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A Womans View
A Last Minute Christmas Poem
judi tabler bw mug

You’d think by now, we’d have it done,
Our gifts would be all “boughten,”
But, there’s so much we have to do,
I feel so very “gotten.”

I’ve no idea what I wrapped,
My mind cannot remember
I bought some stuff, way back in time,
I think it was September.

I put those things away “somewhere,”
I hope I can recall,
Were they in closets, on a shelf?
Or in the front room hall?

We’re not together with our plans,
My head is not quite organized,
I hope when wrapping time arrives,
I’ll see some things I recognized

There’s dinner plans, and food before,
And church, and all the other,
I feel I haven’t got it down,
I truly miss my mother!

We talked about some different foods,
To make for Christmas dinner
Some simple treat, that won’t take work,
That’s easy, fast ... a winner!

But nooooo, it doesn’t work that way,
Our family wants traditional,
I hope they know the cost and work,
But choice? It’s not conditional.

I thought we might eat simple then
And rest from cooking a bit,
But, seems that Fred, and grandkids too,
Simply won’t consider it.

So once again, the turkey wins,
And ham, with all the rest,
I’ve only done this 50 times,
But they think this is best.

So just remember if you can,
This food seems most befit,
We’re building memories after all,
But, when it’s done? I QUIT!

Judi Tabler lives in Pawnee County and is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be reached at