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Ask an Attorney
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The advice of a good attorney can be expensive but an attorney’s knowledge can be priceless. Do you have a question about a legal matter? Go to and ask a licensed Kansas attorney your question free of charge. Your question may just end up getting answered in the newspaper! Remember the Law Office of Brandan Davies LLC does not represent you in any matter until a formal representation agreement has been executed. The following information is not legal advice it is for entertainment purposes only. If you have a legal question please consult an attorney.

Q:  My neighbor’s son is getting charged with possession of drugs.  How much time in jail could he do?
A:  That’s a complicated question. It depends on several factors including; the type of drug, how extensive is his criminal record, the quantity of drugs, severity level of the crime, etc. Drug possession in Kansas can range from a misdemeanor charge with a fine and probation, all the way up to felony charges with many years in prison. If you know all this information you can look at the Kansas Drug Crime Sentencing Guidelines Grid and determine his possible range of punishment.  

Q:  I had a quit claim deed drawn up to give my house to my kids. Now I have changed my mind and want to just give my house to one of my children, what do I do now?
A:  You need to contact a real estate or estate planning attorney. If you have executed and filed the quit claim deed then you no longer own your house, so it would be impossible to now convey it to someone else. If you truly want to give your home to just one of your children then you are going to have to get all of your children listed on the quit claim deed that you executed, to give you back your home. Each one will have to deed their interest in your home back to you. (If the children are married then their spouses will also have to deed back to you their interest also.) Good Luck!

Q:  I received a letter from the State telling me I am a Habitual Offender and my Driver’s License is revoked. Why did this happen and can I do anything?
A: If you have received a Habitual Offender classification it is because you were convicted of three or more major traffic offenses in five years. (DUI, Driving on Suspended, No insurance, etc.) When you get this classification the State revokes your license for 3 years. The only way to get it back is to get one or more of those convictions removed. You need an attorney to work on getting those convictions overturned. They have to be overturned or set aside an expungement of the record will not work. It isn’t easy but in some cases it can be done and you can get your license back.

Q:  I have a case in small claims court. I want to have a witness tell the judge what happened, but he can’t come into court. Can I just have him write down what happened and have him sign it?
A. The simple answer is no, probably not. The writing would be hearsay and would not be admissible. You need to have him come in so he can testify under oath.

Q. Being a lawyer sounds fun. What do I have to do to become a lawyer?
A. If you want to become a lawyer you need to get a bachelors degree, then take a test to get into law school, go to law school for three years and graduate. Then you need to apply to be licensed by the state, go through a background check and pass a two day long test, and then you need to get sworn in by the Supreme Court. After that you have to take classes every year to keep up your knowledge. Good luck!