alternative ratemaking mechanism that would reset rates annually. In the settlement agreement, KGS agreed to withdraw the request for COSA.
The KCC held a public hearing related to this request on September 30th, and received a total of 591 comments from the public.
A copy of the order can be found at: