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Annie’s Christmas Poem
Judi Tabler color mug

(Every year, Annie updates her original poem to cap the holiday season. I hope you enjoy what she came up with this year.)

The calendar keeps rolling o’er, It’s faster every year,

I just packed up the Christmas tree, and yet, that time is here.

I don’t know why it goes so fast, I feel I’m losing ground,

But it’s begun, the gong has struck, and I feel quite unwound!

I don’t know where I stored the stuff,  my nerves are mostly jangled,

I found the lights, I hope they work, but wires are grossly tangled,

The boxes labeled, “Christmas bulbs” are full of Christmas dishes,

The greenery is squashed and bent, my thoughts are quite malicious!

I need to pause, I need to think, the boxes are all stacked,

Where is the crèche, the one I like ... I think last year’s is packed,

Oh here it is, the little barn, the others I’m dismissing,

I found the camels, and the sheep, but the Holy Family’s missing ...

I’ll get this done, I’ll get it done! I’ve got it all together

Who am I fooling, don’t look now ... I’m really in a dither,

I’m having fun, I guess it’s true, because it’s my objective,

To decorate, and do this job, that’s merely quite reflective ...

Since ...

This season’s feted everywhere, in nations every one,

There’s food and drink, there’s sweets and gifts, I guess they’re having fun!

For me, I see the need to stop, to think, and stop obsessing,

To realize the real source, the Gift that is the Blessing.

For Santa is a jolly elf, and gives our children joy,

But he’s not Him who is the Source to every girl and boy,

It isn’t true that Santa knows, and guards us when we’re sleeping,

He doesn’t watch when we’re awake, nor trusts babes to his keeping.

No, Santa is a sweet old man, and gives a lot of pleasure,

But, don’t forget the Babe who came, that God gave us this Treasure.

So as for me, I’m taking time, to thank our God above,

For giving us the biggest Gift, the One who came in Love.

We run and stress, and use our time, to buy and wrap the presents,

We hurry here and hurry there, and wonder where’s the essence?

It’s found in Christ, the one who came, and knew the plan to start,

It’s His big day, remember that, and lives within our heart ...

So as I rush from here to there, and take part in the season,

I want to say just one more time, Let’s not forget the REASON!

Merry Christmas!


Judi Tabler lives in Pawnee County and is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be reached at Visit her website