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Marketplace trust and seasonal sales
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At the heart of the Better Business Bureau’s mission is the idea of advancing marketplace trust. It’s not difficult to see why: Without trust both consumers and businesses lose. Absence of trust leads to the deterioration of the business relationship.
The “Better” part of the name “Better Business Bureau” is a signpost directing consumers to those businesses that utilize best practices, which build trust. When marketplace trust increases, consumers know that they can have confidence in what a business advertises. That confidence translates to increased sales and to an improved reputation for that business.

Ad watching guides consumers to better deals
Advertising is a vital part of the communication between business and consumer. That’s why BBB’s “Advertising Review” program serves an important function toward increased marketplace trust. When an advertised claim is brought into question before the BBB, the program helps correct the accuracy of claims and bolsters the trust that is so necessary.
For decades, seasonal sales have been promoted through advertisements. The practice continues and consumers continue to benefit by watching for the different sale seasons through the calendar year. Here is your BBB guide to the second half of the year’s sale promotions:
July and August
Retailers are making room for back-to-school items at this time of year and putting summer merchandise like swimwear on sale. It’s a good time to shop for grills as well. Speaking of cooking, look for deals on large kitchen appliances. August brings sales on lawnmowers and outdoor recreation supplies. Linens and storage containers are reduced for the off-to-college set. Wedding items can be found at reduced prices during late summer as well.
September and October
Transportation items go on sale in early fall. Cars and bicycles are reduced to make way for the new models, as are RVs. Airfares too can be found at lower rates during this time. Gardening equipment, shrubs and trees are cheaper. As October rolls around better deals can show up on jeans abound. (Back-to-school sales slow and denim items that are still on retailers’ shelves get reduced.) Look for sales on cookware and furniture too. This is a good time to purchase air conditioners if you’ve been considering a replacement. Don’t forget lingerie sales that come in the fall as well.
November and December
Black Friday is big player during late November, of course, with all the hassles and bustle that accompany this much-ballyhooed time. Garden and yard supplies are still on sale, even more reduced as that season ends. TVs and electronics are reduced. Baby products, beauty supplies and baking goods get their prices lowered too. If you’re still car shopping it’s a slow time for dealers and that can mean bigger savings to consumers. Small appliances and tools are on sale. The 10-day period before Christmas, if you can wait that long, means bigger sales on toys and goods for the kids. Of course, the days right after Christmas are when smart shoppers take advantage of huge markdowns for next year’s holiday goods.
Watch the ads and take advantage of the discounts that each season has to offer. When ads seem deceptive, let the BBB know about it. Marketplace trust benefits everyone. If you have something to report or to inquire about regarding sales or advertisements, contact your Better Business Bureau at (800) 856-2417, or visit our website at